Taste Of Thailand

Taste Of Thailand

Trying out Thai stalls to find the ones worth going to
Grace Aw
Grace Aw

They offer an executive set meal $9.90 (1 main + 1 appetizer + 1 drink)

There's quite a few choices you can get. For mains we got Pork Knuckle Rice, Basil Chicken Rice and Tom Yum Seafood Rice.

Pork Knuckle Rice was so-so. A mix of Chinese and Thai? Not that flavorful as well.
Basil Chicken Rice was good. Tasted exactly like what I had at Thailand except less spicier.
Tom Yum soup was good. Flavourful and slightly spicy. There's also clams, mushrooms and prawns in the soup.

For appetizer they had 3 choices, Spring Roll, Chicken Roll and Fish Cake. 2 pieces each when you order the set. A la carte is 4 pieces.

Spring roll and chicken roll were average like what you can get at Chinese stalls as well. Their Thai fish cake was not bad. Had the essence of it but could be more flavourful.

For their drink we had Lemon Tea, Thai Green Milk Tea and Thai Milk Tea.

Lemon tea was a little too sweet but with a good strong acidity. Thai Green Milk Tea and Thai Milk Tea were good, just like what you get from Thailand.

What's Thai food without getting their Mango Sticky Rice? $9.90 for the full Mango. There's also half Mango. So we got one whole mango which came with three small thin rectangle of glutinous rice, two white and one blue. Rice was quite plain. Mango was a little sweet and quite fiber-y. Only thing nice was the sweet coconut sauce.

The cashier was really friendly. But we did experience one of our appetizer getting missed out so I had to ask the server to check on it. Overall a good affordable place to get Thai food.

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Came here for dinner. I like how after they seat you, a bowl of popcorn is served. Popcorn were a little soft though and not crunchy.

Thai Milk Tea ($3). A fragrant cup of Thai Milk tea. Sweetness was just nice. Just like the ones you get in Thailand.

Thai Green Milk Tea ($3). The green tea was slightly stronger than the normal milk tea and was less sweeter then the Thai Milk tea. A good choice for those who prefer a less sweeter milk tea.

Mango Salad ($4.90). Mango was crunchy, sour and slight sweet and went well with the sweet, spicy and slight pungent sauce. Peanut also added a good crunch. Do note that the green chilies in the salad is really spicy so if you can't take heat I advise you not to eat them.

Homemade Fish Cake ($5.90). Fish cake was fragrant and had the taste of a Thai fish cake. Not the best thai fish cake I had but it was still good.

Clear Tom Yum Seafood Soup ($5.90). Soup has the essence of tom yum but could have use more acidity and spiciness. At the end, the taste of the lemongrass does overpower the soup which I did not really like.

Claypot Prawn Tang Hoon ($12.90). Tang hoon lacked savoury-ness. Mostly tasted black pepper when I ate the noodle. Prawns however were really good. Fragrant and tasty.

Basil Beef Rice ($5.90). Minced beef were finer than what I am used to. I prefer slightly bigger chunks of minced meat. Taste-wise it was good, you could taste the basil but it could use more spiciness. Wished they added some bird's eye chili to the dish to add some heat to it.

Mango Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk ($6). Rice was just the right sweetness and served warm. Mango was chilled, sweet and slightly sour. Coconut milk on the other hand was quite plain. Wished the coconut milk was sweetened which would have made the dish better.

Overall, even though the menu showed like 2 chili padi on some dishes which indicated that the dish is spicy, I would say the spiciness is quite low. This makes it good for kids and people who can't really handle chili but love Thai food. I would definitely dine here again.

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