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Pat Jon
Pat Jon

Popped by Prairie for a drink and the dirty matcha caught our eye! This was a matcha latte with a shot of espresso, and the drink leaned more towards the matcha side as the shot of espresso was not very evident. Just to highlight, the drink was also sweeter than we expected (we thought the taste would be somewhere between bitter and sour), so those who are not fans of sweet beverages may want to reconsider getting this!

Priced at $8++, we thought it was a little pricey for a cup of dirty matcha. Surprisingly though, the cafe was pretty empty on a Saturday evening and it would be a nice place to have a conversation!

We first tried forage cafe's buttermilk waffle dishes at their original outlet at jalan pari burong a few years ago and WE WERE SOLD. They're the best buttermilk waffles we have eaten so far and we were quite glad that the quality of the dishes were the same at this new outlet. Ambience wise, the original outlet is definitely better but we would gladly trade that for the convenience of this outlet :)

Being a honey themed cafe, most of their dishes are served with their multifloral honey, including their waffle dishes, which you can drizzle the honey on! Their waffles are crispy on the outside, really chewy on the inside, and buttery much. With savoury smoked salmon, egg mayo and cheese as the filling, every bite will leave you wanting for more! You'll be served a side of truffle mushrooms and salad as well. This is a must order dish every time we visit forage cafe. Highly recommend! 👍👍👍

As part of Forage Cafe's second anniversary celebrations, the cafe launched a series of special set meals for $16++! Top up an additional $3.50++ and you can get one of the cafe's signature honey drinks, which are usually priced at around $8++! This offer is too good to pass, and we decided to use the chance to try out one of the cafe's honey series drinks - the Wild Milky Way!

The base for the drink is da hong Pao milk tea, and honey, as well as herbal jelly, are added as complements. It was a refreshing drink to complement our savoury waffle dishes, and there is the distinctive taste of honey in the drink, which was a pretty interesting pairing with milk tea. Our only complaint is that the drink was overly sweet at the start, and we waited for the ice to melt a little. 😅

Do try the Honey Series if you are up for a cold beverage with honey!

As part of The Forage Cafe's second anniversary celebrations, the cafe launched a series of special set meals, one of which comes with fried chicken waffles! The waffle for the dish is more tender than their standard buttermilk waffles, although it is not served with the cafe's signature honey drizzles! The waffle contains a big piece of crispy fried chicken served piping hot, and it is covered with a pretty generous serving of honey mustard sauce, which added quite a bit of sweetness to it! Our main complaint is that this waffle seems to be slightly smaller than their usual savoury waffle dishes, although it's still a pretty interesting addition to the collection of dishes that the cafe serves.

Do give their special set a try if you are up for it, because you will get to enjoy a free serving of truffle fries (worth $12++) if you get it!

We decided to give Sarnies' Brekkie Burg a try, as it seemed like one of the most value-for-money items on the menu. For $19++, you get a burger with a really generous serving of scrambled eggs, and a pretty thick piece of beef patty. While the scrambled eggs were pretty soft and fluffy, we felt that the beef patty tasted slightly weird. Perhaps it was because Sarnies coated the patty with fermented garlic butter, which might sound interesting but it gave the patty a pretty raw taste. Certainly not something I am keen to get again!

Sarnies is pretty crowded in the morning so you may want to head down early if you are planning to dine in a big group. Do remember to use your Burpple vouchers to enjoy 50% off the mains, and using one voucher alone is sufficient for you to enjoy the discount for the mains ordered for your entire table!

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Neptune's carbonara uses tagliatelle immersed in a rich cream sauce, and is served together with bacon, parmesan cheese, egg yolk and shimeji mushrooms. This is a pretty standard carbonara dish, with the only novel aspect being the shimeji mushrooms since Neptune is a Japanese-Western fusion cafe. Priced at $21.90++, it is also a pretty average price for a carbonara dish.

Do note that Neptune can be pretty crowded over the weekends and the cafe does not accept reservations. Hence, do be prepared to queue if you are heading there in a big group!

Somen are thin Japanese noodles made of wheat flour and given that Neptune focuses on serving Japanese-Western fusion food, we felt that we had to give it a try! First, we were pleasantly surprised because somen is usually served cold whereas the noodles in this dish are warm. However, they were still cooked very well and the noodles were not overly soggy, nor did they clump together. 😁

The salmon was really thick and was served aburi-style (i.e., lightly seared on the outside) and hence the insides of the salmon were still pretty tender and fresh so that made it really delicious! The dish also came with three scallops that were seared but we thought they were charred a little too much! Perhaps they could have gone a little easier on the blowtorch for the scallops. The dish was garnished with konbu/kelp which is edible although this tasted pretty normal.

All in all, it was a surprisingly good and interesting Japanese dish at Neptune and we think that given the quality of the ingredients and the dish, $22.90++ is pretty much a steal for this! Strongly encourage everyone to try this at least once!

In-House Almond Cream & Rum on Pain Au Chocolat.

This doesn't look pretty but it's nice and sweet, though we couldn't really taste the rum. I We refer the normal pain au chocolate instead.

This is a must order for me everytime I want a savoury breakfast fix here. The herb Ciabatta bread is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, I could probably eat it on its own. The lemon chicken mayo is slightly tangy and opens up the palate! It's like tuna mayo but without the fishiness. Paired with cheddar cheese and lettuce, the sandwich is perfect.

Every sandwich is also served with tortilla chips (probably onion flavoured) and ranch.

We decided to get something different at Populus today and we thought of trying the Truffle Wagyu Beef rice bowl! Our first thought when the dish came was - it looks so healthy! Indeed, this is arguably one of the healthiest items on the menu, and the dish did not feel greasy at all! The mainstay of the dish would be the seared slices of beef, and it was accompanied by purple cabbage, ginger, finely-sliced cucumber and a ramen egg! The beef was prepared pretty well and it was not overcooked although we felt that the meat was a little too lean.

However, we felt that the dish was a little too tasteless, because even though it was topped with onion and apple sauce, the amount of sauce was pretty little and it was distributed quite unevenly. Hence, for the most part of the dish, there wasn't much taste to it. Perhaps we should have mixed the dish before starting our meal, instead of trying to maintain the arrangement of the stuff in the bowl as we eat? 😁

At $24++, it was a pretty standard price for a beef bowl. However, do note that Populus is pretty popular so you should probably make a reservation before dining here!

Populus serves it's signature cold white coffee in what looks like a beer bottle and it was really good! The drink was really creamy and the taste of coffee was pretty light, so it ended up tasting like a slightly sweet drink to go with your meal. While the cafe serves the drink together with a cup, we would advise you not to pour the coffee into the cup until you are about to drink it, as the drink becomes dilute really quickly!

Do give it a try as this is one-of-a-kind, even though it's price is slightly steep at $8++! You can also buy the drink as a takeaway, but you may wish to note that no preservatives are added to the drink and you should refrigerate it as soon as possible, and finish it within a week!

These cute croissants were so good they were gone in minutes. We really enjoyed the Kaya croissant, which had Kaya flavoured glaze with real Kaya and Kaya cream filling. The 1910 coffee chocolate croissant was good as well, but was definitely more mainstream as compared to the other. Both croissants had perfectly baked crispy buttery skins 😋. You'll also be served coffee flower honey (could not taste how it's different from normal honey) and Chantilly cream which we thought were quite unnecessary as the croissants were better to be eaten as it is! Priced at $8 for 2, the price is steep for their size but it's worth a splurge at the outlet itself as the interior of the café pretty enough to pay for a dining experience. Otherwise, the croissants are also available for takeaway at $3 each.

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