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Yana 🍴
Yana 🍴

Tbh, I was expecting more for their brunch but it really turned out to be just alright.

We had the Halia’s breakfast which was like a platter of sourdough, egg, sausage, turkey bacon, mushroom, tomato and bean sprouts - this was a first bc who eats bean sprouts on a breakfast platter??? Anw the sourdough was a little too hard.

We enjoyed the grilled beef burger (and fries, yumz!) the most - apparently Halia’s beef patty’s are cooked medium and this was quite nice and juicy, just felt it could be done just a little bit more and buns toasted slightly longer. Still a good burger tho!

Oysters were also fresh and the flavours just blended nicely together. But idk about you, but didn’t felt like it was a good idea to have fresh oysters at 10 in the morning ✌🏻

Portion was huge and the entire sandwich was oozing with the beef brisket and cheese! Think they used like 3 different types of cheese but with the flavour from the beef brisket, it really wasn’t overwhelming at all.

It comes with real hot soup in a mug (cute!). We got the mushroom soup which was also really nice and full of flavour - kinda feels like it just warms your soul?

Had the eggs benedict with stewed spinach! My eggs were perfectly poached and runny and the hollandaise sauce was yumz but tbh I’d skip the spinach - felt like it was unseasoned and it didn’t really work with the whole dish.

Oh but I really really like the roasted potatoes!

Decided to try their brunch menu instead of their fish and chips/ lunch. This was decent, but not great. The entire combination was okay, but the bread was just a bit too cold and hard for my liking.

Oh, but the iced latte was good!

This French toast was on another level of its own that I can’t describe. It was surprisingly not overwhelmingly sweet and I quite enjoyed it.

We spent about $140 for two for two drinks, the French toast, eggs benedict, satay, Queen’s conserve (this must try! - it’s kouign aman pastry, lemony/ passionfruity curd and ice cream yumz) which I thought was quite expensive. But worth a try for the quality of food and ambience.

Ngl, Dutch Colony’s coffee has really got to be one of my favourites + I like my latte cold and this has a really nice balance to it!

Salmon avocado bagel was decent, like the standard brunch savoury bagel you get a cafes. And sweet potato fries, as usual, yumz.

The Frankel outlet’s really a bit out of the way tho.

Came here for a quick break before lunch. Really enjoyed the scones and bagels!

Obviously not in pic, but we had an iced latte, iced americano and both hot/iced chai. Chai was a bit too sweet imo, but still strong enough. Would definitely come back for more coffee - which was good and pleasantly bitter!

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