Spicy, tart, and fruity? You've got it all.
Coleats 🍟
Coleats 🍟

Very succulent moo ping but I would prefer it a little more charred on the outside. It would give it a much better BBQ taste.

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These broth was rich and the meat was succulent. It also came in a huge bowl that I couldn't finish! However, note that the broth is quite herbal so there's this distinctive sweetness to the dish. The noodles were a bit hard also and clumped in a ball in the soup.

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My friend got this and I wish I had stuck to the classics like her! I tried a bit of the broth and I couldn't help but pucker up β€” just how I like it.

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Deep fried sea bass ($24.90) 🐑 7/10

The sauce was absolutely delicious. My mouth is watering just thinking of the biting garlic tang covering the crispy fish. The fish itself was a bit small and dry but overall was enjoyable.

Pad thai ($5.90) 🍜 7/10

Nothing to shout about but definitely wasn't lacking in flavours either!

Green curry ($7.90) πŸ₯˜ 7/10

The green curry was palpably creamy -- you could really savour the taste of coconut milk in this thick concoction. The aftertaste was also followed with the fragrant herbs within. A must-order for those who can't take spicy curries!

Tom kha chicken soup ($5.90) 🍲 6/10

If I'm not mistaken, tom kha should involve adding coconut milk to tom yum, but this soup tasted so strongly of coconut milk I barely got a whiff of the iconic spicy and piquant taste of tom yum.

Pad thai fried rice ($6.90) πŸ› 8/10

Doesn't look fiery but it packs a flavourful punch. The rice had a nice balance of spiciness and zestiness.

Deep fried chicken strips ($5.90) πŸ§† 7/10

So much fried and sticky-sweet chicken for that low price! I think the chicken could've been crispier but I'd definitely order this again for the price.

Thai chendol ($3.50) 🍨 3/10

Frankly quite terrible. I know it's called "thai" chendol but there was no hint of gula melaka and the green jelly was hard and stale.

Located in an unassuming coffeeshop, this stall features value-for-money Thai food. The food here is a bit of a hit and miss but I will definitely make a trip back for the hits.

Crispy seabass w Thai sweet chili sauce ($18.90) 🐟 8/10
Looks dry at first but then you realise there's a tart sauce at the bottom. The whole fish is freshly fried -- so much so that you can crunch your way through its head and tail. The papaya salad gives the fish a refreshing and sharp feature that seals the dish together.

Beef rendang set ($7.50) πŸ„ 8/10
I was very impressed by the way my teeth sank so gently into the rendang! The flavours of the rendang penetrated deeply into the insides of the meat, which had that appetising pink colour as well. On the side, I adored the light and fluffy fried egg even though it was a bit stale.

Tom yum soup ($6) 🍲 6/10
The soup was piquant and fragrant without being too spicy. Sadly, the seafood inside the soup was not very fresh -- the fish and prawns was a bit mushy. Luckily for me, I am not a seafood fan so I just gulped down the soup happily.

Pad Thai ($6) 🍜 7/10
I might be biased because I love dry and tangy noodles and this dish was no letdown. Just look at those bouncy noods!

Chicken cutlet set ($5.50) 🐀 6/10
Although you could tell that the fried stuff was crispy a few moments ago, they were a bit stale when served. The chicken was really nothing to shout about.

This casual eatery boasts authentic Thai food by a a Thai chef and does not disppoint. Dining here here was a rollercoaster ride of strong flavours ranging from spicy and sour to sweet and milky.

Pad thai ($10) 🍜 8/10
Silky noodles that weren't too oily combined with a wok hey and nutty flavour. Such perfect comfort food.

Sea bass with sweet & sour sauce ($25) 🐟 7/10
The limey sourness of this dish overwhelmed its sweetness. Didn't eat much of this since I don't like steamed fish but I heard it's fresh and good haha

Tofu prawn omelette ($12) 🍳8/10
The incredibly wispy egg was sooo goood when you poured Tom yum all over it. The tofu is quite subtle like tahu telor and the prawns didn't come in big pieces but if you like omelettes, you won't regret ordering this zhi char classic.

Red Tom Yum Soup ($7) πŸ› 8/10
Not as spicy as it's fiery red colour, but still quite a feisty dish! Both the Tom yums were full of flavour and spices that will completely satisfy any craving for thai food.

Tom Ka soup ($7) πŸ₯›9/10
This is like tom yum with coconut milk, which added a creamy dimension to the classic soup dish.

Green curry chicken ($9) πŸ” 6/10
The chicken was well marinated (NOT tasteless inside) and reasonably tender but not all that unique.

Pork collar ($12) πŸ– 9/10
This was really crispy and perfectly sweet! Really enjoyed the juiciness of each pork strip as well.

Mango salad ($6) πŸ₯— 7/10
The mango salad was crunchy and refreshing. Also very sour as usual. Not much to say because this is such a simple dish. πŸ˜…

Red ruby ($3) 🍨 7/10
This milky and icy dessert was a perfect way to end the spicy meal. But the icy bits were unfortunately a bit chunky and was quite hard to chew.

Thai iced milk tea ($3) πŸ₯ƒ 8/10
Thai iced milk tea is really sweet of course but this drink had the added bonus of a hint of jasmine.


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