Just some good food overall

Just some good food overall

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Jiang Hong Quan
Jiang Hong Quan

Staff is polite and helpful. The beef burger was done perfectly. The soy sauce chicken is awesome. Overall meal portion is very filling. The location is surrounded by nature, quite soothing and quiet, very suitable for conversation and relaxation.

Hands down, one of the best omakases I’ve had. For the great service and great food, it feels like such a steal for this price range. Definitely recommend experiencing it for yourself.

Now, on to the main review.

The service was top-notch. We were each presented with an icy towel when we arrived, which really helped with the heat. Water was promptly refilled, and each dish was explained to us in detail.

The place is very well ventilated, with fans placed at all the right places, and they were made to swirl around so gentle wind comes from all directions. For a person who sweats just by existing, I was pleasantly surprised that I did not sweat one drop during the course of the meal

The meal included 7 courses and 1 dessert.

The first course, seafood medley, consists of an oyster, a white shrimp, and a scallop, all served with different sauces and garnishes. The white shrimp is tender and leaves me wanting for more. But my favorite has to be the scallop. The scallop is paired with the best chili I’ve ever tasted, the chili is the highlight of the dish, yet it is less salty compare to the sambal I find elsewhere to the point that I can just eat the chili itself. Apparently all the condiments and sauces were made by their own chefs, I was so happy that the owner was kind enough to give me a refill for the chili.

The second course was barramundi served with lime. As a person who’s not very into sour food, I find the dish surprisingly refreshing. And I can see it’s appeal for those with a taste for the tangy.

The third dish, squid noodles, was served on a generous serving of green pesto sauce. The squid noodles were fresh, chewy, and, to my surprise, has almost no fishy taste. The sauce was savory with a tint of spiciness, it is so good that I considered licking the plate after I managed to scrap whatever I can with my spoon.

The fourth dish is the collar of an amberjack. I’ve always had a thing for fish collars. It contains the most tender of the flesh, but is less fatty compared to the belly. The amberjack was seared to perfection and laid on top of a bed of shredded papaya. The combination of the fish with their miso aioli sauce was simply divine, and the cooling papaya provided. Overall, it is a very well-layered dish.

Up next is a soft-shell crab tempura with red pickled onions. I loved everything about this dish. But perhaps that’s just my own bias towards fried food.

The sixth course consist of 2 of the largest prawns I’ve eaten, with firm flesh and crispy shell from searing. The prawns were served with pumpkin puree, which complimented the tastes surprisingly well, coming from a person who rarely eats pumpkin. The dish was garnished with just the right amount of herb cereal to finish the prawns with.

The final course, lobster poached rice, was very filling. Our waiter considerately asked how full we were feeling before proceeding with the preparations. And being the glutton I am, opting for more was a no brainer. And there were no regrets. The clay pot was abundant with delicious and generous chunks of lobster. The broth, rich with umami goodness, was savory and mildly sweet. The crispy egg floss gave the soup some extra “Omph”, providing an interesting mouthfeel. Once I started on it, I couldn’t stop.

The dessert was milk cubes with vanilla ice cream and honey. It tasted alright, nothing extraordinary like the rest of the meal, but perhaps I was simply too full to appreciate it after eating so much.


Hands down, one of the best omakases I’ve had. For the great service and great food, it feels like such a steal for this price range. Definitely recommend experiencing it for yourself. I know I said it at the start front, but I like this place so much that it’s worth repeating myself.

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Got the dry noodles, century egg tofu, and pickled reddish. The broth was amazing, very rich umami flavor. Made me kind of hope that I ordered the soup version as well. The spiciness of the noodles starts out mild, but really sneaks up on you during the last few bites. For those who are curious, the level of spiciness rose to about twice that of McSpicy. I enjoyed it very much. The century egg tofu was authentic, and served with a very thick dash of braise. Very generous servings, definitely a place to check out for those with big appetites.

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Their beef rib is some of the best that i've tasted, ever. Portion is a little small for me, but that seems to be the norm when it comes to these korean places. Another dish not to miss is their Gimmari, great taste, great texture. Will definitely come back for those two.


Very chill environment. The shepherd’s pie was delicious. Very generous portion, crust was seared to the just-right texture, distinct lamb taste, and the cheese was creamy and rich. Tried some Guinness for the 1st time while I was there, I think just found a new favourite brand of beer.

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Great drinks, I tried the Oreo Boba Yogurt and the Honey Pineapple Yo-Tea. The yogurt has a rich taste. The Yo-Tea has a very generous serving of pineapples, with a portion size almost twice of the boba yogurt, highly recommend if you have a huge appetite like me.

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Tried their rice dumplings last week for the first time, was pleasantly surprised by how generous they are with their ingredients. Even more amazing is how they managed to get the fillings to stay at the center of the rice every single time (looks at my home-made ones and cries). Each dumpling has been expertly wrapped so that they are totally clean, there isn’t even a hint of oil on the outside of the leaves.

Nonya Rice Dumpling + Pulut Hitam Nonya Rice Dumpling
While most of the rice dumplings have a brownish color due to the use of soy sauce, the nonya ones are the only ones which have white colored rice, making them look extra appetising when just opened. The minced meat filling tastes slightly sweet and the oil taste is very little compared to the other flavours, and it left me wanting more.

Hakka Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables
This dumpling has a very rich soy sauce taste. The meat is big and soft and melts in your mouth. Coupled with the preserved vegetables, this rice dumpling is definitely on the saltier side, perfect for someone like me who prefers richer flavors.

Emperor's Rice Dumpling
This is it, the best rice dumpling I ever tasted. There is just so much goodness packed into this one dumpling that it feels like they somehow managed to combine all the other rice dumplings into one. It was fun trying to identify the ingredients used because there is just so many different types used, my favorite ones inside were the sausage and chestnut. What’s even more surprising is that all the ingredients seem to compliment each other, creating the most well-balanced level of saltiness and sweetness that is suitable for probably everybody. 10/10 would recommend!

Hokkien Rice Dumpling with Salted Egg Yolk
If you are someone who’s into tradition, get this. Tastes very authentic, just like the ones I used to eat when I was little.


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Went with my friend for dinner and we had a great time. Our waiter was very knowledgeable and was happy to answer my questions about the ingredients. I found this very welcoming and informative.
We had quite a few dishes, it was quite the feast. And you bet that I’m going to go through every single one.

Fresh Italian Burrata Cheese
This was our starter. The cheese was silky and beautiful to look at. It has a rich, creamy taste. The skin is soft and bouncy, but the inside is runny like a soft-boiled egg. It goes well with the slight sourness of the cherry tomatoes, very appetizing.

Sautéed Thyme Mushroom Medley
This is some of the best mushrooms I’ve ever had. The dish gives off a great aroma. It has a soft texture and great chargrill flavour which makes it taste so close to meat. I liked it so much that I finished half the plate before moving on to the steaks. (They were served at the same time)

Charred Broccolini
The broccolini is well-seasoned, and it is surprisingly soft and there is little resistance on the teeth even for the stemmy parts. I’m usually not a fan of green vegetables with stalks because a lot of them are hard to chew and they often taste bitter like grass, but this one has a slightly sweet taste and I actually enjoyed it.

2GR Full-Blood Wagyu MS 6/7 Denver (200g) AND Auskobe Wagyu MS 4/5 Deckle (250g)
The steaks were the stars of the show, both were served medium rare and grilled to perfection. They taste great by themselves, but once you have them with a little salt, the flavours just explode in your mouth. I was seriously surprised by how much difference it made. I personally preferred the Denver, which was the leaner cut of the two, it had a stronger charred taste on the surface. My friend preferred the Deckle because it is softer and melts in the mouth. But both were really great, it was a tough competition.

Basque Burnt Cheesecake
Such a great desert. Sweet but not overbearing, beautifully burnt with custardy inside. It is just a wonderful end to the meal. My only complaint is that the portion is a little small for sharing. If you go with your friend, order 1 each because it’ll definitely leave you wanting more.

Great food, great service. The lighting and décor of the restaurant gave off a calming, casual vibe. The waiter was very friendly to us, made us felt right at home.

My friend and I had the Har Cheong Gai Chicken, Pepperoni Pizza, and the Sakura Pork Tomahawk. The Har Cheong Gai was very flavourful and savoury, with tender, juicy meat, and thick crispy skin. It has a bright red colour similar to what you’ll find at some of the best zi char stores, and I personally prefer this kind to the brownish-yellow kind that I found at many other eateries.

The pepperoni pizza is also something to look out for. It is very big with an ultrathin crust. The crust is also peppered with what looked like breadcrumbs, which to my surprise, enhanced the overall texture of the pizza. Definitely bang for your buck, I loved it.

The star of the show was the Sakura Pork Tomahawk. Succulent with just the right amount of fat, it is quite the culinary delight. The pork seems to melt in your mouth and the chargrill flavor is really strong. Strongly recommend.

Was there last week, it was hands down one of the best dining experiences I’ve had.

The location was cozy and private, ideal for dates and small gatherings. The waiters explained each dish as they were served, which I found helpful for someone like me who doesn’t dine out often. The waiters were friendly, patient, and observant, clearing our table only after we’re done, I felt very pampered when I was there.
The food there was phenomenal, they were some of the best dishes I’ve tasted. We had 7 dishes in total,

1. Grilled Octopus in Ox Tripe and Chorizo Stew [STRONGLY RECOMMEND]
The chorizo stew goes perfectly with the ox tripe, creating a fusion of umami with a tinge of sourness, it was a flavor I have never tasted elsewhere, and I loved it so much because it was just so appetizing. The octopus is the star of the show, its tentacles sliced into bite-sized slices with similar texture to abalones, but they are less rubbery and much more flavorful thanks to the brilliant seasoning and just the right amount of char. This is a dish that I will definitely come back for.

2. Uni, Lardo & Caviar on Sourdough Toast
The sea urchin and caviar melts in your mouth, they went well with the crunchiness of the sourdough toast. The taste was great, but I still preferred the octopus.

3. Black Opal Wagyu Zabuton MS6-7
One of the most expensive dishes on the menu, but it definitely lives up to its price tag. The meat was seared and seasoned perfectly with the salt flakes clearly visible. It had a rugged, smoky taste to it that you might expect from barbeque, but the meat was still tender and juicy. Just lovely.

4. 2GR Full Blood Wagyu Rib Cap MS8/9 [STRONGLY RECOMMEND]
Compared to the Zabuton, the Rib Cap has a milder, gentler taste with a tinge of sweetness to it. It is less salty, but the meaty flavor lingers much longer. The meat was also a real pleasure to chew on, really succulent. The cherry tomatoes not only added color to the dish, but it tastes fantastic with the meat as well. I preferred this meat to the Zabuton.

5. Crusted Mac & Cheese
A great dish to order on its own. The truffle oil adds a lot to the fragrance, the cheese made a delicious crust and seeps through the whole dish. It is extremely filling, so I suggest that you bring along a friend to share this dish.

6. Beef Heart Tomato
Despite the beef in the name, this is a vegetarian dish. The tomato has a beautiful red color and is literally dripping with freshness. It is sweet and refreshing, the ideal dish to clean your palettes after indulging yourself in other calorie heavy delicacies.

7. Eton Mess
The Eton Mess is very pretty to look at, almost like a work of art. The whipped cream, meringue, and the pineapple blended ice formed amazing layers of flavor. It is something you’ll expect to find at a desert specialty shop rather than a steakhouse, but I am definitely happy it was on the menu.

10/10 will visit again.

Their Har Cheong Gai is extremely flavourful. Masterfully done, those wings have an extremely crispy crust which gives a satisfying crunch that sends literal goosebumps with the amount of ASMR. And yet, perhaps partially due to their larger than average size, the meat remains deliciously juicy. Easily one of my best Har Cheong Gai experiences.

A tad expensive at 14 for 8 wings, but it was well worth money.

If you are a fan of surprises and adventures, then you must try their appetizer platter. The mozzarella tastes extremely fresh, the bread is toasted to a satisfying crisp, and the sauce has a distinct zest that is very mouthwatering. The whole thing is a delight to the senses.

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