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H. Chunwen
H. Chunwen

Wonderful ambience and service! This place is super underrated. They gave a hand sanitizer to each of us ordering heheh. (Cheap thrills 😂)

Ordered the Fish Collagen Miso Bowl ($17), Truffle Miso Bowl ($17) and Takoyaki ($6.50). Honestly not a fan of having miso as a soup base because I usually get stronger flavours like Tonkotsu but this is really good! Texture of Inaniwa udon was great too, chewy but soft enough to bite through.

The Fish Collagen Miso Bowl came with Udon, Salmon, egg, corn and sping onion. I usually don’t order salmon in soupy stuff but this was really good 😂 Would have to say that the ingredients complemented one another. The egg had a lava interior as well, but it wasn’t the typical Japanese ramen egg that’s marinated in sauce so it’s a bit on the healthier side.

Truffle Miso Bowl blew me away just with the hints of truffle in the soup. We finished the soup up because… It. Was. So. Good. 💯 Also, their Takoyaki was so crispy on the outside, I think this is my favourite Takoyaki place! $6.50 for 6 balls is expensive but it’s worth every penny!

Their menu had so much of options that made me salivate just by looking at it. They have soup udon bowls, dry udon bowls and donburi. Will come back to try their other bowls!

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Ordered the value meal (Shoyu fire ramen at $13.90) with an additional chashu ($1.50) and Ajitama ($0.90).

Would have to say that the smoky (wokhey) taste and smell was fabulous and noodle texture was just nice (chewy and springy). I’m not someone who usually orders shoyu broth because I love how flavourful Tonkotsu is but after reading various reviews, it seems like Tonkotsu broth will overpower the taste of the wokhey.

Despite not being a fan of shoyu broth, I would come back again for this! The price point including GST and service charge amounted to close to $20 but for that wokhey, I think it’s worth it 🤤 Also, the culinary theatre experience was gone so quickly in the blink of an eye, I wouldn’t mind trying it once more 😝

Service and ambience here was just out of the world 💯

Went during lunch and ordered a lunch set + ala carte. Had the salmon carpaccio, Bincho Sakura chicken thigh and Japanese cheesecake for the set, and added on a Wafu Carbonara with Uni and Lemon Yuzu for ala carte. Also had both specialty teas (KOMA Teriyaki and KOMA Momo Mont Blanc).

The Salmon Carpaccio had a good blend of savoury but light and refreshing umami and was extremely fresh. Bincho Sakura Chicken Thigh was grilled well and there was some charred smell and taste (in a good way) while the chicken was still juicy. Wafu Carbonara with Uni was a rather interesting dish, a light kind of creaminess but something I wouldn’t crave for. Both desserts were amazing, and special shout-out to the Lemon Yuzu! It wasn’t just beautiful but the taste was AMAZING! As for the teas, skip the Teriyaki tea and go for the Momo Mont Blanc!

Reached at 5.15pm and was second in queue; by the time the shop opened, it was full house. Ordered the cream croquette ($4.50) which came in 3pcs. Would say that the batter was light and not as oily as other places, but wouldn’t order it again. It was pretty underwhelming and the filling wasn’t mashed potatoes but rather a thick cream with corn.

The dish that won me over was the Ebi Mango Maki ($12). There were 6pcs of maki. Mango was sweet and the prawn was fried to perfection and not oily. The seaweed and tobiko also added sufficient umami flavour to this. The Salmon Mentaiko Don was also a winner but that being said, it’s hard for this dish to go wrong and many other places offer this. Would have to say that the torched smell lingered really well and that the amount of mentai was generous.

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