Date Night ❤️

Date Night ❤️

Featuring Burnt Ends, Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong, Cicheti, Le Bon Funk, Noka, Habibi-san, BurgerLabo, Spago by Wolfgang Puck at MBS Singapore
Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee

New on the menu is a perfectly al dente tagliatelle that traps all that tantalising garlic tomato sauce. It’s filled with chunks of clams, calamari and lobster! There’s also a tad bit of chili to give each bite a kick. If only you could smell pictures!


This uni slider can slide into my DMs anytime.

One of my favourite snacks at Burnt Ends ever! It’s king crab dressed in mayo sandwiched in a fried brioche and topped with hefty dollops of urchin.


An umami explosion!

The “kibbeh nayyeh” at Habibi-San is a play on the traditional Levantine mezze in which instead of raw spiced lamb, we have raw wagyu mixed with a tangy wasabi-yuzu vinaigrette. And in place of pita, we have a contrasting crunchy senbei cracker as the base.

All refreshing and hearty at the same time! It’s definitely a must-have!


Nestled at the top of Funan mall is NOKA, a Japanese restaurant that prides itself in sustainable dining.

I opted for the beef omakase (S$120 + S$30 supplement) which was a reasonable price for an 8-course dinner consisting of appetisers, assorted sashimi, two robata dishes, nigiri sushi, rice bowl, soup and dessert. The supplement was for a snow-aged Wagyu steak from Niigata that’s mellow, rich and simply melts in your mouth. It was also a great showcase of fresh seafood coupled with pretty exotic but sustainable ingredients such and flowers and fungi that made this omakase experience new and interesting for me.

Besides the food, I was most impressed with the service. The staff were friendly, attentive and knowledgeable which makes this place ideal to celebrate occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.

I’ll definitely be back to try more dishes!

If you’re at Burnt Ends, please do yourself a favour and have the cheesecake. It’s my favourite cheesecake by far.

Deceptively simple but simply delicious.

The way this seabass kabayaki was prepared is similar to unagi eel which is why not only does it have an amazing and delicate texture but also has a beautiful balance of sweetness and saltiness. Furthermore, do not dismiss the dill and pickled daikon as garnish — it’s delish!

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If you’re looking for a great burger joint, look no further than BurgerLabo.

I still think about their dreamy pure Japanese Wagyu burger. A pure Kuroge Washu A4 patty from Toriyama Umami Wagyu which is seared at a high temperature with minimal smoking. Topped with red onions pickled in IPA, red onions cooked in Wagyu fat, American cheese, bone marrow, house-made mustard and shio kombu Mayo with calamansi kosho, semi-dried tomatoes, gherkins and cucumber. All sandwiched between a nice toasted bun by Bakery Brera.

It’s now my favourite burger in Singapore and I can’t wait to have it again.


Think I found my favourite pizza at Cicheti.

The carbonara (pizza) has a beautiful and delicate crust topped with a light & creamy fior di latte cheese, strips of hefty streaky bacon and dollops of that delicious caramelised onion. And of course, don’t forget to spread that runny egg!


The toastest with the mostest!

I had no idea what to expect when I ordered two pieces of “cedar jelly and foie gras toast”. When it was served, I uttered the quietest “oh” under my breath. I thought to myself, what is this bread with pencil shavings. Well, I really didn’t know better.

Upon my first bite, I was jolted by the rich flavour derived from the frozen foie gras shavings. The foie gras then immediately melted in my mouth to form a luscious meaty salty butter of sorts that complement the sweet delectable cedar jelly spread on a slice of toasted brioche.

This is the epitome of not judging a book by its cover. A book that I would love to revisit anytime.

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Always hungry!

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