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Jaslyn Li
Jaslyn Li

Cake is very moist & soft but very sweet, mild pistachio taste; sprinkled with crushed pistachio & drizzled with honey; yuzu cream on top is light & sour, mild yuzu taste..

Thick & fluffy brioche toast which is lightly grilled & caramelized; love the crunch outside & soft inside bread; came with fresh fruits on top & at around the bread; the house candied bacon tasted like sweet version of bakkwa, except is sweeter & softer; chantilly cream taste is very light & with mild vanilla taste; taste is still as good as before..

Not the usual tiramisu; lime flavor jelly on top of layered cream & sponge cake; no coffee; refreshing, citrusy & not jelat; not too sweet..

Original tiramisu; cake is fluffy & infused with coffee liqueur; layers of cream taste surprisingly light; dust with thin layer of chocolate powder; well-balanced chocolate to coffee ratio; mild bitter & sweet..

Very unique cake that I've tasted; cake is quite firm & moist; with slight crunch from the beetroot; beetroot taste quite mild; cocoa taste slightly bitter & very strong that cover the "muddy taste" of the beetroot; not too sweet; a cake that I wouldn't mind eating again & worth a try..

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Seems like panna cotta, but it's purely chia seed with coconut milk; with berries compote on top; taste is light but a little too sweet for my liking..

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The muffin are very soft and moist; generous portion of blueberries/chocolate; personally prefer the banana chocolate muffin to the blueberries muffin as taste is stronger and rich..

Taste more of a cheese tart than cheesecake; cheese custard is thick, creamy & firm; base is moist & slight crunch; taste not bad..

Swiss roll with loads of minced pork Bakkwa bits; cake is very soft, moist & fluffy; surprisingly combine well with the Bakkwa taste..

Peanut butter, strawberry jam & vanilla ice cream on top of the big, thick, fluffy & crispy waffles; vanilla ice cream is very smooth; not too creamy & not too sweet; strawberry jam is sweet & sour with pieces of strawberry; peanut butter is very thick, creamy & mild salty; with fresh strawberries & blueberries; not a fan of peanut butter but this taste surprisingly good; different dimensions of taste (sweet, sour, salty)..

Ice cream with strong roasted green tea taste, smooth & not too sweet; dual color waffles taste similar to each other; waffles is very big, thick, fluffy & crispy; with fresh banana slices, strawberries & blueberries at the side..

The colorful dish that instantly lift up my mood; cake is smooth but slightly hard, cheese taste is mild, not too sweet; taste normal, nothing special..

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are my favorite times of day.. I’m a Food fan..

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