Healthier Choice

Healthier Choice

Featuring Shake Farm (Robinson), Genius Central, Haakon Superfoods & Juice (Holland Village), The Gut's Feeling, Aloha Poké (Westgate), An Açaí Affair (Westgate)
Lee Sie Min
Lee Sie Min

We switched the banana to blueberries as we loveeeee blueberries and it really went well tgt! Tbh, I prefer Haakon's acai bowl to The Acai affair's one but it's all personal preference. Butttt, feel that the standard of Acai bowl here has dropped a bit as the Acai was more watery and less icey the past few times we tried. Still, love the granola, nut butter and just the whole combi!

Added onsen egg, baked salmon (+$2), chipotle, beetroot hummus, furikake, cauliflower rice!
The salmon is well baked and it's tender! Chipotle tasted more like spicy (a bit) salsa sauce so I wouldn't order that again because this bowl turned out to be very "saucey" and not as filling.

Damage $13.90

- Make my own bowl (regular) $11.90
Added Goji berries, onsen egg, beetroot hummus, guacamole (+ $0.50), grilled spiced chicken breast, cauliflower rice! Chicken breast is soft and not tough at all! Everything goes well tgt!

Damage: $12.40

The ribeye was tender and soft and goes very well with the brown onion sauce. Ingredients were fresh too!

Added the small Heart-healthy Kombucha. The sweetness of the strawberry and raspberry came out just right! This is sweet and not too sour!

Damage $15.50 but with 30% burpple!

Salmon and egg (I switched edamame to baked tofu, mushroom to chickpeas, and brown rice to quinoa)

The salmon was soft and tender, and tasted fresh! Didn't quite like the Wasabi Mayo as the wasabi taste was quite light.

Topped up $1 for a small Digestive Kombucha

The digestive kombucha had a strong ginger taste, but with a tinge of lemongrass aroma and a slight sourness of the pineapple.

Damage was $15.50 but with 30% with burpple!

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I ordered the small Nutty Patty ($6.70). I switched the banana to blueberries and the blueberries were fresh and granola was very crunchy. The almond butter is creamy and thick! Love this sweet treat

This bowl costs $12 and they gave chicken breast, which was soft and tender. The sauce (Asian herbs sauce), however, was a bit underwhelming. It just tasted like sweet chilli sauce that is just probably a little spicy. There's a tinge of ginger and soy sauce in the sauce too. Not a lot of other ingredients.

This bowl ($14) is served with Teriyaki sauce which is rich and sweet! The Unagi is tender and fresh, while other ingredients were also fresh and good! However, unagi portion is quite small.

Customized my own poke bowl with Cauliflower rice (+$2). The ingredients were very fresh and the Cauliflower rice taste simply..cauliflower. I wished that there'll be more Sashimi though. It feels as though the amount of Sashimi has dropped and not as filling as before. Total damage is $14

- Happiness bowl
Not a big portion but still feel quite satisfied after the meal. The food (corns, black rice, avocado etc) were all separated nicely but I don't feel like they mix well together. I tried to mix them together but it just they didn't go quite well. Avocado is quite tough too. Will probably not order it again.

- Three Heavenly Dips
The chips were a little too greasy for my liking. I thought it'd be "healthier" but some of them were so greasy that I could feel the oil on my fingers when I pick them up. However, all 3 of the dips were fresh and very good!

- Organic chicken burger
Chicken was probably chicken breast which tasted good and healthy!

- Cappuccino
Coffee tasted alright but have tasted better ones outside. This Cappuccino tasted a bit diluted.

Very chill place with power plugs for people to work and study! However, if you're at the "work area", the servers don't pay as much attention to you and will have to go to the counters/servers to order our food.


4th time here and never disappoints! My Bf and I ordered beef bros, build your own protein bowl, Awesome acai, cappuccino, and build your own Amazebowl!

Everything is so good and the portions are filling too! It's quite expensive but worth it because it's so healthy and delicious!

💲Added up to $74.39

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