Chinese Food

Chinese Food

Featuring KEK Keng Eng Kee Seafood (Alexandra), Golden Mile Food Centre, East Coast Lagoon Food Village, YY Kafei Dian, Albert Centre Market & Food Centre, Beauty World Food Centre, Sungei Road Laksa, Ah Chiang's Porridge (Tiong Bahru), Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice, Cheng Mun Chee Kee Pig Organ Soup
Gerard Lim
Gerard Lim

6pcs @ $6.80

Not sure what's the rave about, not bad but quite average to me. And also super expensive for ytf, which makes a return rather unlikely.

Cumin burger @ $5.50

It's really full of cumin flavouring, wish there's a little bit more layers of flavouring to it. Maybe cuz the first few bites were just the meat and it's a bit monotonous. It got better when we got to the parts with more ingredients.

There's also the braised meat version which we will try the next time, also cuz this one is a bit too dry.

Will be back to try other flavours of the noodles here and also other dishes.

Qishan noodles (soup base) @ $5.50

The chinese name says that it's supposed to be spicy and sour and indeed it is. The broth tastes super good and the noodles are cooked to our liking and of great texture. Love that it comes with a good amount of meat and veggie too.

Will be back to try other flavours of noodles and dishes.

Signature biang biang noodles @ $6.50
3-in-1 version that contains tomatos, eggs and pork

It's a tasty bowl of food, my only complaint is that the noodles are too big to be scooped up properly to put on the spoon, so I ended up putting my face into the bowl to scoop up the noodles. Already got the spicy version but continued putting more chilli into the bowl throughout the meal which also makes the food even tastier. Love the amount of meat and veggie as well.

There's also the 2-in-1 version that comes without the pork at $5.50. Which I think makes the 3-in-1 version super worth it.

Will come back to try other flavours and dishes.

Chicken stew + skewers + 1 asahi + 1 slushy @ $79

Let's just say we didnt enjoy ourselves, while everybody else there looked like they did.

Duck rice for 2pax + Braised pork belly + Pig Tongue + Dao pok + Cabbage @ $13.30

Been eyeing at this place for super long alr but always been deterred by the long queue. Happened to be there early today and possibly due to the nice cooling weather (so everyone is sleeping in), there wasnt much of a queue!

The duck is super soft and tender and nicely flavoured. The sauce is also perfect with the meat and the rice.

All the sides were really good too! And the cabbage was soft and easy to eat (we dont really like the overly crunchy type).

It's really satisfying and the portion is also generous for this price. Will be back after we finish trying the other stalls in the food market!

Top left: beef noodles @ $16.80
Right: twosome noodles @ $10.50
Bottom left: boiled fish wanton @ $7

Super good food.
The noodles taste great, but are of the soft texture (good, but we like al dente). The beef noodles grilled short ribs which are superbly tasty and soft and tender. The twosome noodles contain charsiew and roasted pork belly - both are good but we think the former is better. The wantons in the noodles are also great, quite a big piece and the fillings are well seasoned.

The combination of all the flavours is so good that we finished the whole bowl before we know it.

The fish wanton is more like the yongtaufoo kind and we thought it might be frozen rather than freshly made. Probably can pass on this.

Will come back for other noodles dishes.

Wa kuih @ $2.50

Our first time trying this so we got no point of comparison, but we liked it!

The texture is a bit like zui kuih (水粿) but slightly more firm. And it contains some mushroom bits and shrimp bits so the texture is not monotonous. The sauce is a bit like chee cheong fan sauce but slightly stronger. Goes very well with the kuih, and even better when mixed in with the chilli and garlic. The garlic seems to have been soaked in vinegar, so when all mixed together it also tastes a bit like lormee.

Sounds like a mixture of a lot of different things but somehow it turns out to be really tasty.

Their instagram says they're open from 7.45am till sold out. We reached at around 12.30pm on a Thursday, not sure if they would still be open, and were pleasantly surprised. But we noticed there were quite some people after that (maybe having it after lunch) and they were closing at around 1.30pm.

Would want to find other wa kuih places to try and see if they're really supposed to be like this hah.

Right: dry chilli pan mee @ $7.80
Top left: daipu dry noodles @ $7.80
Bottom left: thai style beancurd @ $4.80
Prices are nett

The food was okay, the noodles are done al dente and we liked it this way. But it's quite dry and I had to put some of the soup (which comes free) into the bowl to make it more appetising.

Of course the real star is the chilli which we had quite a bit of it. Elevated the taste to a whole new level.

Otherwise the food is quite normal. Can go to the food centres for similar food for lower price.

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Three meat combi + veggie @ $10

Came to the coffee shop and there was long queue at the noodles stall and the braised duck stall. But remembered this roasted meat stall has got good reviews from other burpple users so we decided to give it a go.

While the meats taste ok, there's really nothing special to deem this place as "hidden gem" or "underrated". We've definitely had better meats elsewhere before that's got perfect fat to thin meat ratio - the meats here got a bit too little fats.

This is good for people living around that area, just not the kind that I will go out of the way for.

Honestly I'd think the other stalls are the real hidden gems. The customers seem to be mostly older generation, so I guess they must be good to have regular customers who are willing to queue for them.

Mala intestines noodles @ $7

Another awesome dish at this stall. The spiciness is good though it can be just a tad more. The noodles are well cooked and of the texture that we like. The intestines are so huge and also very well cooked with the right texture.

Definitely will be back to try the other noodles again!

Dumplings 红油抄手 @ $6

Have been thinking about this place since the last time we had the roujiamo (meat bun) here, and so we came back.

Really love this dish, the portion is great for the price and the dumplings are also of good size. Each dumpling is also generously filled with well seasoned filling and the skin is also of perfect thickness (thinness) and texture (not too chewy).

Super satisfying and definitely will be back.

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