Oink Oink Protein

Oink Oink Protein

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Jaslyn Li
Jaslyn Li

Generous portion for their "small" portion; fragrant & appetizing; meat strip is tender; batter not too thick & not soggy even tossed in sauce for quite long; though not the best but sufficient to satisfy my craving..

Pork chop is very lean, slightly tough; well-marinated with no porky taste; big piece but thin; sauce is creamy with mild herb taste; with roasted potatoes, broccoli, fine beans & carrots..

2 big but thin pieces of pork chop; well-marinated with spices, no porky stench; meat is tender & succulent; lean with no fats; thick cut fries that are crispy, lightly salted, not oily, quite addictive; coleslaw at the side taste refreshing & crunchy..

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Beef is very soft & tender, mild beefy taste, beer taste lingering in the mouth when chewing the meat; sauce is very flavorful & rich that I wiped clean with the toast; with pieces of carrot & potato that are well-cooked to soft; toast are thick, soft & fluffy; probably 1 of the best beef stew I've eaten that makes me craving for more..

Duck meat is lightly salted, fully cooked but quite tough, probably need to cook longer; with slices of potatoes with onions that is well-cooked to soft; baby French bean with garlic well-grilled that retain juice & crunchy; love the orange marmalade that is citrusy sweet & refreshing..

Generous portion of pork collar slices on top of a bed of very smooth mashed potatoes; meat is soft & tender, no pork stench; very minimal fats; with few pieces of long beans that is cooked till too soft; brown sauce is rich, creamy & flavorful..

3 pieces of crispy shell taco; generous portion of pulled pork; meat is very soft & well-marinated; no pork stench; with tomato salsa, sweet corn & cheese that is juicy & aid in reducing the jelatness; simple & light..

Big pieces of roasted pork rack; meat is tender, no porky stench; thin layer of fats; with soft peas & lettuce at the bottom; good for sharing the calories..

Loads of pork meat wrapped in a thin crispy puff pastry; meat is well marinated and flavorful; love the crunch from water chestnut; addition of the shiitake mushroom lift up the taste; the whole combination remind me of the five spice meat roll made by my grandmother..

Meat is well-cooked, slightly succulent, no porky taste, but slightly tough to chew; thick cut fries are crispy outside & soft inside, crispness maintained till end of meal, slight oily; with mixed greens tossed in balsamic vinegar & olive oil; mushroom sauce at the side is thick & creamy; mushroom taste quite mild..

Love the super crispy pork skin, meat is tender with no pork stench, slightly salty, quite fatty; good enough to satisfy my craving for crackling pork

Thick piece of pork belly grilled to perfection; meat is tender & succulent, slightly charred at the edge; taste slightly sweet similar to char siew; probably the most lean pork belly I've eaten so far which I prefer; well-marinated with no pork stench; grilled cabbage is crunchy & juicy with slight smoky taste; love the soft but crispy root veggies..

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are my favorite times of day.. I’m a Food fan..

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