Japanese Food

Japanese Food

Featuring The Sushi Bar (Far East Plaza), Omoté, Itacho Sushi (Plaza Singapura), LECOQ, Yishun Park Hawker Centre, Teppei Syokudo (Millenia Walk), Poke Doke (Millenia Walk), SUKIYA (Suntec City), Genki Sushi (Westgate), Yorimichi Yakitori
Gerard Lim
Gerard Lim

Beef scorched rice @ $28++

This dish is superbly good. One bite into the rice and it brought me back to Japan with the strong garlic flavour. Plus it's on a hotplate so it's kind of claypot inspired and the bottom parts are nicely charred. The beef steak is super great as well, the meat is juicy and tender, super easy to bite into. There's also a little bit of smokey taste in it that goes so well with the rice.

And it also comes with sambal chilli that's so southeast asian yet blends in so well with both the rice and beef.

We got this with Truffle Somen with Hotate & Caviar ($16++) using the 1 for 1 burpple beyond deal, and it's a super good deal. It tasted great as well with good amount of truffle taste and the hotate was fresh. Good thing that they served this before the beef scorched rice so that we could taste its good-ness before the super awesome dish came.

Love this place as an after-work hangout, there's quite a lot of bar bites options to choose from as well.

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Left: Angus Striploin Steak Jyu @ $16.80
Right: GO-star Jyu @ $20.80
+ set containing seaweed soup, truffle chawanmushi and salad @ $5.30

We got excited about the collab with Ghib Ojisan and wanted to give it a try. Had to order delivery as this is not available for dine-in.

The angus striploin steak jyu comes with angus striploin steak and beef in ginger soy sauce. The former was a bit bland and had to try it with various sauces. It's also a bit on the tough and chewy side. The latter was great and flavourful.

The go-star jyu comes with beef short plate, beef boneless short rib, angus ribeye steak and beef tongue. While there's lots of variety, similarly, the meat was a bit overcooked and a bit tough.

The truffle chawanmushi that came with the set was the star of the meal. The truffle taste was really coming through and goes super well with the dish.

Overall still quite a good meal and would prefer to dine in the next round.

Unagi kaisen don @ $18.90 nett

Not bad, the flavours are good but not sure if the ingredients are super fresh or not. So maybe wont come too often for this price, once a while when got cravings is ok.

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We enjoyed most of the food here and it's much better than the other sushi restaurant we went to last year at Westgate.

Didn't manage to take photos of all the sushis and food that we had, the ones featured are tako wasabi sushi, lobster and mango roll, blue fin fatty tuna sushi (currently on promotion) and dorsal sushi.

We loved the fatty tuna sushi, as well as the roasted scallop sushi and roasted eel sushi. The ingredients are so fresh and delicious. We also had the fried oysters which are big and juicy.

Some things were not how we remembered it to be - we thought the lobster and mango roll will come in a roll and not just two pieces. And we also had the baked stuff crab, which seemed to have shrunk significantly.

Overall a great experience. Service was fast at the start when we were earlier but rather slow towards the end when the lunch crowd started coming.

Kimchi low carb gyudon @ $6.80

The photo isn't very impressive but the food is! So happy that they offer low carb version where they replace rice with tofu. And they also offer various size and portions, so that one can really have it at the portion that's suitable for them.

Everything tastes great and all components of the dish come together super nicely.

Will definitely come again with so much variety they have. Just that if want to eat in need to go at an odd hour cuz it's usually long queue. Otherwise have to takeaway.

Aburi buta and unagi combo jyu @ $19.50++
Top up salad @ $1.50++

Meat is tender and flavourful for both the pork and the unagi. Portion is not bad for the price, and glad that it comes with the miso soup (with 1 clam in it) and the pickles. Nice to alternate between the meat and the sides as the taste can become quite monotonous.

Ebi (2pcs) & Fish (2pcs) Curry Don @ $7

Not bad for coffee shop setting just that the rice isn't really Japanese rice. The ingredients are nicely fried and the amount of curry is satisfying.

Not spectacular but good enough for a quick fix for curry don craving especially when it's nearby.

Mix toji teishou set @ $16.90++

Comes with pork cutlet, breaded prawn and sliced beef on a hotplate. underneath the eggs. The set also comes with rice and salad and pickles.

Tastes not bad, but nothing too fantastic. Price is good for the portion and the variety of meats. Will be back as a convenient choice if it's not crowded to try other dishes.

Problems with these four items:
- top left: grilled hotate mentai - it was never served like that with the mentai just dumped on top and haphazardly torched.
- top right: mala beef roll - only one piece has got veggie and another one has got most of the mala powder. If it's a roll, I'd think all three should have a consistent presentation?
- bottom left: beef sushi - totally does not look anything like what's in the menu photo, it's not wrapped in the right direction and looking at it one gets confused on how to even pick it up to eat.
- bottom right: soba sushi - the first plate of sushi that was finally served after a long wait and all the pieces were falling apart. Deconstructed sushi maybe?

It's been a long while since we visited Genki sushi and we went with high hopes to satisfy our sushi cravings like we used to. It's our first time at the Westgate outlet and it has never been a more disappointing experience.

The food service was at its slowest and we kept seeing people around us having their food served. When we asked about our order, the staff said the kitchen is jammed so it's going to take a while, but that does not explain why people around are getting their food earlier than us. And when the food finally came it was assembled so badly that the pieces were all over the place (see bottom right photo).

Throughout the time the food came with two pieces of sushi stuck together and it's obvious the assembly was done haphazardly. The rice was stuck to each other and the top filling was overlapping. It was quite difficult for us to take one piece of sushi without making the other one fall apart. It was only after 5pm when the assembly of sushi became much better and there were two distinct pieces of sushi on the plates. The rice and the top filling were also holding together much better as well. So we suspect it was a change of shift for the chefs. Unfortunately we were down to our last two dishes by then.

And that goes to say a lot about the quality of people that they hire in the kitchen.

Will we ever go back to genki sushi again? Possibly yes, but not anytime soon.
Will we ever go back to the westgate outlet again. Never in this lifetime.

Ninniku chahan (garlic fried rice) @ $8.80

Surprised at the portion as I've had smaller portions that's more expensive at other izakaya places before, though this smells better than it tastes.

Great food overall but there's other Japanese izakaya places with more options on the menu. Good ambience to chill and relax.

5 sticks for $15 (total 10 sticks for $30)

Top (left to right): buta bara miso (pork belly with miso), buta bara (pork belly), torimomo (chicken thigh), tebasaki (chicken wing) and sunagimo (chicken gizzard).

Bottom left (left to right): hatsu (chicken heart), tomato maki (tomato rolled with pork, it came without the pork but we asked them about it and they came back with one that's with pork), enoki maki (golden mushroom with pork) and shitake mushroom.

Bottom right: chicken skin

Great grilled food! All very well seasoned and super tasty and the meals were juicy. A bit of hiccups here and there with the tomato maki but it was all resolved in the end. Can't choose a favourite among these 10 because they're all so good.

Great food overall but there's other Japanese izakaya places with more options on the menu. Good ambience to chill and relax.

Tako wasabi (raw octopus with wasabi) @ $7.80
Pitan tofu (century egg with tofu) @ $7.80
Sashimi salad @ $10.80
Shishamo @ $6.80
Age kawaebi (fried baby shrimps) @ $9.80

All tasted great!

Tako wasabi was really appetising.

Pitan tofu was great with the shredded carrots and radish, though it's a dish that's difficult to go wrong. Tofu wasn't as soft as I would have liked it to be.

Sashimi salad had good amount of sashimi and dressing was not bad. But there's only salmon sashimi, and no other fish.

Shishamo was a good deal, pleasantly surprised to see 4pcs for $6.80 and it's very well grilled and flavourful.

Age kawaebi was also very well seasoned and perfect with the mayo sauce. It's a dish that's difficult to stop eating.

Great food overall but there's other Japanese izakaya places with more options on the menu. Good ambience to chill and relax.

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