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Jaslyn Li
Jaslyn Li

Grilled chicken thigh is tender with strong herb taste; buns are soft & fluffy; spicy tomato relish aids in balancing out the taste; with fried oyster mushroom that are crispy yet not greasy..

Grilled portobello with tomato, caramelized onion & pickled cucumber between 2 charcoal bun; bun is fluffy & lightly toasted; mushroom is very big & juicy; came with big potatoes that is deep fry to crispy outside & soft inside, lightly salted..

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Beef patty, bacon, pineapple ring, bottom mushroom between 2 hashbrown; beef patty is thick & cooked to well done; hashbrown is very crispy, even the piece that is below the whole burger remains crispy till the last bite, but tad too oily; bacon is not chewy & tough; over generous with BBQ sauce that it covered the taste of all ingredients; came with very crispy curly fries that remains crispy even after end of meal, & no oily feel; greens at the side is quite fresh but too much sauce for my liking..

Sourdough brioche bun is buttery & fluffy; portobello mushroom is firm & juicy; with melted cheese, fresh crunchy lettuce, juicy tomato & pickled cucumber; opted fresh mixed greens salad at the side with light, citrusy & refreshing taste..

Brioche bun is very fluffy & soft; lettuce is fresh & crunchy; with slices of creamy avocado; generous portion of chopped prawns that are fresh & crunchy with natural sweetness..

Bun is soft, a little dry inside but acceptable; "beef" patty is tender & soft, texture similar to usual beef patty; with a onion ring that is crispy & not oily, loaded with lots of real onion & batter is thin; complement the burger well; brown sauce is thick & rich; love the addition of some pickled cucumber that reduce the jelatness from the sauce; with some fresh crunchy greens to balance the taste; generous portion of thick cut fries that are crispy outside & soft inside, no greasiness taste; dish worth a try..

Buns are fluffy & soft; real cod fish patty that is thick, tender, no fishy taste; batter is crispy but slightly thick; with tartar sauce, tomato & lettuce; generous portion of crispy truffle fries, not oily; with curry mayo at the side..

Buns are fluffy & lightly toasted; patty is firm, juicy & with smoky taste, served medium; bacon is not salty or dry; topped with sunny side up with oozing yolk; sweet potato fries are crispy outside & soft inside, natural sweetness & zero greasiness feel..

Buns are soft & fluffy; with smoked salmon & creamy avocado chunks; pickled red cabbage is sour & appetising; with lightly salted fresh & crunchy greens..

Atas McD version sausage muffin with egg; pork sausage patty is tender & flavorful with mild saltiness & peppery, taste similar to McD; with soft caramelized onions & signature scrambled eggs; brioche buns is well-toasted to lightly crisp outside & fluffy inside; with crispy hashbrown that is not oily, taste similar to those I bought from supermarket; with greens at the side; good for sharing..

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are my favorite times of day.. I’m a Food fan..

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