Noodles no Pasta

Noodles no Pasta

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Jaslyn Li
Jaslyn Li

Comforting bowl of noodle soup; broth is very flavorful & light, not salty, no MSG; vermicelli is soft yet chewy; crab paste meatball that is chewy & taste unique; pork rib is well-cooked to soft; worth a try..
BANH NAM: Steamed rice cake with marinated prawn & meat wrapped in banana leaf; soft to chew, taste is light; paired well with the fish sauce at the side..
GOI CUON: Fresh spring roll with prawn, vermicelli, pork slices, crunchy lettuce & some basil leaves; taste good with the brown sauce at the side; nothing special; 1 piece as part of set menu..
CHE BAP: Corn sweet soup dessert with water chestnut, sago, mung bean & coconut; taste similar to water chestnut & egg Asian dessert; not too sweet; mini bowl of dessert as part of the set menu

Vermicelli is very thin & soft; topped with crushed prawn, scallion oil & spring onion; taste quite plain on its own, add some fish sauce with garlic & chilli at the side to lift the taste; grilled pork is flavorful with smoky taste but slightly tough & dry; with pickles at the side..

Noodle is soft & chewy; love the flavorful seafood soup with natural seafood sweetness, not peppery; generous portion of squid, mussels & prawn; seafood are fresh & firm; 1 of the better seafood noodle I've eaten..

Noodle is soft & chewy; black sauce is thick & very flavorful, smoky taste & not overly starchy; with onions & meat; 1 of the better jjajangmyeon I've eaten..

Spicy korean seafood noodle soup; noodle portion quite big; noodle is soft & slight chewy; soup is not spicy, but with strong smoky taste; felt a lack of the sweetness from seafood flavor; came with half flower crab, few pieces of squid ring, prawn & mussels; seafood not that fresh but still acceptable..

Beef noodle with lots of thinly sliced beef belly & braised beef brisket; rice noodle is on the softer side but not too soft; sliced beef belly is a little hard but the braised beef brisket is really tender & soft; soup is flavorful with mild herbal taste; with beansprouts & onion..

Salad version noodle; cold vermicelli with greens, beansprouts, carrots, cucumbers, fried shallots & garlic; sauce at the side is mildly spicy, moderately salty, very sweet; pour the sauce in, give it a good toss & there's different dimension of taste; marinated chicken is tender with sweet & smoky taste..

Pork trotter is well-braised & very tender, no porky taste; the noodle is very soft, no need chewing, absorb all the flavorful sauce..

In short, normal hor fun from zi char store but the noodle is deep fry version; noodle is crispy & taste remains good even when soak inside the sauce; the sauce is rich & smooth with lots of silky egg; generous portion of tender pork slices, fresh prawn & squid..

Served in metal pot instead; noodle is springy & with the wok-hei taste; 4 medium size prawn that are fresh & crunchy; sauce is very flavorful & mild smoky taste yet not salty..

Noodle is well-cooked, quite chewy & not soggy; flavorful with smoky taste; felt a lack of sweetness from seafood; only small amount of squid inside though; with veggies, onions, carrot, black fungus..

Noodle is chewy & not soggy even left in sauce for some time; sauce is very flavorful & appetising, not starchy kind of thick; with meat & lots of onions; still taste the same as the past; 1 of my all time favorite place for jjajangmyeon..

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are my favorite times of day.. I’m a Food fan..

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