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Jaslyn Li
Jaslyn Li

Generous portion of Coldwater shrimp in Swedish dill sauce at the side; sauce taste similar to the tartar sauce of McD fish fillet; but is refreshing and appetizing with mild sour; shrimps are fresh & crunchy with natural sweetness; love the addition of fresh tobiko that add crunch; with 3 pieces of lightly crisp toast..

Generous portion of melted triple cheese between 2 sourdough; toast is over-toasted, very crispy but dry & tough to bite; onion cider soup taste one-dimensional, slightly sweet with generous portion of onions; complement the slightly salty cheese toast..

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Ciabatta is very fluffy; love the cured salmon gravlax; mild herb taste, no fishy taste & not overpowering the whole dish; dill tzatziki is quite creamy but not jelat; with avocado slices & various citrus fruit which balance out the taste..

Grilled cheese toast with kimchi & ham; kimchi taste is mild & complement the gooey melted cheese well; toast is well-toasted to crispy outside, soft & fluffy inside; even non-cheese lover also like it..

Wholewheat pullman bread is fluffy & well-toasted to crisp outside; with generous portion of smoked salmon, crunchy pickled cucumbers & shallot; berry jam is sweet & citrusy; a layer of cream cheese..

Smoked salmon & egg mayo sandwiched between 2 buttermilk waffles; waffles are crispy outside, soft & fluffy inside; well-balanced taste; not over buttery or milky or strong flour taste; smoked salmon has no fishy taste, mild salty but would be better with more pieces; egg mayo taste surprisingly light, not too much mayo & portion is good (twice > salmon); mushrooms is well-cooked to soft, lightly marinated, slight peppery taste, portion a little small; greens are fresh & crunchy; the small bottle of honey is very sweet & thick that add natural sweetness to the waffles very well; love the small cup of fruit salad that is citrusy & appetizing..

First time trying & fell in love with it.. Sourdough is toasted to crispy yet not dry, mildly salted; 3 cheese blend is thick & well-balanced yet not overpowering; caramelized onions are soft & added sweetness to the sandwich; the garden salad is fresh & crunchy; appetising & citrusy..

Bread is fluffy & soft, crispy at the top; with bacon, chicken slices, egg, tomato, lettuce & cucumber; right amount of BBQ sauce that doesn't drench or overpower the taste of other ingredients; with crispy fries that are "heavily salted"..

Mixed cheese & pickles sandwiched between 2 thin sourdough toast; toast is very crispy outside & soft between; love the oozing thick melted cheese blend; cheese taste not overwhelming; with mildly sweet pickles that add crunch & reduce the jelatness from cheese; came with garden salad + balsamic at the side..

Baguette is very crispy outside, soft & fluffy inside; chicken is very tender, well-marinated & with slight smoky taste; no fats & skin; with lettuce, coriander, pickled cucumber, carrot & radish for added crunch & also to balance out the meatiness feel; worth a try..

Bread is soft & fluffy inside, very crispy outside; chicken is very tender & turmeric taste is on point, not overpowering the whole dish; shredded radish & carrot pickles are very crunchy & aids in reducing the "meatiness" feel; with fresh lettuce & coriander..

Grilled cheese toast; toast is very crispy yet not dry; not overly cheesy taste; no truffle taste; pickled cucumbers are very sour & aids in reducing the jelatness; with lightly salted fresh greens at the side..

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are my favorite times of day.. I’m a Food fan..

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