Breakfast Time

Breakfast Time

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Jaslyn Li
Jaslyn Li

Soft & creamy scrambled eggs topped with fresh popping ikura, truffle cream & chives; truffle cream is very thick with strong truffle taste; mixed with scrambled eggs to balance out the taste; sourdough is well-toasted & fluffy..

Thick & fluffy brioche bread well-toasted to crisp outside; topped with spinach well-cooked to soft; with few slices of smoked salmon; opted for sunny side up; mentaiko hollandaise sauce is thick & creamy, rich with mentaiko taste; not salty & not overpowering the dish; worth a try..

Giant croissant cut to 4 pieces; croissant is flaky, slight buttery; scrambled egg on the top is slightly overdone, not as creamy but acceptable; creamy chicken sauce taste is rich & flavorful, not too creamy; with pieces of mushroom, chicken & baby spinach; wish there's more pieces of meat..

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Sourdough toast is fluffy inside, crispy & slight flaky outside; huge piece of scrambled egg that is firm yet soft & smooth; guacamole at the top is very creamy & smooth but there's this particular spice which is found in some hummus or guacamole that I do not really like; love the addition of creme fraiche that is creamy & light; with 3 gigantic slices of smoked salmon that is fresh & not salty..

Loads of avocado and smoked salmon chunks on a slice of well-toasted sourdough bread; salmon is fresh and well marinated with ponzu sauce; bread is crispy outside and fluffy inside; love the poached egg on the toast..

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Loads of real crab meat in fluffy egg omelette; crab meat is quite fresh, not fishy; flavorful and robust taste; love the crunch from the fresh roe on the top of omelette..

Generous portion of creamy mashed avocado with tinge of sour; mild smoky taste from melted cheese; with hard boiled egg & cherry tomatoes; simple & light..

ROASTED MUSHROOMS & CREME FRAICHE: My all-time favorite toast; flavorful roasted mushroom that is lightly seasoned; with melted cheese & creme fraiche; sourdough is fluffy inside & crispy outside..

ROASTED EGGPLANT + MISO DRESSING: Generous portion of roasted eggplant; well-cooked & not overly soft; different dimension of flavor; strong olive taste which complement the toast & eggplant; barely any miso taste though..

A variety of ingredients; mushroom is well-cooked to soft, quite juicy; love the juicy cherry tomatoes; baked beans + kidney beans + chickpeas are very soft & taste light; beetroot relish taste slightly sour & very appetizing, complement all the ingredients well; baby spinach is well tossed with balsamic vinegar, fresh & crunchy; sunny side up is well-cooked with oozing yolk; pork sausage is big & juicy, tasted like the canned luncheon meat; 2 piece of bacon is overcooked till charred at the edge & tough to chew; sourdough is unevenly toasted (1 side over toasted, the other side under toasted), rosti is soft & soggy, quite oily..

Smooth & creamy scrambled egg with chunks of real crab meat; flavorful; sambal cream sauce at the side is smooth & creamy with mild sambal taste; croissant is flaky outside & fluffy inside..

Generous portion of real crab meat on top of 2 fluffy & soft muffin bun; crab meat is fresh with tinge of saltiness; 2 poached egg with oozing yolk; hollandaise sauce is creamy & not overpowering the crab taste..

Buckwheat galette with a layer of melted comte cheese; galette is thin & dense, slightly crispy at the edge; taste cheesy; topped with generous portion of sautéed mushroom that is moist & soft; and a oozing yolk sunny side up; ingredients complement each other well; simple dish with wide dimension of taste; felt a tad oily at the bottom..

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are my favorite times of day.. I’m a Food fan..

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