Hawker/ Cheap Finds

Hawker/ Cheap Finds

Possibly one of the Hawker/ Foodcourt/ Affordable collections here.
Wei Ping Ang
Wei Ping Ang

[88 Hongkong Roasted Meat]
Char Siew & Roasted Pork ($16/ 2 pax)
Tried their Roasted Meat twice, and to date, it's still my favourite Roasted Pork. The Roasted Pork is really crispy, even after takeaway and only eating after quite a few hours. Char Siew also had the good amount of fat to meat ratio, with a nice glaze and flavour. Only qualm is that their meat is slightly pricey, but I'd still visit for the quality.

Overall Rating: 8/10

*Heard there's some inconsistencies in quality sometimes, but the 2 times I've tried it was still good!

Known for their Mee Hoon Kueh at Level 4 of Far East Plaza, Greenview Cafe had been on my list to try for the longest of time, and seeing a recent few posts about them gave me the final push to finally go try it hahaha.

Minced Pork Mee Hoon Kueh ($5)
I liked how QQ the mee hoon kueh is, and it's actually quite thick because you can visually see a few layers being stuck together. The sauce was nothing special, but overall still a pretty decent bowl. Only regret was not adding chilli to this dish! The herbal soup that came with it was quite flavourful too!


Fried Mee Hoon Kueh ($5.50)
This was literally Char Kuey Tiao with Mee Hoon Kueh instead of the usual noodles hahaha. Although there was just fish cake but no red sausage, the flavours were pretty on point, and I loved the smokey/ WokHei flavour in their dish. Defo worth a try if you are a CKT fan!

Overall Rating: 8/10

[Old World BKT]
Honestly when I first heard/ talked about Fried Porridge, most reactions were something along the lines of "Huh, what's that?!" or "Nice meh?? You sure??" - and that's when I can only say - yes it looks brownish or funky (?) - but yes looks are deceiving as well.

Fried Porridge ($5)
Visited the West Coast outlet after seeing all the raving reviews, and my verdict is - it's worth a try for sure. For $5, you are getting yourself a really huge bowl of Porridge, and there's this strong smokey flavour aka Wok Hei, making every mouthful so flavourful and satisfying. I was even more surprised to find fried beancurd cubes within, which was really flavourful itself?! - like it provided ANOTHER flavour that was different from the smokey Porridge flavour - you have to try it to understand.

You get to choose between Mixed Pig Organs, Large Intestine or Sliced Pork Fried Porridge, and because I'm not a fan of offals, I picked the sliced pork. Every pork slice was really tender and lean - definitely unlike those chewy pork slices offered at some places.

Really worth a try, and at this price point, I'm definitely gonna head back for their Mee Sua/ Lu Rou Fan!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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Their Peanut Butter MJK is definitely worth getting! Have tried them quite a lot of times and it's still as consistent. Love how chewy the MJK is, and the coconut is also pretty fresh.

Beef Wellington ($29)
180g Australian Tenderloin, mushroom duxelle, wrapped in puff pastry
We found this extremely difficult to cut through, and it was very "chewy", which is most probably because it's not exactly the best kind of beef that was being used - considering its price. Regardless, also felt that the pastry was too dense, and not buttery/ flavourful enough. Yes it's affordable, but I wouldn't really come back for it.

Overall, I find that there's nothing much to shout about, and was kinda disappointed from all the hype, but it could just be inconsistent and you may have a different experience from me.

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Pork Tomahawk ($30)
300g bone-in USA Sakura pork served with bacon and pomelo relish.
The "sauce" that came with the pork tomahawk had a strong tomato flavour, and it actually paired pretty well with the pork! Flavourwise, the tomahawk was not bad, but texture-wise, it was sadly dry at some parts (although the meat is not very tough), and yet you find some parts that's really tender with fats that melt in your mouth. That's most probably because of the different cuts that exist in 1 tomahawk - the area nearer to the fats are much juicier.

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Nasi Ayam Penyek ($5.50)
Chicken rice is used in this dish, which was pretty fragrant. Chicken was also re-fried upon order, so skin was served crispy, and was also quite well-marinated throughout. Only qualm is that there's not a lot of meat for the chicken thigh.

This plate of hokkien mee ($6) looks pretty dry, but when you eat it, you'll realise it's actually pretty moist. They are quite generous with the prawns, there's about 4 in total. Quite a flavourful plate of hokkien mee, and I liked that the chilli helped to enhance the dish's flavour. Have to say it's however lacking the wokhei (smoky flavour) that was extremely strong at Swee Guan. Still a decent plate overall, and you can try it if you happen to be in that area!

Signature Mentai Chicken Don ($6.70)
Honestly much preferred their Salmon Mentai Don, which left a good impression, as compared to this dish. Their mentaiko is decent, strong in flavour, but the chicken was a little dry, and didn't have much taste by itself. Would recommend getting the salmon don instead.

Yam Kueh ($1.30)
Ngl it's a lot more flour than the actual yam, but there'll definitely people who enjoy this fried traditional treat. It's still a decent Kueh I'd say, for the price I wouldn't really complain.

[Pancake King]
Butter Walnut Cake ($1.80)
Their butter walnut cake is quite fragrant, especially with the walnuts as additional flavour and crunch. Not bad a cake for its price too.

Banana Cake ($1.80)
The banana cake is really moist, with a decent banana flavour. Can try if you're nearby, but I wouldn't travel all the way there just for it.

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