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Klion Chung
Klion Chung

Grand opening promotion from 25-30 June. My all-time fav sweet potato is selling at 2 for $3! This is one thing that I’ll never get sick of. Love the caramelized part on the outer sides.

Hidden at the basement of The Plaza, this old school bakery serves legit orh nee aka yam/taro paste tarts. I don't like overly sweet stuff, the orh nee sold at most places are often way too sweet and jelat. I like that their orh nee are smooth, creamy, and not too sweet, totally worth the calories. Be careful of the buttery crumbly crust, I made a mess while trying to cut the tart into half.😂 Other than the orh nee tarts, their sweet potato tarts and cheese tarts are pretty good too. Forget about the rest.🤣 These yummy tarts are often sold out by noon, so be there early or call up to preorder to avoid disappointment. ⁣

Best sweet potato I’ve ever had! So sweet, so soft! Love the caramelized part on the outer sides.

Generous amount of fillings, though the pastry skin can be flakier. This is one of the better siew baos I’ve had in SG. The only complaint I’ve had is, it’s slightly more on the salty side.

These takoyaki balls are so yummy! Bigger and definitely tastier than the usual takoyaki balls you can find outside. Topped with a generous amount of bonito flakes, sauce, and mayonnaise. So good!

If you know who’s Amy Yip, you will know why this bun is called Ye Zhi Mei Da Bao. The bun is as big as my whole hand. It’s packed full of well marinated meat and a hard boiled egg. Definitely worth the calories!

Siew pau sold out so I bought chicken pau instead. I remember their siew pau was good but I don’t quite like this chicken pau. Somehow the fillings are too soft to my liking. I prefer to have some bite instead of just mushy fillings. I like the skin though, it’s crispy and not too thick.

I usually just get the tau sar piah but since I have craving for Siew Bao, I decided to give it a try. This is surprisingly good. The fillings are generous, tasty and moist. The pastry skin is crispy and not too thick. I’ll definitely be back for this.


This is my second choice when I didn’t manage to get Loong Fatt Tar Sar Piah. It is thicker but also a little drier than Loong Fatt Tar Sar Piah. Yam and Green Tea are decent, I didn’t quite like the pineapple, peanut and coffee flavors. Just stick to the original salty Tau Sar Piah to be safe.


Balestier is not only famous for the Bak Kut Teh, but it’s also a famous street for Tau Sar Piah. Having tried all the tau sar piah along the street, Loong Fatt is still my all-time fav. Hands down the best Tau Sar Piah I’ve ever had! They only have two flavors, salted/sweet tau sar. I preferred the salted tau sar. If you haven’t tried their tau sar piah, what are you waiting for? There’s always a long queue during lunch. Go aft 3 pm, no queue. Lol~


It’s not bad, just not fantastic. I find the coffee taste can be stronger.

I haven’t had their swiss rolls for a long time. This old-school cake shop sells simple and decent swiss rolls, literally rich & good! All the classic flavors are good, which include kaya, mango, chocolate, strawberry etc. This green tea swiss roll has a mild tea taste, not too sweet. I wish the tea taste was stronger. Anyway, I’ll probably go back to try their new flavor next, Pandan cheese.
P.S.: My cutting skills not bad right? Haha I managed to cut 19pcs. 🔪


Who says money can’t buy happiness? Money can buy good food and that’s basically the same thing.

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