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Gerard Lim
Gerard Lim

Chicken curry puff @ $1.50
Sesame ball @ $1.10
Prawn cracker @ $1.70

They are all very tasty but not overpowering. Good for afternoon snack. The dough for the sesame ball is a bit much though.

Also got another sardine curry puff separately (also $1.50), think the chicken one is nicer.

Nice place to chill on a weekend afternoon that's not too sunny.

Kaya peanut obanyaki @ $1.90

Got the obanyaki (pancake) instead of the taiyaki (fish) cuz there's this flavour. Love the combination of sweet and savoury.

Carrot cake @ $4.80

A tad expensive in my opinion especially when there's Balmoral Bakery just further down selling cakes at $1.60.

It's not bad, there's good amount of fillings of nuts and possibly pineapples and a little bit of carrot here and there. Just that the outer layer cream is too sweet for our liking. We ended up eating just the sponge part of the cake and tried our best to not touch the cream part.

Guess I'll go back to Balmoral for cakes but would try other pies and pastries from here!

Chicken pie @ $5.50

Quite a good pie, in terms of portion and amount of filling, and rather tasty too. The centre part that "pops up" is actually because of half an egg underneath. Would be better if it's consumed hot.

Chicken pie also sold in a whole (think should be four pieces). And they also sell apple pie and curry chicken puff and other pastry and cakes. Definitely will be back to try other pastry!

Assorted buns @ $1+

How can these buns be so simple but so damn good?

There was a bit of queue when we goy there (about 10pax) but it moved quite fast and we got the buns in about 10mins.

Bought an assortment of kaya, red bean, curry, prawn sambal, chicken sausage (luncheon meat) and tuna. They were hot when we got them and we couldn't resist eating them on the spot and they were really really so damn good. The old school taste is apparent in the skin of the bun which has got a slight crisp to it and the inside of it is soft and fluffy.

Our favourites are kaya and prawn sambal. Hopefully will be able to get the peanut one next time!

Prawn meat puff @ $3.50
Scallop meat puff @ $4

This has got to be the most delicious meat puff EVER.

Ordered when we got there and the uncle started making so it was served HOT and it tatsed so good. And the outer layer dough was extremely good too, when it got to the last bite around the edge, the crisp and taste was perfect.

It's quite sizeable for a puff and the filling is extremely generous, and hence worth the price. There's veggie, minced meat and choice of seafood (prawn, scallop, oyster, octopus and crabstick) in each puff, so it can essentially be a meal on its own.

Got two more back for the family and we had it for dinner. Though no longer hot, but it still tastes great.

Very friendly stall owners, will definitely be back for more!

This definitely satisfies the sweet tooth craving. Love the nuts toppings that added a different dimension and texture.

The inside is nicely filled with a good amount of raisins and the layering of the pastry is also perfectly done.

Will be back for other pastries!

Bought a total of 7 items for $32.10, quite worth it!

It's been so long since I had bagel and this is so good in satisfying the craving. The amount of cheese is just nice and not super strong, and the taste is really good.

Bought yesterday and had it today, probably should have heated it up a bit before having it. It got a bit tough towards the end.

But good nonetheless, will be back for other pastries!

Bought a total of 7 items for $32.10.

Walnut cake @ $1.40

This has got to be the best walnut cake I've ever had. Maybe cuz it's so interesting that they made it with the short crust and the bite into it is just so different from a usual cake. The taste is also excellent and the cake portion has got just the right texture.

Also got an apple pie, which they put inside a warmer and it really helps to keep the pie nice and crispy. They made it a little differently from a usual apple pie - the crust is slightly savoury and helps to balance out the sweetness from the apple. The layering of the crust is also done perfectly such that though it's airy on the inside it doesn't feel empty.

There's also a variety of swiss rolls in different sizes and flavours which is really great as I now can have bitesize swiss rolls!

Overall very value for money and will be back to try other cakes and pastries!

Traditional cream cake @ $2 each.

A confectionery shop that sells traditional and old school bakes. There's a wide variety of cream cakes, bread, swiss rolls and pastry to choose from.

It's not super crowded but there's a constant flow of people coming in and out, and while the staff are kept busy most of the time, they're also very friendly when attending to you.

Got this peanut cake and the rainbow chocolate rice. Both are great in terms of texture - they were kept in the fridge but the sponge cake is still soft and has got a nice bite. The cream is also subtle in taste, not overpowering. The rainbow chocolate rice one is a bit sweeter compared to the peanut one.

Also bought their homemade dausapiah (they have those that's factory manufactured ones, and home made ones). There's the big and flat ones, as well as small and round ones. The owner told us they're the same, just that the small ones have got a slightly thicker crust. We bought both to try and prefer the small one, the taste is super en pointe and the bite into the crust is just nice.

It's slightly more expensive than other confectionery shops that we have been to (most are selling the cream cakes at around $1.50), but since we dont come here often, I guess it's okay to pay a bit more for such a yummy treat.

Dau sa piah @ $1

Perhaps this confectionery's piahs are better than their cakes and muffins. This dausapiah and pineapple piah are actually quite good. This is flaky and the saltiness taste is just nice, while the pineapple one has a good taste but not too sweet.

A little expensive though as there other places that sell better piah at less than $1.

Kaya cake @ $1

This has the deceiving look of a good old school cake but it's rather disappointing when put in the mouth. Taste waste, it's rather mild and not too sweet, which is good as sometimes kaya flavoured pastry might be overpowering. But the bottom layer has this weird texture that's not what I imagined it to be and felt almost like plastic.

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