Mushroom pop ($5.90)
This side is also worth a try! The mushrooms within are really juicy, and they are coated with a very crispy batter. One of my favourites here.

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White Truffle fries ($5.90)
I was actually impressed by their fries. Didn't expect it to have such a strong truffle flavour, as well as being really thick and crispy.

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Chilli Crab Burger ($11.90)
This burger had sauce that was pretty similar to your usual chilli crab sauce, and the patty, if I didn't know, does have a bite quite similar to fish. It's also decently spicy, which makes the burger an enjoyable one as well.

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Satay burger ($11.90)
You'll first be hit by the peanut satay sauce, and next you get the juiciness from the pineapple, cucumber, and flavours from the onions. As a fan of satay sauce, this was definitely a yes for me. Sadly I wasn't a fan of pineapples so I removed them subsequently, but ngl the pineapple does help to make your entire burger more moist, although it's still good without it. For this burger, it's actually quite obvious mock meat was used instead of actual meat, because of the texture of the patty.

Sourbomb ($5) - basically Soursop lime - for those who loves sour drinks. Refreshing and great for a hot day, or to cleanse your palette a little from the heavy flavours.

B.E.C. ($12)
This sandwich comes with Homemade Thick Bacon, and YES, an extremely thick layer Scrambled Egg - just look at it?!!?!!
Actually my first time having such a thick slab of bacon, and I'm totally not complaining. It gives you the full flavour, and goes pretty well with the scrambled. Only qualm was we felt that the toast for this sandwich to be slightly dry, but we've also found that it differs with every sandwich, which means every buttered toast isn't consistent.

@46mittsu offers such visually appealing sandwiches that were honestly so tough to resist, so I'm glad we finally got to try it!! 😍🤭

Beef Sando ($14)
Smoked Beef Brisket, Smokey American Cheddar, Ratatouille, Jumbo Pickle.
Their sandwiches are crazy thick and not just visually appealing, but really satisfying as well!
Really loved how the Beef Brisket was not just thick, but also very flavourful, in which I agree there's a lot going on, but I loved it that way - as someone who loves my flavours strong. Although I'm not a fan of pickles, I still finished them anyway, because it helped made the sandwich more juicy, and I'm glad it wasn't too sour as well. The brioche toast was also buttered, so provide some buttery fragrance. Definitely worth a try imo if you are a fan of strong flavours!

It's been garnering quite a bit of good reviews lately, and I've got to say that even after takeaway, they hold on pretty well, and are definitely worth trying imo.

Katsu Sando ($11 from Oddle, $10 at actual store)
Deep Fried Panko Pork Loin, Bulldog Sauce, Duck Fat Confit Onions, Greens. Their bun was well-toasted, with it being lightly buttered and not becoming soggy even from takeaway. Loved the flavour combination here, especially with the sauce that was used. The katsu although not extremely tender or juicy, it's not too tough either - and although there's not much flavour to the katsu itself, I still enjoyed the overall flavour from the sauce and onions.

Menchi Katsu Sando ($11 from Oddle, $10 at actual store)
Deep Fried Panko-breaded Minced Pork Patty, Japanese Tar-tar, Arugula.
This Minced Pork Patty is much juicier, it's definitely evident when you eat the two sandos one after the other. Would recommend having the Katsu Sando before trying the Menchi Katsu for a "level up" experience. The Katsu Sando may however feel more substantial since it's an entire pork katsu you are biting into.

Definitely worth trying, and I wouldn't mind giving their chashu or breakfast sandos a try next time.

Overall Rating: 8/10

[Burnt Ends]
Burnt Ends Sanger ($21.40)
This signature pulled pork sandwich is made with 12h slow cooked pulled pork shoulder, chipotle aioli, coleslaw and pickled jalapenos.

Firstly, I'm really glad takeaway did not make the bun soggy at all. I definitely wouldn't mind even stronger butter fragrance for the bun. Appreciate the generous amount of pulled pork, and the decent portion size - pretty substantial I'd say. Although slightly dry at certain parts w/o the sauce, there's pretty much a decent balance of flavours with their Chipotle Aioli sauce, pulled pork, cabbage and onion.

This would suffice as a worth to try once burger, but I'd still want to dine-in and try their grilled meat.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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