Pork Trotter (Vinegar/Braised/Black Bean)

Pork Trotter (Vinegar/Braised/Black Bean)

Featuring Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh (Rangoon Road), Authentic Mun Chee Kee King of Pig's Organ Soup, Tuan Yuan Pork Ribs Soup, Rong Hua Bak Kut Teh (Fusionopolis), Chef Sham H.K. Vinegar Trotter (Chinatown Complex)
Louisa Lau
Louisa Lau

This is by far the next Vinegar Pork Trotter I’ve had in Sg (compared to other stalls). It’s so good, I ordered a 2nd bowl! 😄 And the claypot pork liver is pretty good too. I’d say this is a value-for-money to dine 👍

Returned to try both their braised and vinegar pork Trotter. Generous serving of meat, plus an egg each.

It’s very value-for-money!

It’s not common to find black bean pork trotter at the hawkers. So decided to give it a go. I’d say it’s nothing extraordinary, tasted just like braised pork trotter.

A friend recommended this saying it’s one of the better ones in SG. I like that they serve in a clay bowl and was piping hot. The meat was tender - fall off the bone, which means it’s likely to be cooked for long hours 👍

The downside was the portion of pork trotter was not much. For the same price, I’d rather go to Authentic Mun Chee Kee.


Came to try their Vinegar Pork Trotter. I’d say for the price $7, it’s rather good portion of meat which includes an egg too. Although I found the vinegar gravy a little watery.

Was in the vicinity, and decided to try this BKT’s braised pig trotter. I like how the Trotter was substantial for the Regular portion, with skin and meat all beautifully intact, yet peels off the bones once you take a bite 👍

Was craving for the gelatinous pig trotter early in the morning and found out this stall usually opens early!
I ordered this via delivery, and as always I requested to omit the sauce/gravy. The staff called to verify my special request - thumbs up for this service!

I liked that they had the Trotter cut up so nicely and neatly! So, it was easy to eat! And look at that braised skin! The meat and skin was cooked well and tender. Will reorder and/or visit the stall again! 👍😋

Since the positive experience with their food and service, I ordered the braised Pork Knuckle again. This time, I decided to try their Braised Pig Skin. The pig skin was ok, very soft and smooth, and I liked that they followed the instructions given - to omit the sauce/gravy. Today’s Pig Knuckle was very collagenous! 😋

I love that Tuan Yuan has the uncommon items such as the Pig Knuckle, Cartilage and Skin on their menu. I ordered this via delivery and requested that they omit the sauce/gravy. I was impressed that a staff from their stall actually called to verify on my special instructions since this dish usually is cooked with sauce and served as such. And so voila, this was delivered as per requested. The food was still warm despite without the sauce/gravy. The meat and skin was tender and moist. Plus, the Trotters had sufficient amount of meat and tendon, unlike other BKT stalls I’ve tried where, it was very much skin and bones. In addition, the overall portion of Trotter was generous (again vs other BKT stalls vis-a-vis price charged).
👍👍 👍

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