Everything Western!

Everything Western!

Featuring The Coffee Academics (Raffles City), The Assembly Ground (Cineleisure), Oberstrasse, The Marmalade Pantry (Novena), The Coffee Academics (Millenia Walk), Barossa Steak & Grill (Vivo City)
lennon Chia
lennon Chia

Not worth even with burpple. Meat was dry and tasteless, overcooked. Waiting time for food was crazy, around 40 minutes. Staff were like ghosts. When you raise your hand and make eye contact with them, they will just pretend they never see you and will ignore you. Terrible service and terrible food. On the bright side, the saving grace was that their Australian ribeye was good ( but tbh, not even worth 40 mins wait time)

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Mac&Cheese was really good but it’s better to share it as it gets “jerlat” after a while. Truffle butter was really strong and a very generous amount of cheese too. Pasta was really good (especially the bisque sauce) and the seafood was really fresh. Pasta was cooked al dente and really worth it (if you get the burpple discount). We got tea as well which is merely average, nothing too astounding. Overall service was great as staff was very attentive.

Good decent plate of pasta if you are using the burpple 1 for 1. For the Chilli & Lime pasta, the pasta was soaking in flavour (lime) although the burst of flavour from the chilli was lacking. The portion of seafood was quite little but I was quite surprised that there was fresh crab meat included. Appreciated that their prawns were fresh and not frozen like elsewhere, given the high price of the pasta. One downside of the pasta is that it smelled a bit bitter and unpleasant, which I think was contributed by the lime.

For the umami pasta, it was good and packed with flavour. However, more ingredients could be hopefully included.

At $29 a dish, I honestly expected way better. Couldn’t choose the doneness of the beef patty ( which i don’t understand unless the beef is of poor quality), a few basic ingredients (tomato, cheese, lettuce which is literally every mcdonald’s burger ever) and soggy fries. At this extravagant price, I would say that you can get better burgers at the same price at other restaurants (i.e PS cafe, Hans i’m gluck etc.). Even macs specialty burgers ( like the angus beef burger edition) pack better flavours than this. Honestly, very very disappointing.

Not to mention the service, slow and unresponsive.

Disappointing. It was not spicy and was rather sour actually. The pasta was quite soggy and the beans were irrelevant. There was a decent portion of crab meat but it didn’t taste fresh unfortunately.

Service was quite slow but the dishes were surprisingly great! The chicken was well seasoned and juicy, pairing really well with the rosti. The rosti was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. For the aglio, I really liked how the parmesan cheese complemented the pasta and was not overpowering. It did not outshine the pasta but accentuate the taste. The tiger prawns were crunchy and juicy, well seasoned.

A spectacular all day breakfast meal at an amazing price. For the Academics Breakfast, I really enjoyed the generous portion of truffle splattered across the scrambled eggs ( you can choose between poached, scrambled or sunny side up) which really imbue a distinct truffle taste in every aspect of the eggs. The bread was soft to bite, and every aspect of the dish ( mushrooms, sausage, bacon) greatly complement one another. For the duck confit waffle, it is a new dish which TCA had started which really stole the show personally for me. The duck skin was crispy while the meat within is soft and succulent. The waffles were soft and had a light sweet aftertaste. The sunny side up really complemented the waffle and provided it its own distinct taste when eaten altogether. The greens are nothing special. OVERALL, a great meal at a really good price ! One of the cheapest all day breakfast i ever had ( with the burpple promo of course ! )

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