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Jeremy Holden
Jeremy Holden

If you fancy yourself some artisan gelato, look no further than @denzygelato ! Each batch is made from scratch and features distinctive unique flavours that are inspired from all over the globe.

I've tried their gelato a couple times before and find myself constantly heading back for more. This time around I decided to get a double scoop of Raspberry White Chocolate and Basque Burnt Cheesecake.

Both flavours were amazing, with the Raspberry White Choc being a nostalgic yet vastly improved version of my beloved childhood flavour Raspberry Ripple. The Basque Burnt Cheesecake actually comprises of actual blended up cheesecake, hence it tasted exactly as it was and it blew my mind away. Definitely will be back for more - though I hope they'll bring back their Persian Prince!

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A Halal botanical inspired gelato shop, Momolato is no stranger to the Haji Lane area. I've been wanting to try Momolato for a while now - way back when they were selling popsicles over at SMU.

Momolato is known for their keto diet friendly options - which means no sugar - which means less sweet. (Oh dear, oh dear.)

The scent of their waffles permeated their little cafe and I got eager to try while queuing outside - to the point that I totally missed their croffles on their menu. Decided to be a little fancy and went with their Pandan waffles, paired with two scoops of ice-cream - Himalayan Osmanthus Passionfruit Mango & Onde Onde Yellow Sweet Potato.

Damn it all sounds so fancy doesn't it. Unfortunately, it was all loss in the taste. The Pandan waffle was a bright green hue that made me apprehensive when I saw it on the waffle iron; sadly it smelled and tasted artificial in the end. The saving grace was their salted caramel sauce that came with it.

Gelato-wise, the osmanthus was lacking in the gelato, being overpowered by the passionfruit while the Onde Onde (which I had high hopes for as I love everything ondeh ondeh) was also lacking in sweetness and flavour. The texture of it also seemed more buttery than creamy.

I do chalk it up to perhaps my own bad choices and if only we could taste test the gelatos prior to ordering like how it was back when the world was normal. I guess the whole keto fad isn't for me, though I'll definitely like to give Momolato another shot and try their other flavours. And maybe their croffles to boot. They're also the only ice-cream shop over at Haji Lane that stays open till late.

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Creamier is finally back at a new locale right across the road from their old Toa Payoh location! Being an ice-cream fanatic, I couldn't pass up the chance to visit their new outlet and get me some sweet treats.

Of course, I like to go big or go home, hence I went for the 3 scoop x waffle combo - why even bother getting anything else honestly? Pictured here are flavours Roasted Pistachio, Summer Strawberry and Blue Pea Vanilla - a primary colour trio as my friend pointed out! While I'm not a huge fan of Creamier's waffles; as they're a tad too eggy for my liking - I do think their ice-cream is probably one of the best in Singapore. Honestly.

PS: My one gripe was the use of paper plates and plastic cutlery. I guess they're still in a soft opening stage so I'll let it pass but paying 18 bucks, and then only to use plastic cutlery is kind of a bummer. And do beware - the crowds are as annoyingly crazy as before and service could still use a bit of work.

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Lord Jesus, now this is what you call a dessert. A delectable chendol waffle topped with not one but three amazing scoops of ice-cream - vanilla, coconut & gula melaka! I'm a huge fan of all things pandan and gula melaka, hence I'm down for any chendol-esque desserts! The waffle was nicely crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. You also get a dollop of red bean and chendol jelly, perfectly encapsulating the chendol dessert.

Though a little bit more pricey then your usual waffle and ice-cream combo, this Nyonya Chendol Waffle from Shrove Tuesday is worth it - and worth the calories!


You can't miss Birds of Paradise when you're exploring Jewel Shopping Mall. The smell of their herb infused waffle cones would grab your attention as soon as you hear the gelato boutique. There are a couple of ice-cream shops in Jewel but I think Birds of Paradise is the best of all of them.

I absolutely adore the flavours of BOP - earthy and unique; you'll find flavours like White Chrysanthemum and Spiced Pear which you probably hardly see anywhere else. Being a crazed ice-cream connoisseur, it's definitely refreshing to see such uncommon flavours. The texture of their ice-cream is amazingly smooth. Of course, Creamier is still my top favourite ice-cream shoppe but BOP is coming in a close second.

As a kid, I always remembered wanting to eat cookie dough as it is. Eventually, I got to do so - through Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ice-cream and it was oh so good.

Having tried the cookie dough shop in London about a year ago, I was pretty keen to try the local Dohkie and was glad that the cookie dough craze made it's way to the shores over here. With different flavours such as Cookies & Cream, Peanut Butter and a new Bandung inspired that features a pinkish dough batter - it was a little difficult to choose. I initially tried the Bandung flavour, thus decided to go with Peanut Butter for my second visit - I love LOVE peanut butter.

Adding the soft serve is a definite must - cookie dough by itself is sickeningly sweet and I don't think any single person can finish a whole scoop without feeling nauseous. The soft serve perfectly complements the cookie dough and cuts the sweetness to balance it out. Aww yiss.

PS: I'm actually kinda curious about buying home the cookie dough and baking it like a normal cookie. Maybe I shall one day.

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