📍 @manfuyuansg at @interconsin 🌝
⭐️ @michelinguide plate
💰 ~ $50 per pax

❤️Roma Tomatoes, crab meat and ikura with yuzu dressing ($18)
❤️pumpkin soup with morel mushrooms ($24)
❤️slow braised pork ribs with manitou ($38)
❤️ cod fish steamed with pickled chilli (by weight)
❤️hot and sour seafood soup ($16)
❤️braised beancurd with lily buds, gingko nuts and seasonal vegetables ($15)
❤️crispy egg noodles with braised seafood ($32)

Overrall, a shock at how amazing @manfuyuansg expertly recreated your usual tzechar or Chinese cuisine dishes with beautiful plating and perfectly executed cooking skills and curated ingredients 👏 so damn underrated.

32 yolk tagliolini 🍝 was cooked to perfection - smoked ikura, uni, king crab meat - Italian restaurant must serve and showcase their mastery of pasta and oof that rich unami cream was delicious! 🦀 💯

my top favorite savory dish of the whole course: the grilled milk-fed young lamb 🐑 was like nothing I have tasted - exceptional! It’s not just tender but has a hint of creamy served with burnt tomato purée 🍅 that adds a subtle sweet tanginess to the whole orchestra happening on the plate🤤

1️⃣[ white peach milk honey bubble ]
This is so pretty and cute 🌸 how is this even made!? The soft squishy elderflower jelly pops ans releases a sweet peach juice💗🍑

2️⃣[ @valrhona_asia 70% guanaja chocolate infused with sundry tomatoes and sage 🍫 ]
It came in a matryoshka doll 🪆💯- this is just a visual winner 🎖

3️⃣[pea sorbet with yuzu and honey] - freezed into a pop using liquid nitrogen which truly explodes in your mouth into a refreshing citrus sweet liquid party - I was caught by surprise from the bite!🎉

4️⃣[Torta Della Nonna]
- traditional Italian grandma cake 👵🏻 two sheets of slightly leavened sugar pastry with creamy custard with hint of lemon 🍋

[ La Fiesta ]
For dessert, we have the finale art piece of Marsala pan di spagna (sponge cake) with bitter orange and white nougat gelato - fancy and creative concoction of ingredients✨

[ Asparagi di Spagna ]
Started the course with this beautifully crafted edible art piece ✨the soft chunks of torched chutoro tuna with white asparagus custard and horseradish essence -fresh and satisfying with a mini crunch from the crisps topping✨

[ Positano ]
Tagliolini a pasta gialla, king crab, amalfi lemon, homemade ricotta

Was first surprised by the small oval dome shaped pasta but once untangled it’s a meal!✨looks sauceless but the pasta is actually perfectly coated thinly in each strand a rich unami flavor of the king crab 🦀 with a afternode of zesty lemon 🍋 the artful and minimalist use of ingredients to create a robust taste profile on each pasta is 💯✨

Foodies unite!~ ^^ @nomninjas (check my page on Instagram too:) )

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