Healthy stuff

Healthy stuff

when u feel like having sth healthy cos all the guD fUd has made u pHat!!!
jia ✨
jia ✨

We had the modern popiahs under the 1-for-1 deal. Got the sesame chicken and Thai spicy chicken popiahs, as well as the tomato basil soup. These popiahs are an interesting twist- I really like the sauce and crisps found inside the roll. Also to commend its fresh popiah skin, different from the frozen store-bought ones. A good option for cheaper lunch in CBD area, with a rich genmaicha tea to go with. This was $9.80 in total.

Healthier version of nasi lemak but not compromising on the taste. Replacing the rice with quinoa, peanuts with almonds, fried egg with onsen egg etc. The quinoa has a nice coconut taste to it, and the chicken is tender yet flavorful with spices. Almonds are super crunchy. Each element in this dish complements each other very well. Chilli is slightly spicy for me but gives a very nice spicy kick to it. I like breaking the yolk into the quinoa and mixing it all in. Portion wise is just nice!

$8.60 for two bowls with Burpple Beyond’s 1 for 1. Get 30% off membership using this link:

Fresh and generous, although I am ambivalent about their seasoned watermelon bits haha. Their yuzu lemon tea is also very concentrated and not sweet. Great lunchtime find

Thought this was a little bit of an odd combination, but it was the first thing on the menu so I gave it a try. It was indeed an odd combination 🧐 and there really weren’t much other ingredients in the bowl other than the medium sized slab of salmon, contrary to other reviews which stated they were generous with their ingredients (maybe due to my 30% off? Who knows!).

Taste wise it was very average, definitely edible even though the ingredients don’t quite go - fresh lettuce, mushrooms, salmon, soba.... The salmon skin was really tough, also had a little bit of scales that I had to spit out while eating.

I think $10 is waaay overpriced for this tiny bowl! I used the Burpple Beyond 30% off deal, making it $7 but it’s still overpriced in my opinion. I may come back (only with the Beyond deal) to give the other items a try and give this place another chance - perhaps I just picked the wrong dish this time round.

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