cheers 🍻

cheers 🍻

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Elise :-)
Elise :-)

Not all dates have to involve a full-on meal. Sometimes, all you want is a drink and a bite. If you can, come to this rooftop Boat Quay spot at sunset, and settle down at a counter seat overlooking the gorgeous river and city skyline. Start with some cold Umami Signature Oysters (six for $24, $20 before 8pm) with a refreshing ponzu and yuzu sauce. The stunning view and cold oysters at sundown is certain to put you at ease, making this a fine choice for a first date. Then, when the sun sets, order from their hot oyster selection β€” the Unifeller (six for $30) cannot be missed. Think creamy, briny uni sabayon finished with cheese. Over the course of your night, sip on a Southern Belle ($18) β€” wild berries and chamomile-infused whiskey, strawberry caramel and lemon β€” or the naughty Lust, Caution ($16) with Sichuan pepper-infused gin! Should you not want the night to end, take a leisurely stroll along the river and let the rest of the date unfold ;)

Ambience: Quiet with a view
Price: Avg $100 per couple, with drinks

A citrusy drink that is quite an art on its own. Watch the drink turn green as you swirl it. Recommended for ladies for its light flavour and sour profile to cut through the alcohol.

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Lime margarita with Corona beer; another refreshing drink with tinge of sour that helps stimulate the appetite and also reduce the jelatness of the food; super big glass that is also good for sharing..

Went Kreams Beer to chill out. Nice cosy bar which is well decorated with cherry blossom decos, lamps, little ornaments and plushies. The menu has wide selections of beers and light bites. Crackers and fruits are free flow for all tables too!

Just by looking at their fruity based beer section on the menu had me spoilt for choices! They have like watermelon, lychee, graprefruit, yuzu and many more! We ordered the grapefruit infused beer and a Queen's Honey (lager + honey). Both beers are smooth and light on the palate. I enjoyed my grapefruit infused beer, which was citrusy with a hint of sweetness. If you are not sure what to drink, but like something fruity, go for their grapefruit infused, it's a popular choice which usually won't go wrong.

Overall great friendly service and nice ambience, suitable bar for chilling out with friends, date nights or girlie night out. Worth a visit, will come back again! 🍻

This is so much nicer than warm sake! Yes to novelty drinks (once awhile!)

I’m a huge fan of cocktails, and what more, cocktails with a touch of local infusion in it.

The team at have recently launched a new cocktail menu, where you can find your local lookalikes such as the Kopi-O Fashioned ($22) or the Sesame Street ($22).

The Kopi-O Fashioned was my choice of drink thanks to my love of coffee. Not only that, the combination of coffee infused scotch, maple syrup, cardamon bitters, topped with stout reduction foam, reminds you of your Kopi-o-gao, but with an alcoholic twist & on steroids. A drink that I can drink any time of the day, because it’s that good.

Another favourite on the table was the Sesame Street. Looking much like your traditional Chinese white / black sesame paste dessert, Sesame Street was an alcoholic twist to the local delight. A creamy, nutty and smooth concoction was made using vodka, black sesame, coconut cream and ginger pandan syrup. Something so simple, yet taste so heavenly.

Last but not least, a classic that every whisky lover would like, Rest My Case ($21). The perfect drink for negroni lovers who loves that smoky punch with every sip. It ends with a charred grapefruit to add to the smokiness with a slight hint of grapefruit infused in the drink.

Best deal for you guys, if you’re on #burpplebeyond, these drinks are going at 1 for 1. Imagine 2 delicious cocktails at ~$10 each, worth it, ain’t it?

Thank you @burpple for this lovely invite! & Mike + Ee Chien for sharing with us!
#burpple #aroundwithamd

It is life’s pleasure to be enjoying a cup of cocktail or mocktail at @lasalsasingapore! πŸ’― Away from the hustle & bustle of the city, the outdoor serene environment exudes a really chill vibe that allows one to throw away all troubles momentarily & just have a good time here! πŸ–
Switch things up if you want some vibrant energy & electrifying ambience - just head indoors for their live band performances 🎸🎹, available every Fridays & Saturdays from 9.15pm onwards, with different acts weekly! πŸ‘πŸ»
They have a wide selection of cocktails so feel free to take your pick! πŸ’• Among the House Favourites, we tried the White Sangria ($19++), which features sparkling wine, pisco, apple liquer, cucumber, green apple 🍏 & mint. 🍸
Donning an alluring golden coat is their Passionfruit Paloma ($16++), comprising Jose Cuervo Gold, passionfruit puree & grapefruit soda. πŸ₯ƒ As with any other Havana bars, they do not go easy on their alcoholic content so you need not be worried about the quality of their drinks here! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
If you’re not a fan of alcohol just like me, their mocktail selection is bound to please you just as much! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ In a passionate bold red, Virgin Margarita ($12++) will please you with its rich fruity flavours which appears to be predominantly strawberries πŸ“, though it also has lime, lychee & mango. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Their Snow White ($12++) made of lychee, mint leaves & simple syrup was reminiscent of mojito but with a whiff of fragrance from the sweet lychee. πŸ’š
πŸ“’GOOD DEAL!πŸ“’ Every Thursday, 3 selected house favourites (rotational) will be priced at only $12++ instead of their normal prices (~$16-19++)! ✌🏻
Time to head down with your family & friends and wind down at @lasalsasingapore! ❀

situated prominently in the middle of the heritage street with bars aplenty, this place really calls out to you. with funky decor and music, the vibes are amazing especially on the roof top! great for date nights or a girls night out πŸ₯³ tried the recommended drinks and was pretty satisfied with the bar’s concoctions. not the cheapest but reasonable for the ambience, worth a visit! perhaps will come for the burgers next time round~

A little late to the Rooftop bar game but hey - I'm finally here at Loof!

Ordered Little Pink dot which is a gin base cocktail but it was so tiny. The server said 'little pink dot mah'. Oh Wells, it is really way too expensive for a cocktail in my honest opinion.

Loof is a small area, looks like it sits about 40 to 50 people. The low chairs are awkward, try to get a high chair seat.

Not too noisy, you can still hear each other without shouting.

Had the Korean fries and they're decent. Very crispy and drenched in what tasted like honey sesame sauce.

Overall, I think if they have better cocktails, I'll be back. But they do have Happy hour where the cocktail is going for $12.


One drink you should really order at Joo Bar is their Sojurita. Not really an alcoholic person, but the mix of frozen soju, a flavor of your choice (yucha/green grape/sour plum/passionfruit) and an overturned bottle of Hite beer makes an addictive drink that I just wanna drink over and over again! Guess I would be back to try other flavours the next time round.

Stumbled across this bar from Google bc we were looking for a bar nearby! We were shocked to learn that there was no menu & the bartenders made ur drinks based a conversation w u (to find out ur personal preferences). In the end, the drinks that we got were: mixed berries, passionfruit, sour plum & lychee, & Kyoho grapes with yuzu. This tiny bar had a v cozy ambience for a nice night out with ur date or girl friends! Service was good too! Try to get a seat at the bar next time so u can see the bartenders make ur drinks on the spot! Drinks range from $23-$25++! Would definitely recommend this bar for the experience (and if u can appreciate alcohol HAHAHA) πŸ‘πŸΌ

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