Thanks chef Lester @diningwithlester for hosting!

The rosemary cracker is slightly dry, and slightly hard, but it's perfect to go with the softer cheeses. The wafer wasnt the usual flimsy type, it's quite strong to hold up the cheese. Golden raisins were normal but good enough

Thanks chef Lester @diningwithlester for hosting! Cheese and stuff is carefully curated by him and the kurobuta pate is homemade from scratch, really glad to see the entire process(a lot of work wow)

Pork pate made w kurobuta pork fat. Really clean flavour and even texture

Cheese from left to right:
Boer'n Trots XO. hard cheese but still melts in your mouth. The funk is decent but it's not the blue-kind, so it's easier to accept. Really liked the salt crystals and it's the first time I've had salt crystals after watching EATER's vid on cheese.

18mth comte. Didn't expect Comte to taste like that, first time trying Comte. There's a truffle taste to it and I didn't really like the edge. Texture was somewhat similar to cheddar

Triple cream w truffle. I dont take truffle so chef swapped olives for me. but from the single bite I had, this was superbly creamy and due to the warm temperature at home, it melted quickly. Served at a restaurant (with Aircon), it should normally have a really soft texture.

Vacherousse D'Argental. beginner friendly cheese, very soft and mild, with a tad of umami. I liked this as well

The fig honey jam was delicious and I would have loved more of it. Cornichons were good too and the whole grain mustard was strong, much stronger than the usual ones you find. Speaks to the quality, everything is sourced by himself and taste tested, and most of the products are of top quality(some, like golden raisins, are the normal variety but works well so can't complain either)

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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