pls excuse the fact that it looks squashed it was round when i got it but somehow otw home it must have gotten squashed. as all the roti boys that ive tried before all tasted the same i was also expecting that taste for this. i have not craved roti boy in a looong time bc it’s just sweet coffee and butter & usually tastes quite artificial. but yesterday i suddenly craved it so i got it to satisfy the craving since its so tiny (four leaves’ mini series is my fav thing ever) and today when i bit into it i was: SHOOK. at the first bite you can already taste a mild bitterness, which is rare for coffee flavoured food. then as you continue biting you will be able to taste the nice harmony of mild bitterness & not too sweet coffee. go further in and you’ll get the buttery center too. the butter wasn’t too oily & overwhelming, it was also just nice which complements the coffee’s taste. seeing that four leaves is a bread chain, i didnt expect them to surprise me like that, i thought their bakes are the typical usual kind but this coffee bun just changed my opinion. (also i guess the four leaves chain DOES produce phenomenal goods seeing that they also produced the viral green tea bun fr st. leaven) four leaves is one of my favourite bakeries in sg bc of how accessible they are & bc of the quality & flavours of their bakes. this coffee bun just added more points for me now! now i know where to go when my roti boy craving suddenly strikes ;)

ould only find 2 reviews on this on the net but i decided to take the risk & try her out bc i couldn’t stop thinking about her (also bc im getting sick of bun-shaped bread so i thought i should get my yam bread cravings satisfied through a loaf this time) and oh. my. god. this bread is amazing. the bread is so soft & fluffy, and is already nice to eat on its own, but the taro included inside + the almond flakes at the top just elevates the taste 😍😍😍 the taro is slightly sweet but still good & natural tasting, & although there’s v little taro per slice i still felt satisfied?? idk probably bc the white bread is good too so im just satisfied with the entire thing hehe. the almond flakes add a fragrant nuttiness to the bread!! glad i took the risk (this is why i like taking risks sometimes, life just surprises you like that) & ill defo buy this again in future <3

lol accidentally typed polo egg fart. anyway this is a really dense & heavy bread. if you flip it around you’ll see soggy polo crust :D the egg custard is like that of an egg tart, but it’s too sweet :( the custard & bread both are too sweet so it’s not as enjoyable to eat. would have been perfect if it was at a comfortable sweetness level because egg custard with bread and polo is actually a nice & unique combination…

I don’t get the point of spamming so much coarse sugar onto the middle surface of the bun. It literally doesn’t value add to anything lol. The bread dough was very normal, like any other bakery kind of normal, which was disappointing after taste testing the mochi pork floss, gokoku komeko & kokutou x kokutou. It’s like I went up on a roller coaster and then went back down when I ate this. Probably a bad analogy but moving on. I’ve actually tried this once before and I liked the custard a lot so I got it again. Fortunately they give a lot of custard cream so it masks the average taste of the bread dough. The sign said vanilla was added into the custard, and you can really see specks of vanilla in the cream. I always get very excited when I see vanilla specks as it means that they used the real deal. The custard cream is mildly eggy and milky, and very creamy. It is also not very sweet so the cream is very addictive. When you eat the coarse sugar with the rest of the bun it really disrupts the goodness of the bun lol it adds extra sweetness & 0 flavour, like sis I am trying to enjoy my custard it’s not your turn to shine yet please go away. I wish they take away the sugar part but o wells. While the custard is really good, it doesn’t have the local bakery custard kind of taste that I’m currently craving, the ones closer to Gardenia or Dayplus’s custard cream bun (it’s lacking the flavour? it’s like have but they diluted it with milk or something) so it’s not 100% satisfactory :/ But still a good bun to try at Gokoku if you like custard :)

I’ve tried this before once but toasted so I wanted to try it again it its original state so I got it again. Nothing much to say except that 1) the bread dough is super soft and springy & 2) the brown sugar is super fragrant. It’s such a simple yet delicious bread omg. Definitely one of my favourites at Gokoku

At first when I got to try their komeko pan because my mom asked me to buy it I actually thought it tasted very strange and unpleasant, but after that one bite I kept thinking of her lol and wanting to eat it again. So this time I bought myself the Gokoku komeko pan as it sounds more exciting than the komeko pan. At first bite, there was the unusual taste again but this time it was so fragrant to me. It tasted like a type of singaporean kueh I eaten before last time but idk what exactly is that. It’s a taste that’s very hard to describe, you can only try it for yourself, but it does have a ricey kind of fragrance. The bread texture is on point as usual, when you bite down it springs back up 😍

This is the best pork floss bun I’ve ever eaten. Why? Because of the ‘mochi’ element. When you bite into this bun it’s super chewy and you can feel it springing up again every time you chew it down into pieces. I really loved the chewy texture, I think it really elevates the eating experience! This is something I love about Gokoku’s breads. The pork floss is the normal ones you find on floss buns. The pork floss is stuck onto the bread with some kind of glaze, probably mayo & something sweet?? There’s more of that sweet mayo glaze thing in the middle of the bun but there’s not a lot, just enough to enhance the flavour of the bun. I like the sweet mayo cream as it’s sweet, not too salty and creamy which complements and supplements the bun & floss instead of making the bun jelak. Another ✔️ from me for a Gokoku bun!

Bread Line is so underrated!! Why is there no location tag on instagram & only 2 reviews on Burpple ?????! I get my bread at the Bread Line at Hougang Bus Interchange, and decided to try it a few years ago as the flavours looked very interesting. Since then I’ve tried a few flavours and all of them didn’t disappoint. Their bread dough is consistently reliable, always soft, fluffy and delicious. Their fillings/toppings are also made so well, I feel like no matter what you get it will still be nice. Anyway I was craving red bean buns for a few days already so I decided to try Bread Line’s! When I grabbed them they were warm & steamy aka just out of the oven, it was really too bad I wasn’t hungry at that time and it was near dinner time 🥲 It’s ok, next time. This morning the buns were still super soft. They were also dense, which is how I like my baked goods! One bun looks small in size but when you hold it it’s actually heavy. At first bite I could already see the red bean fillings though I didn’t get the red bean yet. The bread itself was mildly sweet, soft, fluffy and dense 😍 The red bean filling was comfortably sweet and of the smooth kind. It also had a nice red bean flavour! Eaten together with the sesame seeds and bread dough, this truly satisfied my local bakery red bean bun cravings ❤️ I’m definitely going to start exploring more flavours at Bread Line very soon :)

Didn’t get to try spring into life & the luosong. The ah-pollo had a very interesting tasting filling, it was said to be custard but it tasted milky yet cheesy, I don’t have anything to compare it to but it was definitely yummy. Can be a bit strong tasting though. Spring blossom was a very simple but good bun, it just tasted like bread with spring onion & onion oil (which is what their description also writes lol). The cinnamon roll had a very cinnamony taste which got too overpowering for me (coming from someone who loves cinnamon, omg) so I didn’t really enjoy it. Are all cinnamon rolls this strong?? Never had one before before this. The sweet ptt pumpkin taro bun was the best among everything I bought. It was just decorated with sweet ptt, pumpkin and taro cubes and the bread dough was very dense and was sweeter than usual bread doughs. I think the root veges also were cooked in some sugar so the whole bun was sweet but in a comfortable way and it just felt like a hearty nourishing bun that everyone can eat. Overall WPC’s bread dough is very soft and tastes good. They also have innovative flavours so I will get more to try if I’m around the area.

The way I had to eat half a bun’s worth of white bread dough before I could taste the filling… I got so tired of eating white bread as the white bread wasn’t particularly nice to eat alone lol. When I finally got to the filling though I was met by the fragrant taro and pumpkin filling. This was a really unique combination of fillings and I was glad the filling actually tasted nice. The pumpkin wasn’t very sweet so I didn’t really enjoy that part of the filling (I’m spoiled by Korea’s sweet pumpkin lol) but the taro bit had a nice natural-tasting yet mildly sweet yam flavour, so I enjoyed that. Wish they have a bun that’s purely yam-filled :/ Also Muyoo pleaase improve your bun:filling ratio thank you

So many of Muyoo’s buns have such a disproportionate filling:bun ratio… I always have to get through half the bun (of pure bread dough) before I can get to the fillings which is quite annoying and boring to eat (especially when the bread costs $2.90). The sweet potato filling was good though. It was very smooth (instead of fibrous) and was very mildly sweet, so you can taste the natural sweetness and flavour of the sweet potato filling. It was a rather heavy bun and they gave quite a lot of fillings, so I enjoyed having this. Still, they could reduce the amount of dough or increase the fillings so that I can get to the fillings at the first bite (instead of sixth lmao)

archiving good food that entered my belly

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