Donburi 🍚

Donburi 🍚

Featuring Shukuu Izakaya & Sake Bar, Omoté, Rakki Bowl, Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant (Keong Saik), Kogane Yama (Bugis Junction), Itacho Sushi (Plaza Singapura), Misato, Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya (Orchard Central), Food Republic ([email protected]), Japanese Curry Express
Triffany Lim
Triffany Lim

A comforting bowl of pan-fried Japanese pork belly with sweet sauce on rice. It comes with onions and is very balanced with the sweet sauce. I request to change my white rice to sushi rice at no extra charge 》$10.50

If you are unsure what to order at Man Man then just go for the most popular choice on the menu - Hitsumabushi.

Hitsumabushi is a Nagoya speciality where grilled eel is coated with a layer of sweet sauce and placed over a bed of rice. There are different ways to eat Hitsumabushi.

Divide the bowl contents in a cross to obtain four equal portions. Simply place one portion of the eel and rice in a bowl, mix and eat it plain where you get to savour the original flavour. Add condiments and spices like nori, spring onion, radish and wasabi to the second portion and enjoy the taste and texture. Similar to the second portion, add the remaining condiments and pour the dashi over the third portion for a comforting bowl of ochazuke (rice soup) and the last portion is to be eaten with your favourite choice.

The thick unagi slices are char grilled to perfection with crispy grilled skin and tender juicy flesh. I like the second portion the most where I get to enjoy my favourite condiments along with the succulent and melt-in-the-mouth unagi. Prices are a little steep but totally worth the treat to ourselves once in awhile 》$35

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Rice, chicken, teriyaki sauce, onsen egg and lok-lok broccoli 》$6.50

Hideki is a Japanese Fusion Poké Bowl Concept where you can freely select your favourite choices to satisfy your taste buds. It allows us to build our own bowl where we start off by picking our base, protein and sides then finished with a complimentary sauce of our choice.

The chicken was marinated for up to 48 hours with a secret shoyu marinade before they are cooked sous vide-style to retain their juiciness and end off with a charred abrui finish. It was firm to the bite, served with a nicely torched exterior with smoky notes to the meat. One of my favourite sides will be the lok-lok broccoli that was fragrant, slightly charred and crispy.


Base ($1)
Rice / Soba Noodles / Garden Salad

Chicken ($3) / Pork ($4) / Salmon ($6) / Unagi ($9) / Beef ($12)

Sweet Teriyaki / Truffle Shoyu / Spicy Nacho Cheese / Truffle Mayo

$1 / Portion
Edamame / Onsen Egg / Crinkle Fries / Sautéed Corn / Sautéed Mushrooms

$1.50 / Portion
Potato Salad / Coleslaw / Fluffy Tamago / Lok-Lok Broccoli / Steamed Broccoli

$2 / Portion
Baby Octopus / Takoyaki (3pcs) / Onion Rings (4pcs) / Crispy Chicken Skin / Salmon Belly Bites

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A halal Japanese restaurant that serve Hokkaido ramen and donburi.

This Hokkai special ikura don comes with salmon roe, shredded dried seaweed, aosa seaweed and miso soup 》$19.90

While the portion of ikura to rice was good, it was a little too salty. This can temporarily satisfy your roe cravings but there are much better ones out there. I would suggest filling the stomach with their ramen.

A halal Japanese restaurant that serve Hokkaido ramen and donburi.

The Hokkai salmon ikura don comes with slices of fresh salmon, lightly broiled salmon, salmon roe, pickled ginger, shredded dried seaweed and miso soup 》$16.90

The salmon lacks flavour and taste which turns out bland/tasteless while the saltiness from the ikura helps to balance and compensate a little. We should probably go for their ramen instead.

Garlic butter prawn, original fish skin, onsen egg and Japanese rice.

The garlic butter prawns were crunchy and plump and I love the crispy fish skin but it was a little salty, best to have it together with rice. The portion looks small but it is actually hearty and filling. They have very limited space for dine-in and most would have to takeaway their meals.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we get to enjoy 2 Donburi Set for the price of 1 which includes a choice of donburi, miso soup and drink ✌(U.P $16.90)

Slices of marinated beef with onions, topped with onsen egg, fried garlic, nori strips and chopped scallions 》$12.90

Not the best but decent sushi rice (lacks vinegar) with ikura bursting with sweet and salty goodness in the mouth 》$12

Fresh salmon cubes layered with delicious house-made mentaiko sauce then beautifully torched to perfection.

Go for the regular bowl if you are hungry coz the other one doesn't look filling. Generous amount of mentaiko and fish to rice ratio. It was gooood but it gets a little jelat halfway through this bowl. It's advisable to order 2 different mains to share.

Redeem this 1-for-1 main dish on Burpple Beyond and saved $24.90 ✌


Pan fried Japanese pork belly with sweet sauce on rice》$10.50

I ordered this after trying the Kagoshima pork belly sushi previously that made me crave for it again. This time round I got the don which was more worth the price tag. Instead of having a whole long slice of pork belly on their sushi, the don comes with smaller pieces of meat and onions. It was still as good especially with their sweet sauce on plain rice. Craving satisfied! 😊 I'm just wondering if they have the option to swap my plain rice for sushi rice? Maybe I should try that next time 🤔


Sashimi grade salmon, house aged shoyu, pickled Japanese cucumbers, goma cherry tomatoes》$16.90

Each set comes with a portion of cabbage salad and hot green tea. The generous chunks of marinated salmon are fresh and succulent. I found the portion of fish to rice is just nice where I did not end up having leftover rice after finishing up the fishes. I kinda like the sesame sprinkles too 👍

We realised that we all ended up smelling like Japanese food after leaving the restaurant so it may be a better choice to dine alfresco but it was really too hot and humid during our visit in the afternoon that we needed the aircon badly.

A wallet friendly and comforting bowl of small salmon cubes partially flame-seared with a nice smoky and creamy texture. I kind of like this where part of the salmon is smoky while the other parts remains raw. I get a fusion of 2 textures in one bowl》$9.90

There’s also a version of this with mentaiko that looks pretty good.

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