Hidden Gems In Singapore

Hidden Gems In Singapore

Featuring Daiyusan Sushi Bar, Chao Yue Xuan Dim Sum (Junction Nine), Samurai BBQ
Qing Xiang
Qing Xiang

[NEW! + Promo Code⬇️] I'm thrilled to share this newfound hidden gem in Tai Seng! A new Japanese joint @Daiyusansg that serves quality food at affordable pricing!

The kitchen is helmed by an Ex-Kaunta chef that has vast experience in Japanese cuisine specialising in 🍣Aged Fish Sushi.

The 🐟Deluxe Chirashi Zushi hits the spot with its freshness, with a generous amount of assorted fish cubes coupled with the luxurious Russian Caviar, Uni & Ikura. I'm also pleasantly surprised by the tasty and flavourful rice that's beneath it. 👍 😋

The 🍣Sushi platter consists of Dry-aged premium fish is such a joy to have! The Dry-aged process has given the fish a richer flavour with a firm texture. 👍

The satisfying 🍱Unadon is extremely value for money at just $13.90! The unagi is perfectly glazed, and goes well the flavoured rice. 😋

We also had their 🍖Truffle Beef that's tender and well-braised, though we felt that they can improve on the truffle taste.

📣My Followers exclusive!⭐ Quote my IG account 'qingxiangsqx' to enjoy a 10% discount! Free Islandwide delivery for orders above $100.📞87878747 for Delivery 🚚.

Daiyusan Sushi Bar is located at 📍55 Kim Chuan Drive #02-03 Precise Tree Building S537098. They are open Monday to Saturday from 1030am to 1030pm.

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A Samurai must remain calm at all times even in the face of delicious BBQ and food! ⚔️

⛩️ Samurai BBQ 武士烧肉, a fusion BBQ restaurant, is a new entrant along the stretch of popular Liang Seah Street aka Steamboat Street. They uses Charcoal Stone-pot that's originated from Mongolia, that features the use of 🔥Charcoal fire and iron plates.

Charcoal stone pot BBQ 围炉烤肉
🍖Kagoshima A5 Wagyu (S$26.80/125g)⁣ *Must order!
🍖Premium Wagyu (S$16.80/120g)⁣
🥓Premium Sliced Beef Tongue (S$8.80/100g)⁣
🐷 Korean Style Pork Collar ($6.80/150g)

Other than BBQ, Samurai BBQ also serves a wide variety of cooked items such as skewers, hotplate and many more!

Here are some of the recommended items to order;

🦐Prawn in Spicy & Sour Sauce (S$6.80)⁣
🥘Hot Plate Enoki Mushroom (S$8.80)⁣
🦞Stir Fried Spicy Crayfish Tail (S$15.80)⁣
🦪Grilled Fresh Oyster (S$3.80/pcs)⁣
🦪Grilled Baby Abalone (S$10/3pcs)⁣
🐙 Squid Skewers ($4.80 per serving)

Wide variety, quality food at an affordable pricing; I'm sure this will give Samurai BBQ a competitive edge in the already popular Liang Seah Street.

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Dim Sum-body say Yum Cha? 😋 Head over to Chao Yue Xuan Dim Sum 潮粤轩点心 that serves exquisite and above average Dim-sum at an affordable pricing.

Located at Yishun Junction Nine, @chaoyuexuandimsum is started by award winning chef @chefvanness. The eatery boast a wide variety of handcrafted items in its menu, from noodles, congee to exquisite Dim-sum, with most items at $4.50 to $5.50. Swipe ⬅️ for the menu.

Featuring on the cover photo is the Chef's star item, Swan Crisp and Pumpkin Ball ($5.50) 🦢厨皇天鹅酥配南瓜球 that is specially curated during the 2017 World Cantonese Cuisine Master Chef competition🏆. You should definitely order this exquisite-looking item, as the presentation would instantly elevate your dining experience.

Live to eat, Eat to live!

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