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Rui Xin Lee
Rui Xin Lee

Shakshouka ($16)
We chose both vegetarian (with mushrooms) and non-vegetarian (with beef kofta). Such a huge and filling portion, very worth even without the 20% burpple deal! There were two large eggs, pesto and feta cheese as well, plus fresh sourdough bread on the side. Definitely would recommend!

Iced coffee ($5)
Nice and refreshing on a hot day!

Overall I’ve been to Bread Yard a few times now and have not been disappointed with the food and price point! Very good to hang out and stop by even for a small with fresh bread and pastries.


Breakfast Your Way ($13)
I was sold by the pancakes option! This option was the pancakes and scrambled eggs ($9) with additional kale mixed salad ($4). The photo of the scrambled eggs speaks for itself, look at the creaminess of it!

Keen to come back again to try the other interesting menu items!


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Breakfast Your Way ($22.50)
We chose the croissant and scrambled eggs ($9) with extra orders of cheesy sausage ($5), roasted mushrooms ($4.50) and roast tomatoes ($4).

Scrambled eggs were so buttery and was so indulgent with the crispy croissant. The extra mushrooms were super worth with the portion size, and the tomatoes were a good refreshing add-on. The cheesy sausage was juicy and overall everything went well together!

Keen to come back again to try the other menu items!

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Breakfast Burrito ($18)
Burrito filled with scrambled eggs, hash brown, chorizo and mayonnaise salsa. It filled the stomach and tasted nice but no ‘wow’ factor. Felt that it was a bit pricey for this!

IG: @eatbud_

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Smoked Salmon Toast with Sautéed Mushrooms ($16+$3)
Very filling portion of smoked salmon! It also came with grilled asparagus which provided a nice charred taste to the dish. The extra side of buttered mushrooms ($3) was a generous portion but it felt a tad too greasy. Overall would still recommend tho!

IG: @eatbud_

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What a lovely and rustic cafe which prizes itself on the quality of coffee!

We tried two types of beans - one which was their original blend (more sour notes) and a fruity blend (you could taste the strawberry!)

Foodwise, they had just revamped their menu with an Asian fusion. We had the chicken dish as well as the egg frittata (made vegetarian by adding more vegetables and mushrooms).

The chicken was a huge piece and came with pappadam, sambal, baked potato and shredded cucumber. Overall a very filling and satisfying dish!

The frittata was not your regular frittata, with tastes of sesame oil and a hit of umami, paired with a spicy mayo(?) which added a nice kick. It was a very filling dish so don’t be fooled by the seemingly small size.

Cost: Paid about $55 for two mains and two iced coffees.

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Overall a nice quaint cafe but the menu was alright and on the pricey side, although the portions were large and will make you full the whole day! Coffee was really good too.

French toast ($22) was quite nice and fluffy and quite sweet overall, would’ve preferred for the ice cream to be served in a separate bowl so that it didn’t melt all over the plate. The flavours were good but couldn’t taste much guava, it seemed more like stewed fruits with cinnamon.

My friend tried the salmon with Rosti ($24) and it was a large portion!

A healthy meal with really generous servings! Ordered a mix of original soyu salmon and spicy garlic tuna. The only downside was that the spicy garlic tuna didn’t have much garlic flavour because the mayo was quite overpowering.

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Was really excited to try this but turned out a little disappointing. Was hoping for a crispy salmon skin but it came quite soggy. Cream sauce was quite nice but it got a bit too much especially with the buttery mash potato and salmon

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LOVED THIS so much. So worth the money and rly good quality! The staff were very friendly too which make the experience a lot more enjoyable. They recommended 3 ways to eat this (my favourite was with the dashi stock - perfect for a rainy day)

What an extensive menu and the food was very worth the price! I don’t know what about it but it brought me back to Australia!

Green plate ($19)
A huge spread of egg white frittata and mushrooms with Hollandaise sauce, hash browns, a whole avocado and toast! Added $3 for a generous serving of halloumi cheese. Very satisfying for the price and kept me full the whole day!

Hashbrowns with Smoked Salmon ($17)
Eggs and hashbrown are a good combination. Overall it was quite a fatty dish (the hasnbrowns were quite oily too) that could use a bit of salad to refresh the palate but everything tasted great!

Iced latte for $6.90
Cappuccino for $5.90 - options for plant-based milks at an extra cost and low fat milk (no extra cost for this)

This was not the best because the matcha flavour was watered down heavily. It felt like they added a lot of water with not much milk/matcha.

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