Local Malay Food In Johor

Local Malay Food In Johor

Back to basics, show your patriotism by visiting these local eateries and having some pure Malaysian food.
John Barry
John Barry

Damn this nasi Lemak is amazing.

And the lauk that I took was also perfect.

-paru sambal was spot on delicious
-ayam goreng was flavourful
-kerang sambal also damn nice

Very affordable and extremely tasty.

It's amazing how this restaurant can dish out such a wonderful dish yet price it like they're some roadside stall

This new outlet is similar to the one in front of G5 hotel, and is superb in all aspects!

A rich meaty soto with hearty chunks of meat, the flavour is superb

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The flavour of kampung style Nasi Lemak encapsulated into this dish.

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On the menu it says santan rice with sambal and egg.
Sambal was rather superb I'd say, a mellow blend of spiciness and a sour yet umami filled flavour.
Rice was soaked well in all the coconut goodness.

Tasty skewers

The chicken is grilled well, with only a slight hint of Charing for texture

RM1 per stick
Good balance of fat, skin and meat on these skewers

Can't tell the difference between two sticks of satay, but I'd say this one is pretty darn solid.

RM1.30 per stick.
Slightly costly but the meat and sauce is really good for a franchise

The sotong is those preserved types but somehow this compliments the sambal better than a fresh sotong would.

Comes with an Americano (hot or cold)
The sambal is rather spicy but absolutely delicious.

The real Johor "Foodie". If Johor had a food encyclopedia, page 1 will tell you to follow me on Burpple

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