Johor Seafood Sensations

Johor Seafood Sensations

Being next to the ocean, Johor has an abundant seafood scene, so follow me as I pick out the fine few which go well with company.
John Barry
John Barry

RM24 (RM8 per 100gm)
Massive, absolutely massive, and best part is, it's cooked so amazingly well.
The sambal was an accompanying taste to the prawn rather that a blend, so it was easy to distinguish and enjoy each flavor as they complimented one another.

Prawn omelette (RM12)
Inside this unassuming "telur Dadar", hides a massive amount of prawns.

The prawns we're fresh and cooked to have a satisfying bit so that you'd know you bit into one and not just eggs.

RM25 (2 pax)
5 absolutely massive prawns, uncountable number of baby squids, clams, and mussels.

If you get the crab one (RM30), you'll enjoy a large flower crab, and the rice will have some generous bits of crab meat inside.

Flavor wise this is a very nice dish, enjoyable to the end and very filling.

RM15 (RM5 per 100gm)
Incredible and succulent seabass, the fishy aroma is masked by a pleasant amount of lemon grass, garlic and what I think is clam and vegetable broth.

The meat is tender but doesn't break apart, a testimony to the fish's freshness.

What's even more amazing is that there is no added MSG in all the dishes here, only natural umami from ingredients like fish sauce and dried shrimp / anchovies.


Absolutely not worth it for the price, the shrimp was coated in a thick layer of cheese which actually takes away from the taste from the already well seasoned shrimp.

My advice to them is that they should instead make a creamy layer of garlic butter and a little bit of cheese instead.

Not your typical tempura, this one uses a combination of banana fritter batter and KFC spices (I think).

Not bad.

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1 foot long Sotong (squid) RM12 per piece, 6 inch long Shovelnose Lobster RM9 per piece, large tiger prawn RM5 a piece, small stingray fins RM3 a piece.

You can pick and choose your choice of seafood and they'll fry it In crispy batter.

The sambal kicap goes perfectly well with this method of cooking, 10/10 will recommend to everyone.

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The Thai style Siakap (RM46kg a kilo, this one was RM22.50) really hits the spot, sweet sour and salty all melded together so well. bonus points for not costing an arm and a leg.

Try out the marmite chicken (RM23) as well, juicy chicken coated in just the right amount of marmite, not too much and not too little


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