Seoul, Korea Trip Nov 2021

Seoul, Korea Trip Nov 2021

Featuring GS25, Man Jok Oh Hyang Jokbal, Gyeongcheon Aein 2237, YukJeon Hoegwan, Gwanghwamun gukbap, Boreumsoei, Myeongdong, Seoul, Myeongdong Gyoja, Yuktongryeong, PARIS BAGUETTE
The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

It's not bad actually, the sauce was mild but with some spiciness. What stands out was the umami of the soup(i was extremely thirsty afterwards with just a few spoonfuls) and the quality of the seaweed.

This was from the airport terminal 1 "food court"

It looks tiny and normal but somehow it's ridiculous good. It seems like just red bean paste squished with cake but I finished all 4 in the same sitting when it was supposed to be the next day breakfast

It's quite a floury pancake, on the exterior. You get hits of beansprouts but otherwise I don't usually like Korean pancakes and I don't think this was any better than average

It's very different from financier in texture, it's almost slightly crusty and crumbly in the middle instead of cake-like. Not bad but probably not what you're expecting.

At least the cute service staff were rlly nice and tried to speak to me in as much Japanese as she could muster.

The galbi was stewed till extremely tender and the connective tissues were nicely springy too. So good in the nutty, sweet and slightly spicy sauce. Portion was extremely generous too. In comparison, while the abalone and octopus were well cooked, they did not absorb the flavours of the broth. Nonetheless this is highly recommended

We originally came here for naggopsae but apparently this chain doesn't have the same items everywhere. That's pretty funny but at least this thing we ordered on a whim is rlly good

We didn't like the broccoli cos the sauce tasted kinda like Tabasco but damn the anchovy green chili was downright delicious. First time I asked for refill(twice, no less)

The green chili didn't have much heat, just a clean vegetal flavour

Overall the meats here are pretty good, but the sides seriously suck. I was so disappointed that literally not a single thing went well with the meat(maybe except the garlic slices so yay?). I'd say the prices are pretty fair though so you could just enjoy it like yakiniku with rice and salt and nothing else, taking bites of kimchi in between(if you decide to come here)

Ribeye(left) 49500krw 120g
First time trying hanwoo and I've got the say the ribeye didn't leave that much of an impression. It's good, with a beefiness but the ribeye has nothing that sets it apart as premium meat. Also they left the meat on the grill and while they lowered the temperature, the beef very quickly cooked to medium well before I noticed, by then it's dry alr.

Chuck flap tail 53000krw 120g
Now this is hanwoo. As u can tell the marbling is pretty solid, probably one of the most marbled pieces of meat they have. No idea why they don't serve kalbi in upscale restaurants so this is the best alternative

It was as tender as wagyu but instead of disappearing, there's a soft chew that lasts a while. As you might expect compared to the ribeye there's a trade-off in flavour tho, but overall it's still v impressive and lived up to expectations.

Cabbage rly sucks as a wrap, it's got too much character in both flavour and texture. The sweet garlic cream cheese would have been fabulous baked on bread but it's way too strong for beef. I only used the salt basically

Nothing was particularly good, the pickled garlic was fine but way too much for 1

Looks quite fat and well grilled but left out in the cold and thus wasn't good at all. Try to ask them to heat it up?

Roadside store

It's heated up before you buy so that's nice. But while the texture is fine it's absolutely tasteless. Eat it with something strong

Would travel for food

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