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andrea louise
andrea louise

informed the staff upon entering that i would like to use burpple & asked which mains the deal is applicable to. sat down & ordered accordingly.

food - not too bad.
• the deep fried cauliflower in korean sauce ($11+) was done q well, no overly greasy taste, quite enjoyable.
• the pasta looked slightly limp but the crab flavour was not bad ($24+). the pasta was abit on the hard side rather than chewy - probably store bought pasta? other places definitely do it better, like eleven strands!

however, when it came to payment, i informed the staff that i would like to use burpple to which i heard an "i know". however, i wasn't sure if i heard correctly so i continued holding my redeemed deal
page out for him to look up. he immediately printed the receipt so i asked "you don't need the code or..?" but he just said $38.50.

he asked if i needed a receipt after i paid, to which i said yes. however, he only handed me the nets receipt. i realised that the 20% had not been applied so i asked him, to which he suddenly started denying me even informing him and even said i "flashed the screen so fast" that he couldn't even see. uh ok.

i then asked for a refund of the difference to which he checked & reverted saying the transaction had gone through, he couldn't refund me. gurl what.

told him i'd already redeemed the deal, was there really no way he could make things work for the both or us, and he said "you guys are coming back right? we can offer some discount the next round..." . like we would come back after being scammed 🙄👎🏻 and like you'd remember we have a discount when we actually return.

anyway he claimed he was new so we didn't say much. we spoke to another server who immediately helped us to initiate the refund. thought cannot refund?????? anyway, that server handed the task over to the initial person who said cannot refund who very begrudgingly processed the voiding of transaction & a new bill.

he then asked me if i have redeemed 2 deals (which confused me because the deal is 20% off mains, not 20% off ONE main) but whatever idm using all 4 deals here since i ain't gonna be back.

just sharing - can go for the food but you gotta be really loud & clear & ASK to check your bill BEFORE paying (because it's not reflected on the screen). if not, you might not get your $$ back. oh & also be prepared to redeem 1 deal per main :-)

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tbh i felt like this place was kind of scammy - if 1 chicken katsu rice is $15.80, top up $4 to create a set, shouldn't the 1 for 1 be $19.80? i understand that redeeming a set is compulsory to utilise the burpple beyond deal but we were charged $21.80, no questions asked, simply because burpple lists the savings as $21.80, but it is also a known fact that the savings burpple states are only an estimate and tend to be on the pricier items on the menu. it's only a matter of $2 but more so about the dishonesty and the lack of ability to justify to us why they're charging us $21.80 rather than $19.80. it becomes less of a 1-for-1 anymore.

moving on, the curry was completely watery, almost a soup/chowder like consistency LOL. when we mixed our rice in, it was almost like eating muifan... but anyway to give credit where it is due, the chicken cutlet was crispy, juicy and tender without being overdone. i enjoyed that quite much. the gyozas that you must add on are alright, just your average frozen gyozas with limited filling.

overall, this store's only saving grace is perhaps its katsu, but right opposite there is another store (shiroi tonkatsu) selling the exact same thing for only $13.80 with refillable rice, salad and miso soup so would we be back again? absolutely not.


we previously tried blanco court from northpoint city (yishun) & were rly impressed by the food, so we excitedly visited their outlet at 18TS, but were sorely disappointed this round. not only was the staff's attitude abrasive & aloof, simply not responding when we tried to place an order at the cashier, the beef slices given to us were full of veins that couldn't be chewed :-( the sauce was also much less flavourful. that being said, the soup was still super good. if you'd still wanna visit, i would recommend giving the mala beef noodles a miss (we ordered that since it was one of the burpple beyond options) & sticking to their standard beef noodles. otherwise, you might enjoy their food better at northpoint instead 😊

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was told that it was burpple's regulations that we were not allowed to only use two 1 for 1 vouchers to order 4 mains if we had 5 pax. we could only either order 5 mains (two 1 for 1 voucher + pay full for the 5th main) or order 6 mains (3 1 for 1 vouchers). didn't rly make sense to me as i had previously used 2 for 2 at other outlets so it seemed abit scammy already right from the start. anyway, the staff was kind of rude when he told us about the drinks available, prefacing it w "i'll repeat this twice."

if the service was not something we wouldn't come back over, the hamburg patty inside the burger + in the omurice hamburg set was soooo gamey 😐😐😐 didn't even wna eat >1 bite of it...

the pork katsu & grilled chicken curry rice was not bad, quite average but the curry was pretty standard (like any other jap curry just that this is darker in colour) so nothing noteworthy. the supposedly WAGYU katsu was also very meh - tasted like normal beef or not even as good as that actually.

friend said that the snow crab omurice ($27) was not bad actually except that the crabmeat inside the shell was a tad dry. otherwise the sauce was infused w crab flavour pretty well.

total bill was $103.40 after service charge for a group of 5, which wasn't expensive but $20 for a meal like that... 🫠

all in all, considering the location, service, price & taste, we wouldn't revisit this place again.

ordered the gastrorelief (ingredients: coriander honey + grapefruit + some jello thing) for $5.30 before disc ($3.95 after disc) which is a p decent price for the size BUT there is no coriander taste 😭 i know alot of people hate coriander but it's coriander honey for a reason...this actually j tastes like honey water.... and the grapefruit doesn't provide the drink w any citrus sourish taste except when u drink the actual pulp up which is... scrimpy to say the least... so nah...

was quite hard to find as there was no unit 114 but it's this shop that says 112-116. the coffee was kinda disappointing, esp the hot expresso we ordered - taste of coffee was sooo mild it was almost like hot milk. the latte was as mid as it gets without much coffee fragrance or milkiness. wouldn't come back again even with burpple beyond. service was rly good though!

too pricey for the tiny portions given. $25 nett for both but bowls were so small 😭 great service though! they sell their dons + miso soup at $15 so seems like a little bit of an ingenuine deal to be selling 2 for $25 on burpple


bought their tiramisu ($4.80) & earl grey basque burnt cheesecake ($6) to try. after discount was $6 nett. the tiramisu was pretty good imo but it was a little lacking in the sponge part & alcohol so it felt a little too innocent. the cheesecake was rather disappointing - the tea flavour was so mild, it was barely there & the cake was like any other regular cheesecake (not flowy/oozy like one would expect a basque burnt to be). the top of the cheesecake was also kinda hard because it was too chilled i guess? but basically it felt like an overnight cake. the slice was also quite small in comparison to starbucks/coffee bean that sell their cakes at the same rate - but with burpple beyond, i don't really have any complaints about the price. would i come back again? probably not intentionally, but if i were to pass by & i was craving some dessert, i wouldn't mind getting the tiramisu again.

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saw the reviews and was quite excited to try…but was met w great disappointment. the food were very mediocre for the price.

we were given the corner seat facing the storage room despite making reservations.

will not come back again. waitress was super rude, did not acknowledge us when we were talking to her. treated other customers there similarly 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️ drinks were very meh. salted caramel eclair was nothing special. vanilla pecan eclair was pretty good, pecans were caramelised and hence very crunchy.

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girl who eats like a man 😋

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