Western Cravings

Western Cravings

Featuring Sarnies (Telok Ayer), Alter Ego (Esplanade Mall), [CLOSED] Mad For Garlic, Lighthouse Bistro & Bar, Burp Kitchen & Bar (Bedok Reservoir), The Grumpy Bear (Thomson Plaza), Nando's (Plaza Singapura), Wursthans Switzerland (PLQ), LAD & DAD, Birdfolks (NEWest)
Darren Teo
Darren Teo

Nice and quaint restaurant run by student trainees. Service and ambience was good. They serve a 3-course menu for $18, with choices for starters, mains, desserts, and drinks. I chose the:

1) Leek & Potato Soup - Potato | Fried Leek | Buttered Crouton | Smoked Fish. Creamy with a distinct taste of leek, this was surprisingly good. The croutons and fish were also plentiful.

2) Braised Beef - Beef Cheek | Potato Puree | Haricot | Ratatouille. Huge chunk of beef cheek but felt that it was not very evenly cooked. Was tender but tasted a bit too gamey. The sides of mashed potato and ratatouille were great though!

3) Spiced Peach Parfait - Spiced Milk | Diplomat Cream | Almond Joconde | Almond Crumble | Peach | Ginger. Peaches were fresh and I loved the almond. This was good.

Overall, there were some hits and misses but I thought this was a very affordable dining experience. Would love to return especialy after hearing that the menu changes regularly. Kudos to the future chefs of Singapore!

Been a long time that this has been sitting on my wishlist, but I finally went down to one-north to try this highly-raved burger joint and boy, was I impressed.

First thing's first, this shop is SMALL with seats for only 25pax or so, so make sure to come down early before the dinner crowd comes in. We came at about 6.25pm and there were still empty tables, but by 7pm there was a long queue out the entrance.

Next up, the burgers. We had the Cheeseburger ($15) and Goldburger ($18) with a Combo ($4.90) to share. Beef patty was thick and so so juicy, but the crisp char at the edges sealed the deal. Delicious, tender, and succulent, it couldn't get any better than this. Completing the whole package were the soft, pillowy, potato buns as well as the crisp pickles and charred onions. Definitely one of the best burgers in SG, hands down.

The Goldburger came with an additional layer of pulled beef brisket which added another dimension of smokey sweetness to the burger. Love at first bite! Really recommend adding on the combo because the refreshing lime slushie was the perfect drink to wash down the richness and heaviness. The thick fries were also served hot and crisp, what more could you ask for?

Overall, highly recommend dropping by, with the burgers being well-worth the travel and the price. But do note they don't accept credit card payment!

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First things off the bat, the Signature Tenderthighs ($13) is DAMM GOOD. Piping hot straight out of the fryer, we could already tell that this was gonna be a treat. The crust was extra extra crunchy, and you better not leave it aside - the batter was so damn flavourful and unique with the Chinese-y taste of clove and five spice. The chicken was so juicy and tender and I loved the tinge of sweetness from the caramelised outer layer. Overall, amazing fried chicken and easily one of the best in Singapore. This will be on my mind for the next few weeks.

We also had the Angus Cheeseburger ($16) which was honestly pretty good. The beef patty was bursting with flavour and juices, with the buttered brioche buns firm with a crisp outer layer. Unexpectedly delicious.

Don't scoff at the fries too, the oregano spices have it an interesting and unique twist that worked pretty well!

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Rosti was really crisp and the potatoes really shine through. Wished it could have been thicker and less greasy, though. The portion of chicken was huge, but nothing outstanding about it.

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Pretty empty on a Saturday lunch hour. Had the Rosti w/ Grilled Boneless Chicken Thigh & Creamy Saute Mushroom ($21.90+) paired with their Homemade Iced Elderflower Tea ($3.50+). Rosti deliciously crisp at the edges and so buttery inside. The chicken thigh was bigger than expected and was charred beautifully. Mushrooms were also so creamy and delicious. Overall a great meal.

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Seafood Arrabiata ($20) - Lots of seafood including chunks of crab meat, but marinara sauce was somewhat lacking.
Creamy Chicken Mushroom Tomyum ($16) - Strong Tomyum taste to the cream sauce, overall favourite dish.
Smoked Duck & Shrooms Olio ($16) - Generous smoked duck portion an aglio olio was delicious, a close second favourite.
Truffle Mushroom Carbonara w/ Bacon ($16+$3) - Pretty standard carbonara, faint whiff of truffle scent.
The Hog w/ Sunny Side Up ($16+$2) - Was alright, nothing outstanding.
Burp Kitchen Wings ($14) - Crisp but sauce was a little too much on the tangy side.

Overall, decent food especially with Burpple 1 for 1 (pasta+drink. Great place to chill after a walk around the neighbouring Bedok Resevoir.

Had the Fish & Chips ($19, small) and Scampi & Chips ($19). Fish was huge and well-battered, and the flesh was moist and flaky. Dip it in the tangy tartar sauce and just savour every bite. Wow. The thick cut fries were also crisp and I loved the mushy peas. PLEASE give the peas a try. On the other hand, while the scampi were plump and crunchy, I felt there were too much batter and grease going on sovI eventually ended up stripping the batter away and just enjoying the scampi as-is.

Overall, you won't regret satisfying your fish&chips cravings here.

Collin's currently having a promotion where their pizzas are UP TO 50% off so guess what I did...I'm a Singaporean alright?? Had this as an appetiser and it honestly wasn't that great (greasy, thin-like-lupcheong sausages, granular ricotta cheese,etc) but DAMN it was less than 10bux give me 10 more of these!!

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Collin's currently having a promo for this dish at $15 instead of the stated usual price of $23.80. Saw in the menu that the regular chicken chop (just without the 1x prawn) costs $15 as well so welp got a prawn that apparently costs $8.80 for free I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️ Overall I enjoyed this dish, nothing outstanding but checks all the boxes. Sauce could be more flavourful though, tasted like watered down mushroom sauce. Also, I don't what they put in their Aglio olio but I was hooked on it 👍🏻

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Huge portion, but ultimately nothing to shout about. Would be good with some sauce to bind everything together, something like perhaps a sweet jam to contrast the heaviness of the eggs and cheese and bacon.

Redeemed the 1 for 1 gaming package and do note that it - understandably - applies to the usual price of $7/h ($73.44 total for 4 pax w/gst, no SVC). Felt the board games quality could be better as the ones we played felt like hand-me-downs from family to family. Wouldn't point this out normally but the quality interfered with our enjoyment of the game to some extent. Variety of games available was also little as compared to Minds Cafe. Personally, would prefer Minds Cafe for its location, variety, price, and free flow snacks/drinks.

Burpple Set would satisfy any big eaters at a great price for its location. Crispy Boneless Chicken Steak was huge and juicy, with the skin satisfyingly crisp. Prawn Aglio e Olio, on the other hand, failed in the 2 major aspects of an Aglio olio - being bland and dry. Barely any taste (not even salty!) and so dry that I could even 'fork' it up in clumps. Just bad.

Lots of garlic and onion in the Marinara Sauce if that's your fancy - I liked the crunch and the flavour. Seafood was okay. Pretty pricey and would only come back for Burrple deals.


Adventurous and always looking for new flavours on my tongue!

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