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Visited again because there are too many things I wanted to try!

The stand out dish for me was the panna cotta - really yummy, not too sweet, and just the right mix of flavours. The fish (pictured) was also not bad, and I personally prefer the fish to the beef tongue sandwich. Also tried the grilled tiger prawns, which tasted distinctly Asian because of the black beans, and the prawns were really sweet and fresh. Didn’t enjoy the aubergine agnolotti at all cos there was some wok hei-ish flavour that I found really weird with pasta and the dish came with snow peas which I am not a fan of.

Will drop by again at a later date cos there are other items husband wants to try. Their menu has slight changes all the time though (like even on this visit which is just a week after the first time, there were some changes already). We went at an earlier timing this round and service was definitely less rushed.

For four dishes, a half portion of sourdough, 2 wines, and still water, the bill was just over $200 including service fees and tax.

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Made a last minute reservation the night before and was so glad we went there! The food was great and we enjoyed everything we ordered. The service was friendly but a little rushed cos they were really quick to clear our table and hand us the bill (maybe they needed to prepare for dinner service). Would love to visit again and try other items!

We ordered:
- Cedar Jelly and Foie Gras Toast (my fave)
- Chips with Sour Cream and Caviar (honourable mention)
- Endives (pictured, and husband’s fave)
- Beef Tongue Sandwich
Including sparkling water, a cocktail and a glass of rosé, the total bill was about $180+ with tax and service included.

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- Okra Octopus (tapas)
- Bajan Fish Tacos (tapas) - in photo
- Oxtail & Eggplant (tapas)
- L.H. Jerk Chicken (main)
- Ms Ginny (cocktail)
- Pinky Promise (cocktail)
- Samaroli Demerara Rum (a shot)
Total cost: $197

The food was really good, especially the Octopus and Oxtail. The cocktails were great and we really enjoyed Ms Ginny. The service was mostly friendly except for the lady who sat us (she also sounded really defensive when we were asking about their rum selection). Otherwise, the team was very nice and helpful, especially the bartender.

They do have a huge selection of rum (500+ types) so rum lovers will have a great time here.

The vibe is casual, although the price tag isn’t. But we’ll be back cos the food and drinks are great. Looking forward to trying more tapas, rum and cocktails!


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