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Bread Dinosaur
Bread Dinosaur

🍸 Strawberry Chung Ade ($6.90++) (8.6/10)
Its like a strawberry soda, really refreshing with bits of real strawberry chunks.

🥛Strawberry Chung Milk ($7.90++) (9.5/10)
Soooo good idk what crack they put in this but its so bussin, better than like 100% of those overrated bubble tea shop milks

🥪 Grilled Cheese Kimchi Sandwich ($16++) (6.8/10)
Pretty eh. The bread is on the tougher side and the kimchi is nice but the cheese is rubbery and doesnt taste like cheese at all, its not a grilled cheese if the cheese aint all melty and stretchy. I'd probably skip.

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🍲 Doenjang Truffle Risotto ($25++) (8.3/10)
I quite like this, its flavourful with a slight truffle flavour and they used barley for the carb base so its chewy and interesting in texture. Complex flavours!

🍝 Zoodle Bolognese ($18)
Instead of regular noodles, these use zucchini as the noodle base, making it a lighter option. The bolognese sauce is decently loaded with ingredients and isnt too salty, the impossible meat also has the same texture as beef.

🍛 Yakinuku Beef Donburi ($19)
The "beef" tastes and has the texture of tau kee but its pretty flavourful. It also comes with many veges, making it a really healthy meal.

🍛 Unagi Donburi ($19)
The "unagi" is really soft with a mushy texture, I really like it! The other elements are the same as the beef donburi.

🍕 Mushroom Pizza ($15)
This really surprised me because of how creamy and cheesy it tasted, despite not having any real cheese at all. So flavourful with an excellent texture too.

🍔 Impossible Sliders ($28)
Wasnt as impressed with these cuz the buns were kinda dry and chewy, however the impossible meat really tasted like a beef patty.

🌮 Taco Chips with Hummus ($11)
SOOO GOOD. The chips are super crispy and crunchy and they taste homemade compared to the typical dorito-style chips at other places. Some of the best chips I've ever had!

🍱 Rebel Ultimate Breakfast ($19)
Really beautiful colours and the "pork" does taste like pork. However I dont find this to stand out as much as the other dishes.

🍔 TINDLE Chicken Burger ($17)
The "chicken" has an interesting texture and though it isnt exactly like chicken, I still liked it. The burger is gluten free so its much chewier and drier, which i didnt really like.

🍔 Beef Short Ribs Burger ($19)
Same tau kee "beef" as the donburi and the same other elements as the chicken burger.

🍝 Yakinuku Beef Aglio & Olio ($18)
The aglio olio is pretty good! Its flavourful and salty, nicely paired with the "beef".

🥙 Grilled Chicken Quesadillas ($14)
This was really good too, the fillings were creamy and cheesy-tasting.

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Green Common is a vegan restaurant in Vivo City with a menu full of mock meat dishes. My friends and I decided to eat here with 0 knowledge that it was a vegan restaurant, we chose it solely because of how pretty the interior decor was 😗 to be honest I was pretty sceptical of the menu because of how expensive everything was, but by then we were too hungry to look for another place.

After a long deliberation, I decided to order the Rendang Burger, which comes with a Moving Mountains mock beef patty, rendang sauce, onions and lettuce, along with a side of seasoned fries and raw veggies in what I believe to be balsamic vinegar.

Of course, the one thing that I have to talk about is the mock meat - does it taste like meat, or mock? Unfortunately, while this patty from Moving Mountains does have the physical look of a meat patty, the taste and texture very obviously give it away. If you've had mock meat from cai fan stalls, you'll know that distinct, chewy, flour-y taste, which is basically what this patty has, but at a lesser scale. Definitely not bad by any means, but I think Impossible still stands as the best mock meat I've had.

Although this is a rendang burger, the actual rendang elements are pretty underwhelming. There's a small layer of onions and rendang sauce, but it's so little that I barely even tasted it - most of the burger just tasted like patty, bread, tomatoes and lettuce. They could be a loooot more generous with the onions and sauce. Despite that, the burger is still pretty tasty, although it did feel like something I could make at home. The burger buns tasted like those buns you could find at supermarkets, and the ingredients are pretty simple too.

The fries were pretty mid too. Even though I had them fresh the moment they were served, these fries still tasted dry and bland, with the only seasoning being a sprinkle of chilli powder. Normally I don't mind eating fries without condiments, but these fries were really so bland and unseasoned that I was scraping them against my burger, hoping to lap up any tiny droppings of the already scarce rendang sauce. Pretty disappointing, to say the least.

It was interesting having a vegan meal on accident, but the hefty price tag is not at all justified. Despite all my criticism, I have come to learn how vegan food can definitely taste good, just that the price is a little too much for me personally.

I tried this before I got Burpple Beyond so if you're craving some vegan food, its definitely a lot more worth it with the 1 for 1 deal!

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