Burpple Beyond!!!

Burpple Beyond!!!

Featuring LECOQ, MANAM, Tuk Tuk Cha (HarbourFront Centre), Kei Kaisendon (Hillion Mall)
Joanne Low
Joanne Low

Value-for-money: 4/5
Burpple savings: 4/5 (1-for-1)
Food quality: 4/5

I was quite surprised when I initially entered the restaurant... It was surprisingly well decorated and posh-looking.

Food wise, they are all well cooked and flavourful. Ordered the Butter chicken, Seeraga samba mutton briyani, Garlic naan and Kari Varuval for 3 pax. Recommend for 4 pax to go to use 2 burpple beyond deals

The butter chicken is extremely flavourful and I enjoyed dipping the naan in the butter chicken sauce.
The naan, however, can be more garlicky as I love the taste of garlic.
The Kari varuval, whilst described as crispy fried, came as abit saucy (like stir fried), but the mutton is tender and there isnt any gamey smell/taste that comes along.
The briyani was initially supposed to be the Seeraga samba rice but the waitress informed us that they only have basmati rice on weekdays. That being said, the rice is still very fragrant and comes with a decent number of mutton chunks.

With burpple 1-for-1, the cheapest dish was not included in the bill. Overall we only paid less than $60 in total. Will definitely come back again👍

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Value-for-money: 4/5
Burpple savings: 2.5/5 (~ $6.60 per set)
Food quality: 3.5/5

The set includes 2 bowls of don, 2 cups of tea, 2 salad, 2 miso soups and 4 yakitori sticks (not included in this pic)

The mentaiyaki don includes a good variety of seafood - salmon, tuna, octopus, prawn, scallop etc so the taste is definitely not flat or jelat. The different ingredients adds a different texture to each bite.

The miso soup is very flavourful and even includes clams which is a pleasant surprise.

Yakitori is not bad and quite tender!

The salad is abit of a subpar, but since it is an appetiser, it is probably included in the set to make it more healthy🤣

Tea is refillable in some outlets and not in some so will probably check with the staff.

Pricing wise, the set costs $34.98 nett even though the app states $29.90 (due to gst and service charge). Burpple savings is not significant since the restaurant also has an ongoing promotion set at $35.90++

But overall will still go back again for this hearty set that includes everything you want for a meal 🤤


Value-for-money: 4/5
Burpple savings: 4/5
Food quality: 3.5/5

To use the beyond voucher, we are required to order 2 mains, 2 drinks and 2 desserts so we order 1 Braised Beef Broth ($9.90), 1 Green curry with rice ($9.90), 1 Americano ($4.30), 1 Thai Milk Tea ($4.20), 1 Shibuya Toast - Aloha Coconut ($5.20) and Single Kaya Dip - Pandan Kaya ($5.20)

For the 2 mains, I opted for one soup and one rice because i know that the desserts might be quite heavy (all are toasts) so didnt want to be overly full before the dessert.

The beef broth tastes rich and so comforting to drink. The green curry, on the other hand, tasted usual (always a must order for me)! Didnt get to try their tomyum soup/noodles as I was told by the staff that they do not serve tomyum that day. Was abit disappointed initially but glad that I chose the beef broth!

Toast is not overly sweet, probably because one of the flavour chosen is coconut which is a fantastic wrap up to the meal👍

Value-for-money: 4/5
Burpple savings: 4/5 (1 for 1 don)

Total adds up to less than $21 after gst & service charge after using Beyond for Truffle Beef Yakiniku and Salmon Mentaiko Don ($18.90 each)

Ordered medium rare and the beef is tender and the rice is not just plain white rice but came as fried rice which is fragrant and flavourful.

Salmon used is fresh and the portion given is very generous. Came during lunchtime on a weekday and it was quite packed already.

Will definitely come back again

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