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Outside Manila

Here some of the place you can try outside the city
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Halo halo is a traditional Filipino dessert that mixes shaved ice with ube (sweet potato) ice cream and a variety of toppings such as soursop, flan, jackfruit, cornflakes, jello etc.

They have a quite a few franchisees in Cebu city itself.

Ranked the best halo halo by my cebuano friend and I gotta admit I think so too!! Mind-blown by this cool dessert on a hot day! 🤯

📸✍🏻by Sher Ong


One of many success from The Abaca Group, comes The Abaca Baking Company •

Making a morning visit to the coffeehouse so worth it. As soon as you walk in, you’d be overwhelmed by the smell of fresh artisan crafted breads and classic American breakfast with an iced coffee to follow •

Cebu 📍 •

Please excuse the old phone’s quality 😅 •

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Pork feast 🐷 Zubuchon Medium Platter (390php) ∼ crispy skin 👍 Zubuchon Pancit (210php) ∼ stir fried egg noodles with lechon, shrimp & vegetables (with lots of pork lards) 😘 Baked Scallops (210php) ∼ordinary cheesy scallops filled with lots of parmasen baked cheese Fresh Coconut juice (85php) ∼ watery 👎 Shake Kamias (90php) ∼ a tart fruit related to balimbang and starfruit, it is the prefect complement to roast pork.
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📸✍🏻by Calvin Lam Tuck Mun

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