Western food

Western food

Featuring Hard Rock Cafe (Cuscaden), Hopscotch (Gillman Barracks), Pasta & Co., Long Black Cafe, Harry's (HarbourFront Centre)
Jac  Tan
Jac Tan

📍Hard Rock Cafe (orchard)
MONSTROUS portion of food I say first…. Even their water were served in ginormous cups

Original legendary burger [$29.95]
the burger was a harmonious combination of bacon, steak patty, a huge onion ring, cheese and lettuce. Oh and can choose doneness for the beef patty! The fries were super crispy and seasoned v well and i couldnt stop eating them although I was so full….

Twisted Mac, chicken and cheese[$30.95]
Bruh they gave like 10 pcs of chicken breast, 2 huge garlic bread and 2 pax portion worth of Mac and cheese.. I usually finish my food but I really couldn’t this time… anyways first few bites were heavenly, Mac and cheese was very cheesy and yummy , but after while tends to get jelat. Chicken breast was alright although would have preferred some sort of sauce to compliment it.

Anyways used the burpple 1-1 deal and in total paid $40 for everything, not gonna lie was really worth it given I couldn’t even eat dinner that night. Really loved the ambience and friendly & cheerful service staff as well!

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📍Hopscotch (Gardens By The Bay)

Fav was the baby back ribs [$26] and the calamari rings [$12]. Ribs were tender and very flavorful and the calamari rings were just fries to perfection😍😍🥰first time trying it with sweet chilli and i love ittttt. Rest of the mains were alright but wouldnt come again if there was no burpple 1-1. Portion for beef bourguignon[$26] was superrrrr tiny tho, think they only gave like 3 pcs…

Anyways very fancy place and can take a stroll at GBTB after dinner heh

📍Long Black Cafe (buona vista - metropolis)

Was a treacherous hill climb to reach this place but glad we made it because everything we ate was super worth!!

Truffle fries [$6.50]: fries were thick and truffle taste was substantial, but am nit a fan of super thick fries so it was a 6-7/10

LB special beef burger [$12.90] chef’s recommendation and it definitely did not disappoint ! Beef patty was juicy, the secret sauce packed a punch and the amount of fries given at the side was super generous

Chilli seafood delight [$13.90] wouldnt rate this very high as it wasn’t very mind blowing nor did it taste bad

Sailor’s fish and chips [$12.50]: dory fish was supppppper crispy and the fish itself was vv tender.

Tiramisu [$6.50]: was very yummy and the layers were thick and flavorful, not too sweet which was good:”)

The drinks [$3.90]: just tasted like syrup water

We used burpple 1-1 3 course deal and also 25% off ala carte menu… spent only $13 each for 3 people??? SUPER WORTHHHH!! but personally i feel like the original prices are also way more affordable than other western restaurants:”))

Also service that day was suppppper good she kept coming to check on us , refilling our water and even tapaoed water?? For us in a cup.

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Ragu [$25.90]: squid ink pasta was cooked al dente and beef cubes were juicy and amount was generous✨✨🫶🏻 There were many other ingredients as well such as button mushrooms and fried garlic which was vv crispy !!!

Very juicy and tendy beef patty!! Complimented with well seasoned fries:)

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Jac Tan

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