Support Local🥰🥰

Support Local🥰🥰

Featuring Keen's Bagelry, Kim Choo Kueh Chang (Joo Chiat), Delish
Calista Pang
Calista Pang

Previously mentioned how amazing @keensbagelry are🤤🤤 & I’m back with another🎉

Their bagels 🥯 are still as delicious as I remembered them to be‼️ You can check out my previous post on the 7th August for the full description!🥰

HEHEHEHE this was a humongous bagel!🥯😱🤩 Would call this the ‘BAGEL STACK’ 🤣 Sandwiched with ingredients on top of ingredients😮‍💨🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Starting from the bottom, you have the Bagel 🥯 base, Tomatoes 🍅, Turkey Ham slices, Chicken 🍗 Ham slices, Legendary Scrambled Eggs 🍳, Salt🧂& Pepper, Hashbrown, Beef Bacon 🥓, Sriracha sauce, Torched Cheese🧀, Truffle Mayo sauce & LaStLyYy the bagels ‘cap’ 🧢🤭

If you’re there early, you can grab some plain bagels 🥯 home 🏡 too!!!🤟🏻

Featuring 📸
~ Customised Bagel 🥯

[NOTE: The customised bagel 🥯 is a special order & it’s not on the menu🫣😅]

Thank you so much @keensbagelry for the invited tasting🥰🥰

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Loxu had thickly sliced Norwegian Smoked Salmon 🍣 which gave a nice bite👻 Sandwiched with House-made cream cheese, Red Onions 🧅, Tomatoes 🍅, I think there was some capers as well🤔 & Lemon 🍋 juice which helped brighten & cuts the heaviness of the bagel 🥯 Balancing out all the flavours🫶🏻

All the bagels 🥯 are generously packeddd full of ingredients🤪🤪🤪

Even though by the time I brought it home 🏡, it wasn’t warm anymore🥲, but flavours were still on point & best part it wasn’t soggy at all🤟🏻 Their sauces (House-made Garlic 🧄 Aioli, Truffle Mayo, Cream Cheese & MayoMust) are sooo addictive too!🤡

Enjoyed the fact that you could taste 👅 every layers unveiling itself with every bite😋 Every mouthful is just so satisfying😌👍🏻

I LoVeEe them so much 💜 I can’t wait to go back for more already😫😫

Do go support this humble store🎉

Featuring 📸
~ Loxu $13

[P.S Go early to avoid disappointments! They sell out super fast 💨]


Hammydinger was the most basic! It comprises of Turkey Ham, Chicken Ham, Tomatoes 🍅, House-made MayoMust Sauce & Torched 🔥 Sliced Cheddar 🧀

Featuring 📸
~ Hammydinger $9


The Bekki might look the simplest but it has a mix of sweet 🍬 & savoury;)) You get the creamy & cheesy 🧀 flavour from the scrambled egg 🍳 with mozzarella 🫕 and the sweetness from the caramelised cold🧊-smoked beef bacon🥓

Featuring 📸
~ Bekki $10.50


@keensbagelry serves up such moreish bagels 🥯

Bagels 🥯 are all made freshly made in house 🏡 every morning! Proofed for 24hrs 🕰 before being placed into the oven in the morning!🌤

@keensbagelry really did their bagel 🥯 super well‼️Bagels 🥯 can get very tough, hard, dense & overly chewy but theirs is crispy on the outside while remaining fluffy with a slight chew on the inside!😝

Tbh, I wouldn’t mind eating just their plain bagels 🥯🥹

Yippeee! Got my hands on @keensbagelry Truffle Chicken Bagel🥳🥳 Heard it’s always sold out🤭 This was the chonkiest, tallest & heftiest 😁 That THICCC slab of chicken 🍗 was tender & juicy combined with creamy & cheesy scrambled egg!🍳 It was so biggg I really tried my very best to take a big bite 👄 without making a mess🤣

Featuring 📸
~ Truffle Chicken $12


Just like their name, their donuts were hotel pillowy soft🤣🤣 We Love Delish donuts 🍩 were more bread-like ( in a good way;) ) 😛

However, I didn’t fancy their cream fillings😢 Though the fillings were very generous 👍🏻👍🏻, the flavours wasn’t on point:(( ; The matcha 🍵 filling was very subtle & the passionfruit mango 🥭 just had a little tang to it😔 On the other hand, the chocolate 🍫 ganache donut 🍩 is just nice, it wasn’t too sweet 🍬 nor rich ; While the strawberry 🍓 cream filling tasted very artificial, it left a lingering perfumey taste in the mouth🥴 & for such a bright pink colour, there must’ve been lots of colouring😵‍💫

If I had to rank them, it’ll prob be the classic plain followed by the strawberry 🍓 jam then chocolate 🍫

Ngl, I enjoyed the plain donut 🍩 the best🥲 Plain is alw the safest choice😁

It’s nice how the powdered sugar coating on the outside of each donut 🍩 didn’t run all over the place!😜

Featuring 📸
~ [Box of 10] $20
- Classic
- Matcha 🍵
- Strawberry 🍓 Jam
- Strawberry 🍓 Cream
- Passionfruit Mango 🥭
- Chocolate 🍫 Ganache

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I’m sure many would’ve been confused between Kim Choo Kueh Chang & Joo Chiat Kim Choo but Kim Choo Kueh Chang is the OG‼️

I’ve always been getting my dumplings (Ba Zhang) from them!! Was super satisfied cause the Nonya Chang was still as mouthwateringly delicious as I remembered it to be!

Nonya Dumplings uses braised minced meat & is sweeter as candied winter melon strips are incorporated into the dumpling, making it a sweet and savoury rice dumpling!

These plump Nonya Chang from Kim Choo are super fragrant;)) Glad that the glutinous rice was throughly cooked, soft yet satisfyingly dense ; Encasing the generously packed & well-marinated pork. The addition of steamed bamboo leaves, made the Nonya Chang even more aromatic!

Nonya Chang has also always been Kim Choo’s iconic 🌟 dumpling as well as the crowds favv!!!!

Featuring 📸
~ Nonya Chang (pork) $5 each

[Fun Fact: Staying true to heritage, Kim Choo Kueh Chang wraps all their Ba Zhang by hand!!!]


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