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Fiona Lee
Fiona Lee

Quick and easy redemption at PLQ! Got 2 yoghurts and tried both the original and the dragonfruit. Dragonfruit version somehow tasted more like blueberry as it was slightly sour. Overall both tasted great but I still prefer the original. Staff here were also quite generous with the sauces. Would return to use the other deals but wished there were more deals that are just for 1 Classic (1+1) instead of two cups (2+2).

2nd time back - this time for the 1 for 1 mains. Didnt see many reviews on this so gave it a shot as the high tea was good. We ordered the fish and chips and pork ribs. Fish was ok, nothing very special but the ribs were quite tough. Overall would give it a 2/5 but the ambience there is great and so is the staff service, so 3/5. Will still return for the high tea set!

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Super worth it with Burpple ($42++)! Set can be shared but take note that an ala carte drink has to be ordered for each additional person. Was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food and would definitely return for the burpple deal.

Server was very welcoming and walked us through the items in the set. For the refill, customers can order a different drink to try - however apparently drinks are not supposed to be shared (only food). For the drinks, would recommend the grapefruit pomelo and winter melon!

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Not very crowded on Sunday night. Went to try the gnocchi ($20++) but fell in love with my friend's margherita pizza ($20++) instead!

First time eating at a proper Turkish restaurant so not sure if the taste of the food is considered authentic. For those intending to use Burpple, take note that you shouldn't make a reservation on google - had a strange experience of being made to call on the spot to cancel the reservation before we were allowed to redeem the deal. Food was alright, nothing to shout about personally. Portion was ok, but for the quality/quantity probably wouldn't be worth it without the 1 for 1. Best dish of the day was ghe kunefe - be warned that it takes quite long to prepare (more like 20mins instead of the 10mins mentioned). Did expect it to be bigger for the price when I first saw it, but as it is quite cheesey on the inside, the portion is enough as it can get quite jelak even when sharing. Total bill was around $90.


Clockwise from top: lime pistachio, yuzu citrus, matcha, orh nee

1. Lime pistachio: Not bad, the taste of the lime filling was strong enough but the couldn't taste the pistachio which was used as a topping
2. Citrus yuzu: sweet and tangy, my favourite of the lot and one of the few exceptions i enjoy as someone who does not really like donuts
3. Matcha: had high hopes since i love matcha, but give this a skip! Matcha flavour was so subtle, cant really tell its matcha
4. Orh nee: another crowd favourite bestseller which i thought was ok, but personally prefer cream fillings that are on the lighter side

Plus points to the cashier for being so friendly! Would go back to get the yuzu citrus again and try other flavours like pulut hitam.

Gave this place a try due to the overwhelming good reviews on Burpple and Google and it lived up to expectations. We ordered the smoked duck, grilled perch, lamb shank and ribeye (pictured) using the Burpple Beyond deal. The ribeye was the best of the lot - it came medium rare and was tender and juicy, would order it again if i return. The lamb shank was also soft but still had a very mild gamey taste. Perch and smoked duck were pretty good as well. Out of the mocktails ordered, felt that the new horizons was the best. Total bill for 4 mains and mocktails only came up to around $90 with Burpple which is affordable and great value for money.


Great service and pretty good food. Got the Tunisian (shakshuka with brioche) which I enjoyed. Soft fluffy bread went well with the shakshuka. The server was also very friendly as well! Customers should note that they will start charging for still/sparkling water from September onwards though (no longer complimentary).

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Previously read good reviews about it so I wanted to see how it fares against other katsu places. The pork katsu ($9.80) did not come with rice ($2.00 ala carte). In general, although pricey for a food court, the quality of the katsu is restaurant standard. However, for charging $2.00, the portion of rice given is quite stingy. Only a sad small dollop of mustard was given as well, although the store did give quite a lot of cabbbage (pictured). Overall, the food was pretty good. However, I feel that Maruhachi Donburi is more value for money overall and would prefer that over this (given they are both similar in terms of the food offered).

FYI - Prices have risen to $7.50 for this. Portion was generous and just nice for 2. Bottle of gula melaka provided to add as much sauce as you prefer as well. The snow ice came with red beans, chendol (green jelly), grass jelly and clear jelly (seems to have replaced the attap seeds?). Texture of the snow ice was also good, but slightly bland without the addition of the gula melaka. More worth it than getting a bingsu at other places, but I think the snow ice at Ji De Chi leaves a stronger impression.

Ordered a few items but favourite of the lot was the crispy eggplant (pictured). It was crisp and well flavoured - would go back to get it again. For some of the other items:
- Fish maw soup: was not bad but the portion was small and more meant for a single diner just FYI
- Seafood pao fan: felt it was a little salty, but generous with the ingredients
- Chicken with truffle: decent but nothing very outstanding

Service was great as the staff were very attentive and offered to top up our tea occasionally and divide the dishes as well. Be warned about the tea though - did not notice it was charged per pax so it can get pretty pricey at about ~$4++ per person.

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Flavours bought : Mango, peach, apple crumble, tiramisu and snow crab mentaiko

Promo at AMK was buy 6 and get 2 free items (applicable only for normal items at $1.20). Total price paid was about $17+ with the croffles priced from $2.70 to $3+.

Pretty worth it as the croffles were quite big and were also generous with ingredients. Have yet to tried all but so far my favourite is the mango one as it was topped with a lot of sweet mango cubes.

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