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Bread Dinosaur
Bread Dinosaur

🍲 Ah Bao Braised Stew ($7.80) (7/10)
Comes with an assortment of ingredients like rice cake, meat balls, mushroom, quail eggs and more. The serving size is a bit smaller but its still worth it given the variety of ingredients you get. I personally still prefer regular braised pork rice, but stew lovers should try this.

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🥩 Imperial Pork Chop ($8.80) (8.8/10)
For $8.80, you get two big pieces of pork chop. Really well seasoned and crispy, super worth the price imo

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🍗 Salted Chicken ($7++)
This was a little on the drier side as the batter did not coat the entire chicken chunks, hence it was slightly chewier. The chicken was salted well though, it was flavourful and crispy.

🍜 Sesame Cold Noodles ($7++)
My personal favourite because I'm a hoe for all things sesame. The sauce is creamy and aromatic, coating the springy noodles perfectly

🍲 Scallion Oil Chicken Rice ($6++)
My first time trying scallion oil chicken rice, and it did not disappoint. The chicken is tender and soft, while the rice is incredibly fragrant with the aroma of ginger well-incorporated into it. Would totally get this again!

🍚 Signature Pork Belly Rice ($6++)
The pork belly is incredibly tender and well marinated. The rice is soft too and soaks up the sweet sauce nicely. I like the addition of pickles at the side, it gives it a bit of a sour yet sweet profile. I do think there could be more meat though, as the amount of pork was a bit too little. Despite that, this is a super solid bowl of lu rou fan.

🌯 Peanut Ice Cream Roll
📍Abundance (@a8undance)
📌 Redhill
💰 $6.90

I have mixed feelings about this peanut ice cream roll, mainly because coriander is the bane of my existence and imo combining those evil green strands with ice cream is borderline illegal.

This tastes like regular vanilla ice cream wrapped in a thick popiah, I'm not the biggest fan of the combo but i really liked the crushed peanuts added. If youre a coriander fan, I think you may like this.

⭐ Rating: 7.8/10
🤑 worth the price: eh
🦖 would I buy again: probs not
💍 would I marry: maybe

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🍞 Gua Bao
📍Abundance (@a8undance)
📌 Redhill
💰 $7.90

Look at this THICC GORGEOUS SONOFABITCH GUA BAO. ARE YOU PREGNANT???? BECAUSE I AM AFTER LOOKING AT THIS PINNACLE OF PURE BEAUTY. Abundance is a restaurant under a HDB in Redhill serving Taiwanese cuisine, and this Gua Bao is a must try.

The pork meat inside is super tender and melty. There is quite a decent amount of fats in it, which contributes to its melt-in-the-mouth texture, but it may not appeal much if you dislike fat.

The flavours are on point with a bit of crunch from the peanuts. Super good and worth the travel down for.

⭐ Rating: 9.4/10
🤑 worth the price: a lil pricey but ye
🦖 would I buy again: ye
💍 would I marry: ye


Talented eater Instagram: @breadinosaur

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