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Bread Dinosaur
Bread Dinosaur

🧋Bubble Tea
We tried the Milk Tea with Pearl, Grass Jelly Milk Tea, Jasmine Green Tea with Pearl and Honey Green Tea with Pearl. My favourite was the Grass Jelly Milk Tea as the grass jelly was easily slurped up. I like how generous 8 Degrees is with their pearls, so if youre a pearl lover, you wont be disappointed by the portion. The honey green tea was a tad sweet, so I’d recommend getting 0% sugar for that!

🍗Salted Chicken ($7)
I thought that the portion was a little small in relation to the price but still enjoyed this. The skin was crispy and nicely salted while the chicken meat wasn’t tough at all.

🫕Sesame Cold Noodles ($7)
My favourite! The noodles were so saucy, creamy and nutty with a strong sesame flavour. Despite the creaminess it wasnt jelak at all and was super refreshing with a mild sweetness. Must try!

🍜Chicken Meesua ($6)
Really comforting dish that wasn’t too salty, some portions of the meesua were a little clumpy and gloopy but generally I found this to be really homely and yummy.

🍲Scallion Oil Chicken Rice ($6)
We loved how fragrant the rice was, with a strong scallion flavour permeating through the whole dish. The chicken pieces were super tender too.

🍚Signature Pork Belly Rice ($6)
A classic Taiwanese dish done right, the pork is really flavourful and tender, accompanied with tangy pickled veges and scallions for extra flavour.

🍚 Crispy Chicken Cutlet with Typhoon Egg Fried Rice ($14.50)
Not bad, a little pricey but reasonable. The chicken cutlet was crispy and the fried rice, though not super outstanding, was great too. Pretty good plate of chicken cutlet fried rice!

🍳 Egg Roll with Pork Floss ($8.50)
Pretty bussin and really flavourful. The pork floss adds a sweet and complex flavour to the soft eggs. Theres also some veggie fillings like onions, making it all the more savoury.

🍲 Ah Bao Braised Stew ($7.80) (7/10)
Comes with an assortment of ingredients like rice cake, meat balls, mushroom, quail eggs and more. The serving size is a bit smaller but its still worth it given the variety of ingredients you get. I personally still prefer regular braised pork rice, but stew lovers should try this.

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🥩 Imperial Pork Chop ($8.80) (8.8/10)
For $8.80, you get two big pieces of pork chop. Really well seasoned and crispy, super worth the price imo

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🍗 Salted Chicken ($7++)
This was a little on the drier side as the batter did not coat the entire chicken chunks, hence it was slightly chewier. The chicken was salted well though, it was flavourful and crispy.

🍜 Sesame Cold Noodles ($7++)
My personal favourite because I'm a hoe for all things sesame. The sauce is creamy and aromatic, coating the springy noodles perfectly

Talented eater Instagram: @breadinosaur

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