Featuring IKEA Restaurant (Tampines), 8 degrees 8度空間 (Serangoon), Dian Xiao Er 店小二 (Marina Square), Garden Street Kway Chap (Serangoon Garden Market), Serangoon Garden Bakery & Confectionery (Serangoon Garden Market), Weng Kee Original Taste Ipoh Hor Fun (Changi Village Hawker), Buddy Hoagies (Bukit Timah Shopping Centre), Kei Kaisendon (VivoCity), Maccha House (Suntec City), Mr. Egg Fried Rice
Almeo Tan @GowhereVideo
Almeo Tan @GowhereVideo

Always long queue but fast. Cheap and good. The chicken drumstick was excellent- well marinated and deep fried; super crispy, juicy and delicious. Rice was steamed plain rice. Vegetables and ikan bilis were fresh. Tasty sambal chili.

Delicious and affordable Swedish meatballs. Packed as usual. Super long queue. Free coffee with IKEA membership. Value for money.

Affordable and delicious Hainanese chicken rice in the heartland. Rice was fragrant and the meat was tender and juicy. The taste was light, fresh and not heavily infused with seasoning. Oyster sauce vegetable and Thai style fried beancurd were fresh and tasty too. Salad on the beancurd was refreshing.

The hor fun was soft and smooth. Chicken chop was crispy. The meat was tender and juicy. The broth was savoury and with a little taste of herb. Chilli was not that spicy. Fried wanton was super crispy and the meat was flavourful.

Fresh and delicious traditional old school buns! Good price too! Often long queue. Eaten the coconut bun and custard puff. The texture was dense but not heavy. Coconut and custard were very fresh and the amount of filling were generous. Will try the other selections.

So far the best fried dumplings. Well fried crispy skin and juicy flavourful meat. Not Oily. Ingredients were fresh and delicious. In fact I tried the one at People’s Park complex recently. Both were equally good.

My favourite kway chap. Tried many stalls. This is the best. The kway was smooth and soft. The soup was soothing and light. The meat and organ meats were tender and delicious. No porky or gamey taste. Very well prepared and cleaned. Expect long queue and waiting time. The meat and organ meats were cut and served only when ordered. It’s worth the wait. No regrets. Definitely will eat again.

Tian Jin Fong Kee, founded in 1948 offers excellent fried dumplings. Well fried crispy skin and juicy flavourful meat. Not Oily. Ingredients were fresh and delicious. Will definitely eat again.

Affordable and delicious Japanese cuisine in Marina with spectacular view of the Fountain of Wealth (the world’s largest fountain recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1998). The ambience and setting of the restaurant were casual and comfortable. Service was excellent. A great place to dine and chill out with family and friends. The sukiyaki hotpot set was value for money. The rich sukiyaki broth was comforting and delectable. The beef was tender and tasty. Onsen tamago was perfect. Tofu, mushrooms, carrots and assorted vegetables, all were fresh and delicious. Had chicken karaage as side dish. Chicken was tender and crispy. Not oily. The maccha cream latte was rich, delicious and velvety. All were beautifully presented. A great gastronomical experience plus the stunning view of the Fountain of Wealth completed a very satisfying meal. Worth every cent.

Went to Dian Xiao Er Marina Square before 12 noon and was given early bird discount, a 15% discount. Condition was to finish the meal within an hour. As usual, the signature roasted duck, cooked with their ten wonder herbs, was awesome - crispy crunchy skin and juicy flavourful meat. The deep-fried kai lan with floss was unique and interesting. It’s crispy and tasty with a little bitter aftertaste. The fresh floss provided a little sweetness that complemented the dish very well. The soy pudding was fresh and silky smooth. Not too sweet. The collagen jelly with black sugar was refreshing and cooling. Service staff were attentive and efficient. Comfortable seating and cozy ambience.

Mr. Egg Fried Rice@Clementi West. Delicious fried rice! Very fragrant eggy flavour. Short grain rice was used. Well fried with good bite and aroma. Not salty or oily. Chicken chop was tender and its skin was crispy. Pork chop was tender too. Both were well marinated with some Japanese seasoning. Chilli sauce was tasty and crunchy, not spicy. Quite addictive. Would like to eat again.

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Signature pork belly rice was tasty with light and delicate sauce. The flavour was not the intense and rich type. The signature grass jelly with yamball was fresh, refreshing and addictive.

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