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Jac  Tan
Jac Tan

📍Carpenter and cook (beauty world)

Ordered very standard brunch items such as big breakfast [$28], pulled pork eggs Benedict [$25] , french toast [$28] and smoked salmon eggs Benedict [$26]

The one that stood out to me was smoked salmon eggs benedict as the eggs were nicely poached and the salmon was well seasoned:)

Passionfruit tart [$8] had a good mix of citrus and sweetness while the banofee [$8] one was eye opening as i have never tried a combination of tiramisu and banana in the form of a tart

Raspberry lychee and rose chia sweet was suppppppper yummy 10/10 recommend!! Could taste all the flavours and the fake flowers definitely added a flavorful touch to it . Lemon meringue cake [$8] might be a little too sour for my liking :<

Ambience of the cafe was v old school and homely !! Had 1-1 deals for the mains, desserts and drinks but otherwise would be rather pricey for the tiny portions:”(


Super cozy and aesthetic space!!

Creamy chicken scrambled egg croissant[$16] : eggs were super fluffy, house made cream sauce was buttery and complimented nicely w the soft mushrooms!!! Croissant was warm and crunchy too :>>>

Matcha latte [$7] : pricey and nothing rlly special abt it ;(

Ikura kombu copellini [$19]: a more glorified version of aglio olio IMO keke, topped with crunchy ebi and ikura. I would say Worth the hype la😺

Garlic tatter tots [12] were super gggggggg , must try!! And the portion was suppppper generous 🫶🏻

Newly opened cafe in town and was so excited to try it !!!

Vanilla custard raisin [$6.80] was rlly damn yummy the custard filling was so generous and it doesnt taste too sweet😆 the raisins rlly makes a good topping as well

Spam truffle egg mayo [$13.80] was unfortunately disappointing coz imo the truffle taste wasnt strong enuf and the bread was lil soggy… egg mayo wasnt mind blowing and overall its something i can make myself at home..

Buttt cafe aesthetics 10/10 tho!!! And table service w no additional service charge keke🫶🏻💅

Jac Tan

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