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Must Try 😋😋

Must Try 😋😋

Super legit list! Won't recommend if it falls short 😁
Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii
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Soft and tender beef shin braised in a melange of spices flavored with kaffir and bay leaves in a creamy coconut sauce. Very flavorful sauce, goes really well with rice!


Tender and juicy chicken chunks well marinated in spices, grilled served with spicy peanut sauce topped with grated pineapple, steamed rice cake, cucumber and red onion.


Lively izakaya joint opened by the same guys behind Sum Yi Tai, Mona Lounge, and Eliza, Chi Kinjo. If you follow the tale, you will discover how they are all connected. I like the story and how elaborate it is. True to its tale, this place is set in old-school Kyoto when “chaos was the mandate and danger was foretold.

Love the little battered tofu pockets, topped a tiny with dollop of wasabi aioli. This combination really brings out the umami goodness from the miso butterscotch sauce which was tastefully balanced! Oh, i love my miso. Had to scrape the plate to get every bit of it. 😅

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This mod sushi and highball den is the latest installment in Coterie Concept. True to it’s tale, the dual-concept space features a dining area and an underground bar.

Really enjoyed this appetizer and would gladly have seconds, or thirds. The dish taste as good as it looks with it’s bright and bold flavors. The diced sashimi were tossed in a dressing that was refreshingly light and tangy. Loved the textures and flavors from every component here - the creamy avocados, the thinly sliced onions, the sweet diced mangoes, the chopped hazelnuts which really added earthy notes. Scoop a dollop and savor it with the spicy cracker!

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Well breaded croquettes fried to Pavlovian golden brown, with tender and moist insides! These lovely crispy fried morsels just melt in your mouth

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Refreshing starter with a nice citrusy touch of fresh salmon cubes served with sliced onions, capsicum and chives.

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One of my go to places for Spanish food fix! The restaurant gives off a feel of being in Spain with the music and tasteful decor.

Staying true to co-chef’s José Alonso (also the Executive Chef of Binomio Spanish Restaurant) and Munuel Berganza’s commitment to bring the hallmarks of spanish cuisine to your plates, food here is authentic, uncompromisingly delicious and affordable at the same time (tapas ranging from $5-$14.90, bigger plates from tapas+ ranging from $18-$24, the paellas from $20-$26). Essentially, the ethos that lies at the core of the restaurant is to bring a cuisine truly representative of the vibrancy of Spain to all.


Really amazing stuffed piquillo peppers with minced beef. Soaked in a gravy after being deep-fried, the outer batter is really soft and delicious. Love the sweetness of the pepper, goes really well with the savory minced beef! Great balance of flavors from this combination


Quaint cosy little eatery along Amoy Street, with very edgy and chill vibes. You’ll notice a line before spotting this place but it moves quite quickly and it is definitely worth the wait! I like that they have counter seats too, always enjoy watching my food being prepared and the kitchen action! 😊

For the set lunch, you get to choose your main (3 types of noodles), dumpling (they 6 types - mainly a showcase of dumplings inspired by different cultures) and beverage at a very affordable price of $16! To sweeten the deal, use Burpple Beyond to enjoy 1-1 set lunch! ✌️

Choice of noodle: miso mushroom

Noodles are made fresh daily with just flour and eggs, has a nice soft springy texture, then tossed in the flavorful mushroom sauce. Finally topped with a generous amount of fried shallots, chopped chives and shredded seaweed. A lot of distractions, though tasty nonetheless.

Choice of dumpling: Spicy Sichuan (Chinese 红油抄手 inspired)

These boiled dumplings had really thin skin, with plump fillings of pork collar and Napa cabbage then dressed in spicy Sichuan vinaigrette. Wish the Sichuan paste was more punchy! There are other interesting variations of dumplings including Smoked duck which comes with smoked duck, shiitake mushrooms and caramelised leek filling served with hoisin mustard sauce, Veggie Mandu (Korean inspired) which comes with spinach, tofu, shiitake mushroom filling, Momo Curry (Middle Eastern inspired) which comes with curried pork and charred cauliflower filling, Fried Pierogi (Central European inspired) which comes with smoked bacon, truffle potato, caramelised onion and served with sriracha dip.

Choice of beverage: Passion Fruit Ginger Soda

Very tart and refreshing option to counter the heat from the Sichuan dumplings and the real heat from the weather. You get tons of passion fruit pulp and finely chopped ginger in the soda! The other options have the same effect and are extremely thirst quenching! Such as grapefruit thyme strawberry and salted plum wolf berry.


One of Chef Mok’s signature dishes.

There was almost a brief moment of silence while we relish in awe when this dish was presented. Just look at how massive, poised and mighty the bird is. And oh, how beautifully the skin glistens. You can imagine the painstakingly tedious process and the amount of effort and technique involved with the preparation of this dish.

After the chicken is deboned, raw glutinous rice is fried with preserved meat, dried shrimp, conpoy and mushroom before stuffing into the cavity of the chicken. Then, a glaze is poured over the skin before air dying for 4 hours. After which it is then roasted for 30mins before being fried. The end result is a perfectly crispy layer of skin on top of pleasantly moist and tender meat. The tasty glutinous rice stuffing was simply divine with flavors of the chicken!

Truly amazing showcase of chicken and reminiscent of the Cantonese classic “Lo mai kai” (steamed glutinous rice with chicken)


Forbidden Duck serves two styles of roasted duck: the star chef’s back-to-basics Peking roast duck and a signature slow-roasted whole duck.

Since duck is the specialty of the restaurant, this is clearly a MUST TRY.

This version of duck is slow-cooked in an oven for 3 whole hours before being roasted for another 30 minutes to achieve the crispy exterior and a moist pinkish moist interior - perfect combination along with the fats between. With no additional marinade, Chef Leung brings out the natural flavours of the duck purely through roasting.

A unique pairing for this dish is the calamansi flavored steamed bun and the hoisin sauce with calamansi the duck is served with. These are very subtle, though I appreciate the effort to add some acidity to enhance the flavors and cut through the grease. Other condiments include sugar, smoked sea salt and garlic puree to go with the signature poultry.

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Wouldn’t have ordered this if not for the staff’s recommendation. Seemingly unassuming dish that turned out to be a winner, insanely flavorful and comforting.

The broth is simmered with plenty of duck meat (with skin & fat intact) and comes with fresh tender scallops and crunchy prawns. Deep fried crispy rice pops were added upon serving, and oh, how they snapped, crackled and popped in the hot broth. Love how this really adds to the texture of the hearty broth!

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Always counting down to the next meal 😋

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