Comfort Food At It's Best

Comfort Food At It's Best

Featuring Ah Bong's Italian (Tiong Bahru), Forty Hands (Tiong Bahru), The Plain, PS.Cafe (Harding Road), Joe's Kitchen Thai Cuisine, IKEA Restaurant (Alexandra), PasarBella (The Grandstand), Poulet (Bugis+), MTR 1924, Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hun Restaurant (Dover)
Jayne Tan
Jayne Tan

Easily the best crab I've ever had. The roe and sperm are just pure decadence, the flesh sweet and juicy, and the salt n pepper seasoning is out of this world. The big prawn, sotong and pork satay were excellent starters to this meal, everything grilled expertly over charcoal. The uncles here are crazy nice! It is recommended to reserve these green crabs before you come, everything's limited.


Imagine an unbelievable moist sous vide turkey, bathed in a brown butter emulsion, truffled chicken jus, and bread stuffing that just makes the whole thing moan-worthy. The cranberry jam is just sweet and acidic enough. It's a messy sandwich, and about as perfect as a turkey sandwich can get. Pictured is a half portion, from a media preview of their festive menu. Check it out from tomorrow (24th nov) till the end of the year!


A little pricey but so so worth it. Our bill came up to about $18 per head with fish head curry (another must-try), prawns, sotong, 2 veg, chicken, beancurd, noodles and fried rice. Looking forward to eating my way through this menu 😋


YUM. A crowd pleaser for sure, the chicken bites are battered and fried before being doused in an irresistible sauce. Loved the comfort of this restaurant, it's really zi char but in air con, friendly service and above average food, perfect for family meals!


My father has been searching for a good mee goreng for the longest time, and I'm so glad to share that he's found it here! Both sweet and spicy, it's served piping hot in a claypot and is very very tasty. A must try here!


This stuff is legitttttt. I can't believe it's taken me this long to come here! Wanted to try the pork but the ran out, but I'm so so so satisfied with the chicken. Darn tasty, with a good crunch from the peanuts and shallots. I love how well cooked their noodles are, and how generous they are with their greens! I'm so so so coming back here. The spring rolls are great too.


My all time favourite dosa, I have this every year on my birthday, and many times in between. The potato filling is tasty and soft, while the dosa is so crisp and smells irresistibly of fragrant ghee. This is a meal I urge you all to try!


A special on Tuesdays and Fridays, don't miss this if you're here on those days! So super flavorful rice with creamy eggplants, a great dish to share.


AHHH look at that sauce! Such a satisfying lunch. You might be tempted to order the pork, but the chicken is far better.


Seriously good yam ring with all sorts of goodies in the middle. Best thing we had here! Unfortunately the Popiah was disappointing, would only return for this yummy yam ring.


Just about the best thing you could get for under two dollars. What a treat. I never let myself walk past Chateraise without getting a double fantasy haha. That custard and cream combo is to die for.


The dosa itself wasn't the best I've had (sorry, MTR fan for life), but i was so thoroughly impressed by the four chutneys that it came with, all unique and freshly made! The "Guntur podi" refers to the chili powder sprinkled on the inside of the dosa if you look closely, and added such a great kick to the dish. It got a little salty towards the end, so I dusted some off as I went along. Super tasty meal that felt light and not oily at all because they only use pure ghee or pure olive oil!


Loves dosai, biryani, cream puffs, “China food”, craft beers, natural wines and mee pok.

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