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Special Occasion

Special Occasion

Featuring Pasta Supremo, Guksu Restaurant, A&W, Tambuah Mas (Paragon), Feng Shui Inn, iSTEAKS Diner (Tampines 1), Hilton Singapore, M2 Cafe
Josephine Foong
Josephine Foong
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Fresh pasta with mushroom sauce and pork and cheese shavings.

Fresh pasta with prawns and served with a spicy kick from the peppers

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Curly pasta (100g - $6) with pork marinara & pork croutons (+$1)

Sufficent for small eater

A very cozy feeling eating the food again after such a long time. The items are nice and the memories are better

The steak was acceptable for the price. Their different side dishes ensures that there are choices for every one.

Portion is good. The peanut sauce taste nice too. The vegetables are fresh.

The portion is sufficient as a meal. Nice taste as well.