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From the Burpple community

Its so, so, so good, I'm tearing while eating.
This place has amazingly insta worthy food and desserts! Hey, you could also pop by South Melbourne Market right after heading there for brunch! #EBxPIXEL

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My favorite cafe at this current moment, tucked away from the hustle and bustle that I'm so used to having stayed in the CBD area for the past week. Just look at how photogenic their dishes are! The pop of colors and the burst of flavors.. featuring their Pulled Pork Harissa Croquettes (AUD 19, S$19.70) - WHAT IS THIS PIECE OF ART ON MY PLATE. Those chunks of pulled pork were so flavorful and juicy, HELP ME!

If you're heading to Melbourne, be sure to add this on your list!
Port Melbourne - 40 Crockford St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
- just 15 mins walk away from South Melbourne market!

Opening hours: daily, 8am to 3pm


Activated Charcoal Fish & Chips - A$21
📍: @longstoryshortcafe Port Melbourne, VIC, AU

Underneath this fluffy cotton candy lies a brioche, gelato, fruit salad, fruit jellies. And how we’re supposed to open it is even cuter! Its like casting an Alohomora spell over it (check my Insta Story for info)

Fairy Floss Dessert Burger - A$19
📍: @longstoryshortcafe , Port Melbourne, VIC, AU

Pistachio Crumbed Fish Taco - A$21
📍: @longstoryshortcafe Port Melbourne, VIC, AU

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